Here’s Why Your Small Business Will Grow Faster with Professional Graphic Design

It’s easy to see why some startups and small business owners would want to cut corners in terms of their finances. Especially with graphic design, once they’ve established their logos and other branding materials, they tend to put design at the back of their minds. Little do they know that graphic design is a continual endeavor and shouldn’t be overlooked. Sometimes, it’s already too late when entrepreneurs find out the true importance of having a good graphic design. This usually happens after the damage has been done. Learning that small business graphic design is essential and shouldn’t be neglected can be a hard lesson to digest. Here are some reasons why you should hire professionals to do the job.


High Quality

Using Microsoft Word to create your logos and other branding paraphernalia can be disastrous, to say the least. You want people to see your brand as an authority in your field and mediocre graphics can kill you. If you want your brand to look professional, go to the professionals.

That $5 logo may seem like a good deal, but does it make you look polished and commanding? High-quality doesn’t always mean expensive. There are services you’ll find that can deliver great small business graphic design. You can easily entrust your design needs to someone without breaking the bank.



Business owners have a lot on their plate. When you design your branding materials yourself, you’re adding more load to your agenda. Instead of taking care of business, you have to deal with designing that newsletter or social media graphics.

When you hire the services of a graphic design team, you’re freeing yourself from a laborious task. Experienced graphic designers will take the time to know your company well enough to create a design that works. They know who your competition is and will create a design that’s unique to yours.


Stand Out from the Crowd

When we talk about being unique, it also means standing out from the crowd, something every brand should aim for. For prospects to notice you, you need a graphic design that separates you from the rest. Professional graphic designers will make you stand out. Plus, they grab the attention of your target audience more efficiently than DIY design.

Paying for stock logos or images is dirt cheap but will cost you a ton of money in the long run. Great graphic design has longevity. Other people have access to stock images too, so your $25 illustration will only go as far.


Fresh Perspective

When a non-professional does your design for you, chances are they’ll run out of ideas soon. Sure, nobody knows your business as well as you do. But hiring a team of graphic designers can provide you with fresh, new perspectives all the time.


Do It Right

It’s easy to design that email you want to send to your customers. But what if the fonts you used were corrupted when they open it? What if the website you designed yourself takes forever to load? These and other similar issues you may encounter won’t happen when you hire the professionals to do it.

Not only will they get the job done right, but they’ll also do it right the first time. Professional graphic designers understand printing, the right size landing page, the perfect color combination, and many others that you might not know about. It saves you time, money, and a lot of stress.


Why Skimping on Graphic Design is Bad for Business

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Small business graphic design doesn’t have to leave you out of pocket. But that doesn’t mean you have to economize and take the short route to do them. Paying over and over again for stock images won’t save you money. You’ll always be needing new ones as soon as you see the competition using the same stock photos as yours.

Every day, consumers are bombarded with information whether on social media or television. Graphic designers can help your brand be heard through all that noise and clutter. When you hire the professionals, they’ll get to know your brand well and study how your competition works.

They will understand and learn what resonates well with your target market. Something you, as a business owner, might not have the time and patience for. Brand development involves strategic processes that professional graphic designers are trained in. They will know how to communicate with your audience through graphic design that delivers.

Furthermore, graphic designers are also adept at what constitutes copyright. When they create a design specifically for you, you’ll never have to worry about copyright infringement. Graphic designers know about color theory, principles of art, user behavior, and the latest trends in the industry.


How Professional Graphic Design Can Save You Money

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When a professional graphic design service creates your logo, website, letterheads, or business cards, you’ll get a consistency that goes a long way. When done right, your marketing materials will work effectively for your brand for a long period of time. You don’t have to get an overhaul every time your design gets irrelevant.

In addition, the professionals know how to design your marketing materials in a cost-effective way. They’ll have a good understanding of how to keep costs at a minimum. Plus, designing your own brochure isn’t cheap if you don’t have an idea of what you’re actually doing. If you don’t have an inkling on what CMYK or crop marks are, you’ll save money when you have the professionals do them.


How Design Doctor Can Help

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Small business graphic design can give you a lot of headaches if you don’t have an idea of how to do it right. In this case, leave them to the professionals. Design Doctor has a team of experienced and professional graphic designers to cater to all your design needs.

If you think high-quality design is expensive, think again. Design Doctor offers affordable and unlimited graphic design, yes, unlimited. You can have all your graphic design needs at a very low price of only $329 flat rate a month. No hidden charges, no surprises, just graphic design that works.

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