Why These Banner Ad Designs Get The Most Views Online

Do you want to boost online traffic for your business? Then banner ads will surely do it for you without breaking a sweat. They help create brand awareness, retarget audiences, and generate leads. You can also use them to announce special events or introduce new offerings. When done the right way, banner ad designs can grab the attention of your target market easily while browsing their favorite websites. Just one look at your ad will have them clicking away straight to yours. Here are some of the most viewed banner ads you’ll find and see how you can get inspiration from them.



adobe online ad

A leading name in the design and photography industry, Adobe has some of the most popular banner design ads on the internet today. No surprise there as they sell tools that help with creativity so everything they do must reflect that. The beauty of the banners alone is enough to make you check them out.

With the addition of messages like Take It/Make It, this sense of urgency makes you think it’s now or never. It’s very clear what they want you to know—the company is young, vibrant, and dynamic—something you want in your life.



ibm online ad

Most people have learned to turn a blind eye on banner ads, but this one from IBM can’t be ignored. It is titled “Outthink” and it really makes you out-think the odds. The models on the ads are regular people just like you and me and this is what IBM wants to tell us.

They want us to discover their very informative micro-site. And this banner is so compelling thanks to its high contrasting ideas and message. It uses bright colors combined with the pensive tones on the models’ faces. It has a click-to-action button that capitalizes on the nuances of the whole banner ad design.



netflix online ad

After a hard day’s work, it’s nice to be reminded of what’s waiting for you to watch online. Netflix’s banner ads do exactly that, listing their TV series and movies will get you to click on their banner ads. And with the word FREE written on each one of them, you’ll surely be enticed to do so.

Although we all know that nothing is for free, this is a great marketing ploy to use as an incentive for viewers to try their services for free even for a month. Of course, if you have products or services that are good, you know they won’t be able to say no to you.



uber online ad

An effective banner design doesn’t have to be ultra-colorful or filled with amazing images. What Uber’s banner ads have are call-to-action buttons galore. The aim is to draw you to get their services. The design is very straightforward, yet efficient in reaching that goal.

Even the colors they used all point to the CTA buttons. The background is black with neon colors for the buttons to stand out. The messages are clear and will leave you wondering enough for you to give it a click.



ikea online ad

In 2010, Ikea released an online interactive campaign series called “Resize a Room.” The operative word here is interactive. The banner is resizable which adds a bit of fun to the ad. Ikea is the furniture and home accessories company and resizing is common with homebuilders.

The banner was designed to fit any size you move it to, much like what Ikea’s goal of having furniture that can fit their customers’ spaces well. Designing your home is enjoyable and this banner ad shows you that it is. And that’s a good way to start a prospect’s journey to their company’s sales funnel.



hilton online ad

Hilton banner ads feature a variety of design elements that make them effective. From the font types, wonderful backgrounds, up to the clear images, these all contribute to creating a convincing banner ad. The captivating images of their hotels and resorts make you want to go there with just a click of a button.

There are no set rules on how to design a banner ad, but Hilton has shown you how it’s done.


Why You Need Good Banner Ad Designs

Design is an integral part of any business. A poorly designed banner ad can be considered a waste of time and effort as it won’t be effective in going forward to your objectives. That said, not all banner ads are designed to succeed.

The main function of a banner ad is to get more clicks for your website. Sure, beautiful graphics can help. But as soon as you forget the purpose of a banner ad, you’ll fail in getting those extra clicks. As with everything in life, it has to have balance.

It might seem to you that a banner ad is simply a strip of an image that you plaster across websites to link to your own. Statistics show that 92% of online ads are ignored and the current average click-through rate (CTR) is a mere 0.01%. This is reason enough to rethink your ideas about banner ad designs.

The aim is to get clicks, not to sell a product. A banner ad that works is one that has people clicking on it. You don’t have to fill it with too much text or images. In this case, less is more. And not everyone can design a compelling banner ad.


How Design Doctor Can Help

Banner ads should attract attention, generate interest, and get people to click on them. That’s a lot to do for a “strip of an image.” Not only do you have to consider the best design elements to use, but you also have to come up with ways to make them resistant to banner blindness.

Design Doctor has a team of professional graphic designers that can help you create the best banner ad designs for your brand. For as little as $329 a month, you’ll be assigned an account manager and a graphic designer ready for your design needs. Our services are suitable for every type of business. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, we can design for you.

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