Why You Need A Custom Logo Design

Before launching a venture, most newbie entrepreneurs work tirelessly on developing their product, having their website up and running, and having at least a basic concept of their brand. Not everyone, however, spends much time, effort, resources on custom logo design. This misstep, however, can cause quite a disadvantage down the road.  

The MIT Sloan Management Review, a research-based magazine published at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, maintains that logos could immensely affect a venture’s image. 

According to their research, when logos express a brand’s functional, symbolic, or sensory benefits, they could significantly affect customer commitment. This brand commitment results in increased profits and revenues.

It’s not surprising to see statistics saying that 57.67% of small businesses are willing to shell out $500 for a logo design. The same study says 58.18% even go as high as $1000 to have their logo crafted by an expert.

MIT clarified that having a great logo doesn’t instantly translate to success. However, brand logos, along with a venture’s taglines and advertising, can efficiently reinforce brand identity, leading to excellent commercial productivity.


10 Reasons Why You Need a Custom Logo Design

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If you’re an entrepreneur thinking of taking on the job of making your business logo to save money, think again. Here are ten reasons why getting a customized logo is a step that would let you reap benefits down the road.


Clear Concept

Some starting entrepreneurs don’t have a clear concept of what they want their business identity to be. Sometimes, they have an idea of how they want other people to perceive the venture. But they don’t know how to translate it to design elements.

Working with a professional designer leaves an entrepreneur with no choice but to sit down and brainstorm about brand identity. A designer can help fine-tune the vision in a meeting before getting down to the business of creating a logo.


Works to Engage Customers

Brand commitment from customers entails a lot more than offering quality products or services. People opt to support brands that keep them engaged. Be it through copies, content, or the brand identity itself. A well-designed logo works to maximize client engagement. This is achieved by using visuals to project the business as a brand people can empathize with.


Familiarity With Industry Standards

Professionals deal with design daily. They’ve learned about the fundamentals in school and regularly updated about the latest trends. They’re also savvy about what design works for each industry, and what elements would look odd and out of place.

Having this kind of guidance is invaluable when you’re in the process of creating a brand identity essential that is your logo. Though uniqueness is a valued trait in business, a designer could warn you if you’re going astray from what is considered to be an acceptable design within your field.


Masterful Strategy

Alexander W. White, a designer, author, and design management professor, offers exciting thoughts on logo design. In his 2017 book, The Elements of Logo Design: Design Thinking, Branding, Making Marks, White emphasized that design is a process and not a result.

Logo design is a lot more than just taking the first letter of your brand name and enclosing it in a shape you prefer. It’s a process that entails using the elements of design. That way, you can come up with a visual that best engages clients and lets the brand identity shine through. 


Strengthened Brand Identity

Brand identity is typically expressed through words. The title of the business, its taglines, and the copies and pieces of content it releases. Plus, even the hashtags used to promote the brand. A superb logo takes this expression to the next level. By visually communicating the personality of the business, the logo leads to strengthened brand identity.


Appropriate Logo Type

There are various types of logos. And it’s vital to choose one that best fits the business as well as its brand identity. Even non-designers interested in business should familiarize themselves with the three basic types. These are typographic, imagery, and a mixture of both. 

Typographic mainly involves letters, be it a monogram or a wordmark. Visa’s logo and Louis Vuitton’s LV monogram are both examples of this. 

Imagery, on the other hand, uses illustrations such as pictorial marks, abstract marks, and mascots. The logos of Apple, Twitter, and Shell are examples of this.

The third type offers a combination of typography and image, resulting in emblems and combination marks. Some examples are the logos of Harley Davidson, Starbucks, and Toms.


Professional Design

According to Alexander W. White, there are five ways to increase a logo’s message visibility and appropriate abstraction. These are relationships, contrast and similarity, hierarchy, structure, and color. 

If you’re not familiar with these concepts, then it’s best to leave the job of logo designing to experts. Having a designer do your custom logo design allows your business to have a professional-looking logo. A logo that paints your venture as credible and worthy of commitment from your target audience.


Leaves a Good Impression

Making a good impression is essential in business. With other competitors are ready to swoop in and grab your customers away, it’s vital to affect, inspire, and touch prospects from the get-go. A logo paints a thousand words and allows you to make a great impression even without saying anything.


Smart Business Task Delegation 

Coming up with a well-designed logo entails being familiar with basic design concepts including the correct use of lines, typography, color, shape, and space. Being an entrepreneur already puts a lot on your plate, leaving you without enough time and energy to bother yourself with design. It’s a smart move to delegate the task to a professional designer so that you can focus on other significant things that only you could decide about. 


Excellent Return on Investment

Perhaps one of the most significant reasons why entrepreneurs opt for custom logo design is an excellent return on investment. Smart businessmen know that the money they’re spending on custom graphics isn’t an expense at all – it’s part of their investment on the brand. As Jaguar Land Rover CEO Dr. Ralf Speth once said, “If you think that good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

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