Banner Ad Inspiration For Your Next Advertising Strategy

One of the most used advertising strategies by businesses worldwide is banner advertising. This is a cheap yet sure-fire (if used properly) way to generate traffic for your product or service. As mentioned, the success rate of each banner ad is dependent on its most important aspect; the design

It is an unarguable fact that design plays a major role in any advertising and marketing campaign. Design is the bread and butter that influence first impressions and perspectives of consumers. Though design does indeed play the majority role, it is not the only detrimental factor for success. 

Marketers should still understand that banner ad creation is not just about putting together good looking pictures with eye-popping typography

Here are 15 examples of banner ads made right by successfully showcasing their product/service superiority and target market accuracy:


IBM: advertising and educating at the same time

IBM online marketing

As one of the largest tech companies in the world, IBM has found a way to successfully incorporate their reputation into maximizing their advertising capabilities. 

Not only is it appealing to the eye, but it is also interactive. Once you play along and complete the sequence, the user can then fully understand the goal of IBM in creating this advertising. 


Nissan: raising awareness and revenues

NISSAN online marketing

Every industry has a negative aspect. With the automobile industry, it’s the stigma of vehicular accidents. Nissan’s “buckle up” advertising cleverly advocates seatbelt protection. Plus, it promotes its brand at the same time.

By showing to everyone that they care, Nissan has successfully captured market empathy making their banner ad memorable. 


iPhone: emphasizing potential

IPHONE online marketing

iPhone’s advertising campaign showcased minimalistic designs yet heavily emphasizing their product’s potential. The brand specifically focuses on the phone’s camera prowess. The ad is easily recognizable as to what it’s showcasing by saying a lot more by using fewer words. 


Zendesk: reeling them in with empathy

ZENDESK online marketing

With their banner ad, Zendesk made it perfectly clear to its customers that they know what their problems are and saying; “Good relationships take work.” Combined with excellent copywriting and typography, the Zendesk ad creates an eye-catching statement that is sure to capture client attention.


Coca-Cola: connecting people

COCA_COLA online marketing

This ad by Coca-Cola, on the other hand, was very complicated and took a lot of coordinating to pull off. The idea was simple; send a coke to random strangers anywhere in the world. Once delivered, the receiver can then send a thank you reply along with a video clip of them receiving the sent Coke.

This advertising displayed an ambitious yet sweet message of connecting people around the world- “sending out happiness”


McDonald’s: help me to help you, to help me

MCDONALDS online marketing

This simple yet clever ad by McDonald’s had the objective of increasing traffic by asking consumers to rate them. By having the option of “making it better”, it was a tempting and intuitive strategy for getting people to be aware of its new product campaign. 


AirBnB: taking advantage of the “competition”

AIRBNB online marketing

Through digital engagement, AirBnB’s strategy to generate traffic was by creating a contest in which interested customers can have a chance to satiate their “wanderlust”. By strategically taking advantage of the fame of  social media influencers and celebrities, AirBnB has piggybacked their way to gaining a lot of traffic and raising awareness for their service.


Microsoft: speaking their language

javascript online marketing

Microsoft, on the other hand, has specialized its advertising to its market niche. They released a series of ads that may be unrecognizable to non-coders but successfully appealing to engineers and web programmers. 

This strategy may not have targeted large amounts of volume, but spoke the loudest in specific sectors of their targeted market. 


Adobe: playing their strengths

ADOBE online marketing

When you hear the word Adobe, there is a specific set of words that will come to mind; design, images, photo manipulation, etc. Their ads successfully showcase their strengths within their industry. They use specific and strategic words such as; “take it/make it” and “free stock images.” Plus, they display their market acumen and understanding of their targeted market.


eBay: subliminally creating demand

EBAY online marketing

As one of the leading companies in the retail industry, they are no strangers when it comes to product advertising. The genius in eBay’s ad strategy is subliminally sending out emotions and creating “need” in the minds of consumers. By emphasizing specific words and complementary typography, eBay can really get the job done.


Google: inspiring movement

Google online marketing

Google ads reel you in by providing you with a sense of necessity. It’s basically telling you that you need Google to make your life easier. From simple connectivity to other people, to helping you travel different places, Google is here to be with you all the way.


Mozilla Firefox: growing with you side by side

MOZILLA online marketing

With the ever-evolving trends in technology, it is important for tech companies to keep up with the change. Mozilla uses its ads to present and showcase its growth to its consumers. By reminding everyone with these ads, they emphasize product superiority by telling everyone that they’re ahead.


PayPal: maximize using the ideal visuals

PayPal online marketing

By understanding their main strength, PayPal uses this to remind everyone why they are at the top. The ad uses simple imagery and visuals yet successfully emphasizes its service. 


Dropbox: simple, yet effective

Dropbox online marketing

Dropbox is an application with a very straightforward service; use us to share your files- anytime, anywhere, and any quantity. With this simplistic service design, you don’t need amazing copywriting to be effective. Dropbox merely needs to state what it does.


CISCO: showing care via threats

CISCO online marketing

CISCO takes a hit in the advertising market by developing an emotional connection with its client base. By reminding them why CISCO exists in the first place, it delivers a memorable message of need and necessity. 


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