24 School Logo Designs That Are A+ Worthy

If you work for an educational institution, how would you show to the world that you are worthy of a man’s penny? You would say high-quality programs. Yeah, sure that’s a big factor. What else? Top notched teachers? Sure, that has a tremendous impact as well. But you know what? Those are the foundations of any school service. The thing is, everyone’s paying more attention to the service but not much with branding. That’s why, school logo designs are vital in the educational sector.


School Branding 

So, what is branding? Branding is how you present the services and products your school is providing. Every branding starts with the logo. Most of the time, people will forget the school name but they’ll remember the logo, especially if it caught their attention. We, humans, are more into visuals and texts can be a little easier to forget.  


Beautiful School Logo Designs for Inspiration 

Designing a logo can be daunting if you don’t know about the background and the aim of the school. It’s a challenge but with a sprinkle of inspiration, you’ll get your goal on how to get the best logo design for your school. Check out some of these school logo designs.


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

school logo design

For those who are not familiar with tech, the logo of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is popularly known as MIT, might be unreadable. However, I still find this school logo design unique and apt for what the school is offering (and is known for), which is about electronics and tech. 

If you look closely, the logo consists of various rectangles of different sizes. These shapes resemble that of the 8-bit pixel technology of the past. Remember how those Gameboy games were back in the day? Yes, that kind of pixelated video. This innovative logo was designed by Matthew Carter. 


2. Georgia Tech

school logo design

The logo of Georgia Tech pays homage to the sculpture Kessler Campanile, which was designed by an alumnus named Richard Hill. Why do I find this A+ worthy? The three prongs of the sculpture are a representation of the past, present, and future of the school. It’s simple but the graphic icon of the campanile is powerful to carry the legacy of Georgia Tech to the world.


3. Princeton University  

school logo design

Upon looking at the logo, you’ll see a shield wrapped in black and orange hues. These colors represent strength and boldness. Looking closely inside the shield, there’s an encryption of the phrase VET NOV TESTAMENTUM. These Latin words were placed inside an open bible signifying the Old and New Testaments. Finally, there’s a black chevron on the orange background at the lower part of the shield that represents the building rafters.


4. Los Altos High School

school logo design

The eagle inside the logo is eye-catching. I loved how the designer decided not to put the eagle inside the circle for it would have been caged in a way. One way or another, the eagle signifies freedom. There’s also a balance of the colors used in the logo. It’s not super bold but it is still professional to look at.  


5. The Hill  

school logo design

What’s the similarity between The Hill’s and Princeton’s logo? It’s the shield. The icon, along with a dark color, has presented an even more bold presentation of how the school is committed to safeguarding its community. The bold typeface at the top of the shield has also added more strength to the whole vibe of the logo. 


6. Norfolk State University 

school logo design

At first look, I thought Norfolk’s logo is unique amongst other school logo designs out there. You’ll typically see warmer colors – blue, red, black, among others. But with Norfolk, they’re using nature’s colors – green and yellow. I couldn’t agree more with what Norfolk wants to convey through the school’s logo color — confident, inspiring, and uplifting. 


7. University of California Davis Aggies

school logo design

Isn’t it creative to frame the horse within the initial of the California state? I know this is the logo for the athletics department of UC Davis but I certainly find this design compelling. It looked like the C resembles a mane that wraps around the horse. The colors are muted adding balance to the bolder icon of the mustang used in the logo.


8. Pennsylvania State University  

school logo design

The school logo design of Penn State is striking and it visually represents the institution’s goal of showing innovation, excellence, and passion. The shield encapsulates the homage of the school to Nittany Lion, showing courage.


9. Michigan State University 

school logo design

The graphic icon of a Spartan in the logo of Michigan State University represents strength and courage. The darker tone of green was perfect to give that bold appearance of the Spartan icon. 


10. University of Pittsburgh

school logo design

Apparently, using the icon of the shield is a thing when it comes to school logo designs. It’s a popular icon representing strength and courage. Even if it’s common, what’s important is that each of the design has a distinct style in it. 

For example, the University of Pittsburgh’s logo is fond of using 3 elements in each. At the top of the shield are three towers and then inside it are three dots. As compared to other logos, this one has more elements but it’s not something scattered. 


11. University of Cincinnati 

school logo design

I love how the initials of the University of Cincinnati merged into one. The red color used in the initials is quite bold and warm. This school logo design is minimalist yet it has a sense of pride and balance in its entirety. This is also one of those designs that even if there are two typefaces used, there’s still unity in the difference.


12. Texas A&M University 

school logo design

Apart from those shields I mentioned, it’s a given for schools to also use the initials of the university name, just like this one. Texas A&M University surely has the simplest logo in this list. The ununiformed sizes of the letters were just perfect to trace the state’s map around the initials. It’s simple but it has the most geographic representation among the others on this list. 


13. Colorado State University 

school logo design

Colorado State University has a graphical portrait of its school logo design. There are actually 3 colors in the logo but the gold rings are subtle. Unlike the logo of Los Altos, this one’s actually framed inside a circle showing strength. I like that they have also used a curvy typeface to balance with the curves in the ram icon.


14. University of Arkansas 

school logo design

Elegance – that’s the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the school design logo of the University of Arkansas. Comparing to the others on this list, the logo doesn’t have many colors. It has only a red muted color that is showing a vintage feel to it.  


15. University of Central Florida  

school logo design

The University of Central Florida’s school logo is bold and simple. The gold color stood out from the black rectangular wrap of the logo. It’s a very creative way of showing a vibrant Pegasus. 


16. The State University of New York SUNY Morrisville

school logo design

SUNY Morrisville’s logo is one of those that doesn’t use a lot of fill colors. It’s so minimalist yet the icon of the mustang is less bold compared to the ones presented in the University of California Davis’. 


17. The University of Texas at Arlington 

school logo design

The simple letter A in the logo of the University of Texas Arlington has been added with a different layer with the addition of the star. It’s a creative way of combining both elements into one. Do you know why this has caught my eye? It certainly has that Captain America vibe into it. 


18. Morgan State University 

school logo design

The logo design of Morgan State University is a bit similar to Norfolk’s. However, the lines used in the logo are more solid and bolder. The school badge is filled mostly with blue but is accented with orange to add more life. 


19. Alabama A&M University 

school logo design

I thought combining several initials of the school name seems challenging but surely the logo of AAMU has it covered at ease. This is one of those examples wherein you don’t need a graphic icon when designing a logo because you can use the initials of the school name. You just need a little spark of creativity on how to combine them.  


20. Eastern Washington University  

school logo design

A creative way of combining the school initials and a graphic icon seemed to be aced by the logo design of Eastern Washington University. Did you notice that the wings of the eagle have the initials of the EWU? The combination of red and black is a good way to show strength and boldness. 


21. Mt. San Antonio College 

school logo design

I find the combination of the mountain ridges and torch unique. There’s a smooth flow of the elements. The overall look of this school logo design is classy.


22. Orange Coast College 

school logo design

The logo of Orange Coast College is one of those school logo designs that simply uses curves and wraps it around another curve to continue the flow of elements. It’s simple but the addition of vibrant color added a whole new depth to its total design. 


23. New York University 

school logo design

The NYU logo resembles that of University of Central Florida’s. It’s classy and doesn’t need too many colors. Simple but bold. I love their stacked version! 


24. Orange County School of the Arts 

school logo design

The most unique of all the designs on this list is the Orange County School of the Arts. It’s artsy and creative yet it only uses rectangles in different sizes and colors. This is one of those logos that doesn’t need too many shapes, but you can alter its color to add more drama.


Wrap Up

There are tons of beautiful school logo designs out there. I hope you were able to learn some inspiration from the ones I mentioned above. Remember that you can use different icons, elements, colors, and typography. The most important thing is communication and relaying your brand message to the world. Hence, it’s important to work with a school logo design expert to perfectly interpret your vision through a school badge.

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