15 Cool Logos Of All Time

It goes without saying — logos define a company and its branding. Customers and prospects can easily single out their favorite brands through their logos. If companies represent unique and cool logos, chances are, the more customers they win over.

Of course, that doesn’t mean companies should only depend on their logos. Their branding, services, and products must also be resonated through well-designed logos. And it goes both ways. 

The logos must reflect what you are as a company as well. But what makes cool logos unique and memorable? Don’t worry, you’re in for a treat!

We’ll give you 15 of the coolest logos and why they built brand awareness quicker than their competitors. Check out why people can distinguish these logos even from a kilometer away! 


1. Google

google search engine

One ingredient in eye-catching logos is the color palettes. Graphic designers don’t just randomly pick their favorite colors into their logo design projects. Color psychology plays a vital role in logo design and marketing. 

Different colors in logos subliminally evoke various emotions as well. And particular colors have been associated with specific industries overtime.

Brands that play with different colors in their logos exude fun and entertainment, just like how Google does with theirs. In fact, they even revolutionize their logos from time to time, depending on the occasion. 


2. Apple

apple company

The Apple logo is one example of a unique and timeless logo that will never be forgotten. There are several stories behind the “bite” on the apple. And after snooping around a bit, Rob Janoff, the Apple logo designer, created the bite to give it scalability. 

Without the bite, the logo would be mistaken for a cherry. Truly a brilliant mind behind one of the most iconic logos of all time!


3. FedEx

fedex courier service

Hidden meanings also make up for cool logos. And brands subtly do this by using white space. 

Look carefully between the letters’ E’ and ‘X,’ and tell me what you see. Yup, that’s right. It’s an arrow that signifies the company’s overall branding: Precision and speed.


4. Nike

nike company

A single symbol can have that much impact on logo memorability, and there’s no other brand that kills this than Nike.

The “swoosh,” which started as a 35-dollar logo design project is now one of the most recognizable logos in the world. It’s simple yet communicates a clear message that the brand is all about movement and speed.


5. MTV

music television

One of the most versatile logos of all time is MTV’s. Since its launch, there have been three iterations on the logo; all customized into a playful style that caters to a younger audience. 

In fact, the most prominent element of MTV’s logo is how it exudes fun and rebellion. For an entertainment company such as MTV, its logo represents the best version of the music network.


6. Starbucks

starbucks company

The Starbucks logo is inspired by Greek mythology. Most people instantly think it’s a two-tailed mermaid. However, the image on the logo is actually called a “siren.” It’s a half-woman-half-fish creature that lures sailors onto the sea. 

The brilliant use of negative space emphasizes the siren and the green color denotes nature and health, apt for the brand’s myriad of products. 


7. National Geographic

natgeo network

As simple as it may be, the simplicity is what makes the National Geographic logo stand out. The symbol and the texts create a harmonious space that’s pleasing to the eyes.

The yellow rectangle which symbolizes an open door means one thing: Viewers enter into a plethora of knowledge when they watch every segment. 


8. McDonald’s

mcdonalds fast food chain

Cool logos that carry with them decades of interesting history is what makes it a cut above the rest. And this is what exactly McDonald’s did with theirs.

The arches are significantly there to remind people that they’re reminiscent of the first-ever McDonald’s franchised establishment. HA! I bet you didn’t know that! 

And now, anyone, young or old, men or women, can associate the arches with their favorite fast-food fries and burgers.


9. World Wildlife Fund

wwf organization

For nonprofit organizations like World Wildlife Fund, their advocacy message must be crystal clear. That’s why they put a crouching panda that looks adorable in abstract artistry.

The message communicates to every country, regardless of religion and language. Additionally, the panda is there to invoke sympathy that urges people to act.


10. Target

target company

Nothing could be a more fitting symbol that represents a company name than Target. Their logo, which is a bullseye, doesn’t need any typography to go with it. 

One look and people can associate the scalable symbol to one of the largest retailers in America. The color, red, is an apt choice as it represents activity, excitement, and strength.


11. Pinterest

pinterest social media network

Another one of those memorable logos that you can recognize at a glance is Pinterest. And this time, the company combined creativity and innovation with the letter ‘P’ encapsulated in a circle. But if you look closely, the ‘P’ actually resembles a pin hence the name. 


12. Beats By Dre

beats by dre company

Another logo that connotes excitement and stimulation is Beats By Dre. The brand makes the logo all about their products and users.

The ‘b’ in the middle of a circle is a headphone, and the circle itself represents the user’s head.


13. Amazon 

amazon online store

Symbolism is another factor that gives logos a unique touch. And Amazon has this well-played through a single arrow that runs from the letters ‘a’ to ‘z.’ 

The significance behind this is how the brand implies they have everything from a to z — the reason why Amazon is a go-to online shopping site.


14. Roxy

roxy quiksilver

Roxy, a brand that caters to the younger female demographics, carries a well-thought-out logo. It signifies waves and mountains — the quintessential symbols for everyday outdoor activities the brand supports. 

But what makes this logo versatile is how it transforms into one of their entities, Quiksilver. When you break the Roxy logo in half and lay it down on its side forming a half-heart, you’ll uncover the Quiksilver logo. 


15. Sony Vaio

vaio sony

Sony Vaio has its typography in check with this symbolic and unprecedented logo. The ‘VA’ depicts an analog communication while the ‘IO’ denotes the digital binary language. 

And when connected, they form a cohesive force that transcends its branding. 

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