Couple Shirt Design

That heady feeling of being in cloud nine always puts us in a dreamy, trance-like state. Love — such a powerful word. And God knows how much the world needs love nowadays! Whether you’re one of the couples with chock-full of love, a designer who lacks inspiration, or an apparel company looking for fresh designs, this list will come in handy. Pick the perfect couple shirt design that will surely turn heads and have any passerby giggling (or drooling with envy). 

Let’s not dilly-dally for too long. Here are 15 unique couple shirt designs to inspire you. 



funny ownership shirt print

This couple shirt design is a bit domineering, to say the least. The intent is for those interested women who might want to snag your man. Wearing this couple shirt idea will nip their plans in the bud! 


back shirt print

Then you can cap the design off with a ‘together since + (year)’ in the back to complete that authoritative concept. 



cheesy shirt print

If funny content sells these days, why get left behind in your matching shirt designs? 

Here’s one original example. It’s witty, and it captures particular types of couples such as new couples or would-be brides and grooms. 

Although the text is plain and simple, the straightforward intent is aggressive in a charismatic kind of way. 



burger and fries print

Some couples like traveling and barhopping; while others devote all their time to eating out. This couple shirt design is the quintessential devotion for couples and their love for food and one another. 

The burger and fries duo also instills a collective notion that burgers and fries are always the perfect tandem — and so is the couple wearing this shirt.



bonnie and clyde print

There are a gazillion matching t-shirt design ideas out there for the badass couples. But nothing will ever surpass a simple ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ couple t-shirt design.

This particular example is also customized to the core. There’s a rouge lipstick to represent the ‘I’ in Bonnie and a gun to represent the ‘L’ in Clyde. These two mundane elements are actually what make the design stand out.  



just married print

This matching shirt design idea is for the newlyweds. We know how newlyweds might still be in seventh heaven after they’ve said their vows. Wearing this couple shirt design can be a symbol of love that they can flaunt to the public. 

This pair is also perfect for an upcoming honeymoon trip. If birds aren’t their cup of tea, they may also change it to another animal or symbol of their choice.



cool half heart print

This example is what couple t-shirt designs are all about — unity. That said, the couple should be cheek by jowl at all times to complete the idea.

It has half-heart designs with the words ‘Opposites attract’ imprinted on each shirt. Designers must carefully play with colors, so the images, symbols, and texts stand out against a contrasting background. 


Cool Visuals

noodle eaters print

Unique graphics will always turn heads at any given moment. This design also stopped me from scrolling! 

It’s such a cool design that’s perfect for young and old couples, couples who love food or noodles, and just about any couple who appreciates a little creativity. 



sweet message print

What’s a couple without at least one cheesy couple t-shirt design? This twosome is oozing with sweetness, which might or might not work for some couples. 

The text ‘I’m crazy in LOVE with HER’ with an arrow that points to the other shirt design, ‘I know,’ might earn a cringe from onlookers. But what the hell, it’s a couple’s story, not theirs! 



wifi shirt print

Now, let’s move onto the more millennial couples. This couple shirt idea is suitable for those born in the digital age, or the ‘digital natives’ as others would fondly say. 

The matching shirts have Wi-Fi symbols with a heart that acts as a point that transmits the signals. The concise text is also akin to the design without deviating from the shirt’s intent to mesmerize the public. 



weird shirt print for couples

This shirt is for the eclectic mix of couples or a couple who seems weird in each other’s eyes. It has an elementary design which is quite versatile.

This matching couple shirt idea isn’t only for lovers, but this also works for best friends or even siblings.  



funny santa shirt print

Since Christmas is just around the corner, couples might need a quirky couple t-shirt idea for those round of parties. And no couple can afford to miss this matching t-shirt design this year! 

It says ‘Santa’ on one shirt and ‘Santa’s favorite ho’ on the other. It might seem harmless at first as ‘ho’ is an onomatopoeia of Santa’s laughter. But when malice takes over, this design takes a new turn. 



This pair is another matching couple t-shirt design that’s both cheesy and cute. It has a necktie and a ribbon for male and female shirts respectively, which gives off the cute vibe. 

The text ‘Forever Love’ is what makes it cheesy. But couples who are comfortable with being cheesy all the time will enjoy this minimalist design.



funny pun message shirt print

Puns are crowd-pullers anywhere and on anything they’re used. They give a whole new meaning to funny jokes. 

I’ve always loved puns. But who doesn’t? These girlfriend and boyfriend shirts boast of words only, but the pun packs a punch. And I YAM truly impressed! 



funny shirt print

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this one will surely give people a good laugh. 

The straightforward, bold typography ‘I like her boobs’ and ‘I like her muscles’ is enough to captivate other couples that might be into this playful display of affection. Couples only need to make sure they’re not wearing this in sacred places or during formal events! 


Catchy Graphics

tissue paper roll and poop print

This concept is akin to the burger-and-fries tandem mentioned initially on this couple shirt ideas list. But this is the duo that comes after eating the burger and fries. 

One shirt flaunts the toilet paper roll design, and another has the poop image. Both images don a happy face, which might be an implication of what the essence of ‘for better or for worse’ truly is. Or it could just be a peculiar humorous concept for two silly people! 

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