Here’s What Your Digital Billboard Needs ASAP

A digital billboard has always been part and parcel of any advertising and marketing strategy. Why? Because they’re proven channels to spread brand awareness to your targeted audience.

However, in this fast-paced world that is saturated with data, consumers are barraged with too much information. This results in shorter attention spans, making it harder for businesses to grab their attention. All is not lost as there are these pockets of time that the consumer is very open to influence.

One of these is when they’re outside their homes. Even while watching TV, most people have their mobile gadgets with them. But when driving or inside a car, the distractions are less.

This is where the digital billboard comes to play. If you already have a billboard or are thinking of using one, here are some digital signage basics that you can use to get your message across effectively.


What is a Digital Billboard?

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A digital billboard is a large electronic display system that is controlled by a computer. These billboards are used primarily for advertising but can also be used for public services and announcements. The ads or messages are rotated in a specified time and are located along roads, highways, or buildings.

Digital billboards are made of LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes. These enable the boards to show images that are dynamic and eye-catching. They provide displays that offer TV-quality resolution that is sure to capture your audience’s attention.


Digital vs Traditional

A traditional billboard can have enough power to catch people’s attention. That’s why it has been continually used for a long time now. But digital billboards offer more than the traditional ones possibly can’t. They can include images that are moving which is pretty much a novelty in itself.

The best part about digital billboards is that it gives you the ability to change the images and messages. You don’t have to get another billboard created should you want to change what’s on it.

Furthermore, digital billboards are usually placed in locations that see a lot of foot traffic as opposed to traditional ones that are on lonely highways. This gets your billboard more exposure and stronger customer connections.


Why You Need a Digital Billboard Now

The biggest thing that a digital billboard can do for your brand is design flexibility. Traditional billboards may cost less, but the images on a digital one can be replaced with newer images. This allows for a dynamic message that you can change in a certain period of time and as frequently as you like.

In all that marketing noise from other companies and even the competition, a digital billboard will help you stand out. You can customize your ad to be seen on a particular day and time and adjust it to what would work out the best for your brand.


What Makes a Good Digital Billboard Design

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You only have a few seconds for your digital billboard to make an impact so it’s important to make it count. Here are some of the most essential elements you need to have to make your billboard a good one:


Simplicity is Key

Since you only have a very short time to catch your audience’s attention, choose functionality over aesthetics. But if you could do both, that would mean a great deal. Always go for the minimalist approach and avoid creating clutter on your billboard.


Use Fewer Words

This is where you need to get extra creative. Viewers will read your message in as little as six seconds. For this, six words or fewer are optimum. Try using big bold letters and non-serif fonts for easy readability.


Use Images Wisely

Always use images wisely and sparingly. Avoid filling every space with images that would make your billboard look chaotic.


High Contrast

Your billboard will be seen in a distance so high contrast is what you need for it to be understood. Use colors, hues, and shapes that are contrasting for your design to be effective.


Design Tips

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When designing your digital billboard, there are factors you need to consider. Take these design tips to help you create a digital billboard that will serve its intended use—to get your message out there.


Get Noticed

Your billboard should get your brand noticed, but it’s crucial to know that it shouldn’t cause a distraction. Remember, you are talking to motorists, commuters, cyclists, and pedestrians. A perfect balance between getting noticed and avoiding accidents should be paramount when designing your billboard.


Focus on One Message Only

Focus on one idea or story only. Too many concepts on your billboard can create confusion that you don’t want or need. A complex message has the risk of being misunderstood so it’s a must to send just one. Since digital billboards are flexible when it comes to the design, take one message and change it often rather than put them all in one go.


Forget Direct Response

Keep things short and concise. Don’t include website addresses or contact numbers as this won’t do much for your brand. A few seconds is what you have, there isn’t enough time to have people memorize your numbers. Think of a digital billboard as a supplement to your advertising campaign, it can only go so much as support your marketing strategies.


Go Straight to the Point

Be straightforward in your billboard message. Don’t beat around the bush and have your viewers think about what your real intentions are. Let them know what you want them to know in an instant, leaving no room for second-guessing.


Get Creative

In all your marketing strategies, creativity will allow you to fly to the heavens of increased revenues. Whether you’re writing content or designing the billboard’s layout, creativity will grab your viewers’ attention, bar none. A witty headline or a memorable image can help you get the billboard of your dreams.

When you go digital, there are possibilities for creativity that you can have that otherwise won’t be feasible in static billboards. An animated image, flashing lights, interactivity, or a uniquely shaped digital billboard can be eye-catching enough to get everyone’s attention easily.

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