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20 Custom Logo Designs to Draw Inspiration From

Some business owners fail to consider how logos bring staggering success. While some entrepreneurs skimp on logo design, some know even small businesses spend $1,000 for a logo. This figure is proof that investing in custom logo designs will forge your brand forward. 

In a 2019 survey, the top three logos were ranked as Apple (1st), Nike (2nd), and Coca-Cola (3rd). And did you know that 94 percent of the world’s population recognizes the Coca-Cola logo?

And what do these top three logos have in common? Uniqueness, scalability, customization, and other logo design elements that only professionals know how to do. Instead of using templates for your logo, let the experts craft a custom logo that’s uniquely yours. Meanwhile, get inspiration from these 20 custom logo designs.


1. Zytrio (eCommerce)

custom logo design

Online shopping is the most modern method of buying nowadays, and the logo should be reflective of that. Here is a modern one as implicated by the yellow gradient. Plus, the shopping bag is an untraditional design that represents Zytrio’s business. 


2. Eventfully (eCommerce)

We like the balance of text and graphics on this logo. It’s a combination of a lettermark and wordmark logos. The former are logos that are typically shortened from the full business’s name, while wordmark logos are usually the entire brand name. The contrast of color is attractive, and the elegance is also on point. 


3. Flipkart (eCommerce)

custom logo design

For brands with casual branding, play with your logo design. Flipkart’s logo is the perfect example. The symbol implies a shopping bag that symbolizes what the business is all about. Plus, the happy face shows how customers feel when they receive their package. 


4. See (eCommerce)

custom logo design

Speaking of faces on logos, here is another example with a funny take on a client’s face. Banking on typography alone is sufficient, provided you choose a unique typeface. And this is an example that could work for an eCommerce site with a fun branding. 


5. Ciela (Arts and Crafts)

custom logo design

If you’re into arts and crafts, ensure that your logo speaks of your creativity. This example is one of the custom logo designs that’s simple yet makes an impact. The no-frills script typeface matches the business concept, which is purely “handmade.”


6. Katherine Crouse (Consultancy) 

custom logo design

This logo is for a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist business. The lotus flower is the most suitable symbol that epitomizes Katherine Crouse’s services. In Eastern religions, it implies self-regeneration, purity, enlightenment, and rebirth, exactly what broken marriages and families want to achieve.


7. Top Knot (Hospitality)

custom logo design

Using templates sometimes doesn’t tell your brand story. But custom logo designs do. By adding the right design elements, your audience can quickly resonate with you. Here is an example of a hair studio in black and white. The design is an illustration of a woman with her hair tied in a bun. Underneath is the perfect font that complements the symbol. 


8. Oh Lala Cups (Feminine Brands)


custom logo designColor psychology is an essential factor in custom logo designs. Integrating the right color will also incite the right feelings in your audience. For instance, pink is a symbol of tenderness, gentleness, and femininity. That said, this feminine brand can easily convey its branding to its audience. 


9. AstraZeneca (Healthcare)

custom logo design

One element of an excellent custom logo design is a timeless appeal. Here is AstraZeneca’s scalable logo. It’s a combination of both wordmark and pictorial mark logo types. The yellow symbol represents a molecular compound, which makes it interesting. When used on different channels, both font and symbol can be separated and still be recognizable. 


10. Boeing (Aerospace)

custom logo design

The abstract symbol on the left vaguely implies a globe, and the blue curve symbolizes movement around it. That alone is enough to represent Boeing’s overall brand. 


11. Fish Food (Restaurant)

custom logo design

The food and beverage industry is fierce competition. One has to stand out to attract patrons. And aside from the food a restaurant offers, the logo should be an extension of the company. In this example, a fish best represents a restaurant that offers various fish dishes. But instead of an actual fish, the graphic design is unique, with the utensils substituting fish bones. 


12. Wild Horizons (Education)

custom logo design

Companies must use bright and varied colors sparingly. Colorful logos embody a playful brand. And for this example, the flat illustrations represent a children’s learning center’s goal — fun and play.  


13. Camp Souldust (Hospitality)

custom logo design

Excellent custom logo designs must have a distinctive factor. These logos must be recognizable by incorporating the right elements and concepts. For instance, this logo for a campsite business has all the right components. For one, the circle implies a compass, with the four arrows representing the four directions: North, South, West, and East. Secondly, the yellow-green color combination is an excellent way to represent nature when camping in the outdoors.


14. My Indian Closet (Retail)

custom logo design

In logo design, the adage “less is more” is still applicable. Unless various icons, fonts, and symbols weave cohesively together, try to go for a simple outcome. Here is an example of a clothing retail logo that shows off hangers. Choose an icon that best represents your brand and put a creative twist into it.


15. Barknews Media (Entertainment)

custom logo design

A logo should also have memorability for audiences to remember it for the years to come. For a television network called “Barknews Media,” a dog is an apt icon to convey the message. But what the network did was turn the dog’s face into the shape of television with antennas. It’s certainly unique and memorable. 


16. Killed Productions (Entertainment)

custom logo design

A play on typography is also another way to make custom logo designs stand out. Here is another wordmark logo for Killed Productions. But the “i” is turned down to its side, depicting a dead person. 


17. Little Troopers (Retail)

custom logo design

Here is a beautiful logo illustration of a kids’ shoe brand. Although there might be a lot going on here, the various elements are tied together by the font, wagon, and the kid pulling it. The design also has a vintage appeal, which is a timeless logo design aspect.


18. Pharma Business (Healthcare)

custom logo design

A custom logo design must be unique yet professional, especially for companies with formal branding. For this Pharma Business logo example, the overall concept is distinct yet impactful. The icon is reminiscent of two pills interlapping to form a heart. This design conveys the pharmaceutical brands’ commitment to their audience — life, love, and medications. 


19. Robin Food (Restaurant)

custom logo design

For a restaurant named Robin Food, it’s just appropriate to represent the company with a bow and arrow, just like the real Robin Hood. This unique design concept can instill brand recall, which can make consumers quickly identify this particular restaurant. 


20. Nest Hotel (Hospitality)

custom logo design

Simplicity is another vital feature in custom logo designs. Your logo must be able to relay your company’s overall product or service, without having to go all-out with the graphics. And for a hotel logo such as this one, the simplicity of the overall design is impressive. The abstract nest sits pretty in gold amidst a dark blue background. Though it relatively has minimal graphics and texts, the whole ensemble sticks out like a sore thumb. 

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