How To Increase Your Marketing Reach With Decal Designs 

Decals and stickers are interchangeably used. While both have a common denominator, which is sticking, decal means transferring from a special paper to a nonporous surface. Decal, which stems from the word “decalcomania,” have the same “sticking” method with stickers. However, when transferring decal designs, it involves three things: the backing paper, decal, and transfer paper.

People take the time and effort to create decal design ideas and transfer them to glass or any glossy surface. There could be two primary reasons. One could be purely personal and made for aesthetic purposes. The other reason could be promotional.

Whatever the reason is, decal designs should be simple, eye-catching, and high-quality, especially when used in promoting your brand. 

In this article, let’s dig deeper into decal designs and how to use them on different mediums for marketing.


Simple Decal Designs Attract More People

stickers on signage

Decals are mostly referred to as “outdoor stickers.” That’s why a lot of businesses are using decal designs for their marketing strategies. And when it comes to promoting your logos, it’s always best to stick to simpler designs. 

Designing decals can bring out all the creativity in a graphic designer. However, overwhelming your audience with too many symbols, shapes, colors, or texts can be the death of your marketing tactic. 

Most decals are stuck on windows and walls of your establishments, or even vehicles. Consequently, passersby will do nothing more than take a glimpse at your decal designs. That said, you want to capture their attention for those few seconds when they’re looking. 

Putting too many elements on your designs will make it look cluttered. In most cases, it’s even hard for passersby to read the company name or slogan if everything is cramped in a small medium. 

Keep your decal designs simple, clean, and uncluttered. If it’s for a wall decal, include as much white space, so it doesn’t look like a jumble of various elements. 

If you’re dealing with a small design, make sure your logo sticks out as well as your brand name. That way, it will be the first thing people notice when they look at your decals. 


How to Use Decal Designs on Different Surfaces

One thing is certain; decals are never stuck on porous surfaces because it won’t be laid flat, ruining the design. Typical surfaces would be walls, windows, and cars. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use your decal designs on these types of surfaces:



Wall decals are relatively bigger than all the other types. That said, you can do several methods to have a perfect outcome. 

First, is to clean the wall using a damp cloth. Ensure that all dust particles are wiped clean as it may prevent the decals from sticking. Prepare a painter’s tape, squeegee, or credit card. 

Next is to draw a line on the wall using a pencil on the area where you want the upper edge of your decal. To make it easier to align, place painter’s tape along the penciled line. 

Try to remove a couple of inches of the backing paper from the upper part of your decal. Then stick to the wall following the painter’s tape. 

Very carefully, remove the backing paper. And using your hand, guide the decal on the wall, so it’s laid flat. Once the backing paper is completely removed, use a squeegee to remove bubbles. Make sure you scrape from the inside, moving to the edges of the decal. 

Lastly, remove the transfer paper, making sure it’s close to the wall and not away from it. This ensures that the design sticks. If it does come off, don’t worry. Place the transfer paper back. Using your hand, press it down a bit and try removing it again. 

If you ever get wrinkles on your decal, it’s pretty easy to fix. Just carefully remove the decal until where the crease is and using a squeegee, stick the decal back until it’s smooth.

wall stickers

Here’s an example of an office wall decal. Although it’s a mix of different words, every word still sticks out because of the varying sizes. Use varying shapes to make each element pop. After all, wall decals are bigger, so you have ample space to work on. 

If you use wall decals as a marketing tactic, put all your brand’s essential elements. For instance, pictures of your best-selling product, along with your logo, could work. Or how about your catchy slogan coupled with high-quality graphics with relevant colors. 



You can install window decals the same way as wall decals. However, there is another method. After thoroughly cleaning the window, place your decal on the desired area. Place tape on the top corners to hold it in place.

Once you’re happy with the position, place a tape vertically in the middle of the design to create a hinge. Next is to remove the backing paper on one side until where the tape is. Then cut it. Using your hand, stick the decal carefully, avoiding bubbles and wrinkles. 

Next is to remove the tape in the middle so you can work on the other side. Do the same and voila, you’ve got yourself a window decal! 

Window decals are a bit smaller than wall decals. That said, you may want to keep the design down a notch. Try going for your brand’s icon, symbol, or mascot.

window sticker

Then make sure your company name is big enough to get noticed. Check out this window decal example. 



Most car decal designs are small. You can use either of the two methods, and it should be easier for you to accomplish since you’ll be dealing with a smaller transfer paper. 

Using car decals for marketing though, can be a bit tricky. Since you’ll only have limited space to work on, make sure to include the essential information. And since cars are mobile, make sure it’s big enough to be seen.

sticker with business logo

Here’s one example wherein the company included their logo and the business address. 

sticker with business url

If you want them to visit your website and find out more information, include your website URL like this example. Or you may also include your business phone number. 

Either way, make sure you’re giving prospects sufficient information in case they want to know more about your business. Remember, the most important thing when creating decal designs for marketing purposes is to make sure it’s sufficient and eye-catching. 

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