25 Classic And Effective Typography Logo Examples

Logos can come in different forms. Pictures, symbols, mascots, emblems are, to name a few. However, some companies attain brand recognition even with only a typography logo. Here are 25 font-based logos that can hook any onlooker at first glance. 


1. Visa

Visa wordmark

In color psychology, the color blue is linked to trust and competence. A financial company like Visa should have these qualities. The use of bolder typography, combined with a milder blue, is a perfect way to show authority in its field. 


2. Calvin Klein 

ck wordmark

Calvin Klein uses both its wordmark or monogram logos. Whichever they choose on various marketing mediums, the typography logo spells precision and class — just like the brand.


3. Vogue 

vogue wordmark

Black is associated with sophistication and glamour. That said, most high-end fashion brands choose this color. Additionally, Vogue brilliantly chose the Didot font for theirs. It’s elegant and clean, making it relevant to its branding. 


4. Coca-Cola

coca-cola wordmark

Coca-Cola, one of the biggest beverage companies in the world, has one of the most eye-catching typography logos. They used the color red, which invokes excitement and stimulation. Lastly, the script font exudes fun and togetherness, which is how it should be when a bottle of coke is shared. 


5. Giorgio Armani 

Giorgio-Armani wordmark

Another classic font-based logo that exudes an air of prominence is Giorgio Armani’s. The font style is quite similar to Vogue’s. In addition, both logos reflect the fashion companies’ branding as they both look clean and opulent. 


6. IBM

ibm wordmark

Relevance should come into play when creating your brand’s logo. And IBM is the perfect example of this. Moreover, their logo is reminiscent of how a damaged computer screen looks like. It’s playful, and it works efficiently for the company. 


7. FedEx

fedex wordmark

FedEx’s logo is a combination of texts and a symbol. If you’re asking what the symbol is, look closely, and you should see the hidden arrow. However, it’s the typeface and different colors that make this logo stand out. Lastly, purple and orange denote quality and energy, respectively, the qualities of a reliable courier service.


8. eBay

ebay wordmark

Combining different colors on your logo denotes fun and personality. Likewise, eBay’s logo shows flair through the vibrant colors they chose. Plus, the small letters exude a casual and inviting vibe, which entices customers to shop from its online store.


9. Sony

sony wordmark

Font-based logos don’t need icons or mascots for people to recognize them. Sometimes, a single four-letter word is enough — just like Sony’s strong typeface in all caps. 


10. Fendi 

fendi wordmark

Fendi’s wordmark logo is simple yet brings forth a whiff of majesty. Furthermore, this powerful and bold typeface is apt for a high-end fashion brand like Fendi. 


11. Barbie 

barbie wordmark

When I was a kid, I remember following where the Barbie logo takes me in the mall’s toy section. True enough, this toy company utilized a vibrant pink to attract passing kids. Overall, the script-type logo represents femininity and style akin to the company’s branding.


12. Amazon 

amazon wordmark

Amazon is a combination of a symbolic and font-based logo. Secondly, the use of small letters is an excellent ploy to invite more customers to shop online. Lastly, the font style and the arrow, which denotes they have everything from a to z, are inviting elements.


13. Google 

google wordmark

Google’s logo is one of the most versatile logos in the world. The multi-billion dollar company plays around with its typeface by embellishing it with graphical elements. Nonetheless, the font remains the same: colorful and friendly. 


14. 3M

3m wordmark

The 3M logo is one of those logos that sticks, no matter what. The powerful, bold red font is a representation of this multinational conglomerate company. Furthermore, both the number and letter also carry more than a century-long history since 1902. It was formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. 


15. Tumblr

tumblr wordmark

Tumblr has a tasteful typeface logo that evokes connection, which is implied in the dropped ‘e’ vowel. Without the ‘e,’ you can still read the word coherently. And this is what makes this social networking platform’s logo different from all the others. 


16. LinkedIn

linkedin wordmark

The blue color in logos evokes communication, duty, and intelligence, which is what this social networking site is all about. The logo strips off any additional strokes and has the perfect balance between the texts separated by two colors. Overall, LinkedIn’s logo emanates professionalism all the way. 


17. Spotify 

spotify wordmark

Using the Proxima Nova on its catchy font-based logo, Spotify doesn’t need the abstract icon to represent its branding. Additionally, the text alone is sufficient to garner more subscribers as it’s simple, welcoming, and influential.


18. Disney 

disney wordmark

Disney’s typography logo is a personal favorite. When you look at it, it takes you down memory lane, and you’ll instantly remember all the wonderful memories as a child. Based on some experts’ claims, the typeface is similar to the font called Waltograph. 


19. Cadbury 

cadbury wordmark

The Cadbury confectionery company originated in the United Kingdom. Moreover, this typeface has tasteful curvatures that remind you of the decadence and sweetness of chocolate.  


20. Nutella

nutella wordmark

The black ‘n’ in Nutella carries with it a controversial issue. Two people got into the same business and had two contrasting preferences. One wanted the word ‘Nutella’ in all red, while the other one wanted the first letter in black. For me, the latter has a more distinct personality, which is why this logo is both effective and eye-catching. 


21. Gap 

gap wordmark

Gap’s slender and formal typeface is both sleek and neat, apt for the brand’s preppy and trendy apparel. 


22. Ray-Ban 

ray-ban wordmark

There’s an air of coolness from the Ray-Ban logo. Consequently, the typeface is undoubtedly unique from the rest. Even the dash in the middle seems like a dot, giving the entire logo a distinguished appeal. 


23. CNN

cnn wordmark

Red is a mighty color in the world of logo design. Moreover, CNN wanted to invoke excitement, stimulation, energy, and passion through the bold, red typeface. And at the same time, provide clarity and peace implied by the white lines in each letter. Lastly, these qualities are relevant to the news network’s principles. 


24. Canon

canon wordmark

Canon’s font-based logo may seem like another cliche bold, red font style at first. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice the minor details that give its logo an edge. Likewise, the sharp triangular-like edges on each letter and the elegant curves are what make it stand out. 


25. Reddit

reddit wordmark

Reddit’s typography logo is one of the friendliest-looking logos on this list. Furthermore, the amiable font style is apt for the platform’s friendly and conversational community.

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