You’ll Never Have to Hire a Logo Designer Again After Using This One Service

Logos are crucial to every business and creating them isn’t a simple endeavor. If you think it’s just doodling until you get the most suitable fit for your brand—you’re highly mistaken. Logos take careful planning, research, and a lot of talent to get it done well. If you have to create multiple logos or need more than one, hiring a logo designer won’t be cost-effective. A logo is an investment and they can cost pretty high. But with this service, you’ll never have to hire a logo designer ever again.


How Design Doctor Can Help You

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Design Doctor is an unlimited graphic design service. It lets you get all the design requirements you need for a fixed monthly rate of just $329. Unlimited means you can request for a logo design as many as you want and need.

Looking for the perfect logo designer can be a challenging task. With this service, you no longer have to hire a logo designer. We’ll do all the logo designs you need, you won’t have to pay per logo or project, or pay per hour for a designer, we’ll do them all for you.

Design Doctor was founded to help design agencies, business owners, and agency owners with graphic design that’s affordable and accessible. You’ll be paying the same amount each month, no hidden fees, no surprises, just graphic design that you’ll love to have.

You can choose from our plans—Starter, Professional, and Enterprise wherein you’ll be assigned a graphic designer and an account manager. The higher your plan, the higher the number of graphic designers you’ll be assigned with. This means that you’ll get more logos, more work done.

And the best part is, you can have unlimited revisions to go along your unlimited graphic design service. You can have as many as you want until you get the design you want. We have our own platform that allows you to upload your design requests and once you do, our designers will work on them right away.


Why You Should Use an On-Demand Graphic Design Service

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If you still don’t realize the benefits of getting an on-demand graphic design service, let us list them here for you:



An unlimited graphic design service will give you consistent high-quality design all the time. Our team of professional graphic designers is trained to work with you. They’ll get a good grasp of your brand and work accordingly. This way, you’re sure to get quality that is consistent every time.


Fresh Ideas

When you hire a logo designer, you run the risk of getting stagnant ideas. With Design Doctor, we have a team of graphic designers that will provide ideas that are fresh and always dynamic. A single designer on your staff can run out of ideas.



As mentioned earlier, logos don’t come cheap. It’s also the same when you hire a logo designer. If you’re a startup or on a limited budget, on-demand graphic design service is perfect for you. You don’t have to pay large sums of money to have your logos created, Design Doctor services are fixed.



From simple logos to complex ones, Design Doctor can create them for you. With an in-house logo designer, you’ll be stuck with whatever talent they have. Even if your designer is the most talented in the world, they will still have limitations that won’t happen when you have a variety of people working for you.



When you hire a logo designer, the work is limited to just that—designing logos. With Design Doctor, you can send requests for different types of designs. Brochures, social media graphics, website design, app design, T-shirt designs, we’ll take care of them for you. You’ll have access to these design requests and you’re not limited to only having logos.


On-Time Design

If you follow a strict schedule, Design Doctor will be there for you. No more missed deadlines as we work on your requests within a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time. For more complex designs, the turnaround time is still the quickest in the industry. No more worrying when your logo designer doesn’t come to work or call in sick.


Time Saver

With an unlimited graphic design service, you have at least two designers working for you at a single time. This allows you to work on multiple projects. It’s like having two people on your staff instead of just one. If you need to create logos for more than one company, you won’t be pressed for time with Design Doctor.


Focus on What Matters

Design Doctor will take the design work off your shoulders. And when someone’s doing that for you, you’ll get to spend more time doing what matters most in your business.


What to Look for in a Logo Designer

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There are logo designers and there are awesome logo designers. If you want to know which one is the best for your brand, you need to know your prospects well.



The experience will tell you what the skill level of your prospect is. Although this is an important factor, it’s not definitive. Talent is not measured by how many years you’ve been doing it, but experience is a good gauge.



A strong portfolio will show you what the prospect is capable of. Look for previous work that has already been published. This will give you an idea if the designer is a good fit for your brand.



Although a high price doesn’t necessarily command high-quality, it’s always recommended to ask the prospect’s rate. You also have to consider your budget as a high-priced service can derail your finances.



Do they have good time management skills? Punctual submission of work is better than a killer design that’s an hour late. Are they attentive to details? Do they have strong communication skills?

These are just some of the factors you need to consider when you want to hire a logo designer. Design Doctor will assign you to a graphic designer that’s a perfect fit for you. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll assign another qualified designer that would be a good fit for your brand.


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