Why You Want A Modern Business Card Design

The digital world has taken over almost every aspect of our lives—sending mail, watching movies, shopping, and many others. But the good thing is, there are still some things that technology can’t replace. One of them is the business card, it’s still as effective today as it was when it was first used.

It’s a marketing strategy that most people tend to ignore yet one of the most efficient. A modern business card design can work wonders for you and your business, so if you don’t have one, read on. Here’s a list of why it’s still relevant and why you should always have a stack handy.


Why Business Cards Are Still Effective

While business cards are deemed as old-fashioned by some, creating them today involves the use of advanced technology. Designing them has also become simple and easy: get a professional design team to make one for you. If you’re still undecided, here are some reasons why business cards are still effective:


It Adds a Personal Touch

Exchanging contact information through digital means has become the norm. But any experienced entrepreneur will tell you that standing out from the competition is important. Since everybody’s swapping their info via email or text, handing someone your business card gets you more impact.

Communicating on a more personal level with those you do business with adds that special touch. The people you meet will more likely to remember you and that’s something you want to aim for. Your business will thrive on being recognized so a simple business card can do wonders.


It’s an Effective Direct Marketing Tool 

The operative word here is direct. Nothing can be as direct as handing your business card to the people you meet. Whether it’s a prospect or a current client, giving them your card instantly assures you that the person can contact you anytime they want.

Conferences, tradeshows, business meetings allow you to encounter a lot of different people that can help you with your business. When you have a pocket full of business cards, giving them your contact data can be so simple and easy. The best part is, you don’t have to wait for them to open their emails. This has the possibility of being forgotten or ignored between the time that they meet you and the moment they open their emails.


It’s a Great Promotion Tool

modern calling card example

The moment you give someone your business card, you’re already promoting your company. You could include the services or products that you offer on your card so prospects can see them. You can go a step further and have your card made in a design that’s related to your nature of business. This card that Modik Studio designed for a clothing store is one good example of this.

The card is shaped like a clothes hanger with their name on the front side and a map of their location on the other. Plain and simple, this card not only provides contact information, but it also markets the company so beautifully.


It Builds Credibility

People love doing business with trustworthy companies. This is a major characteristic consumers look for in a store especially when shopping online. Whenever they see a new company, the first thing they look for is credibility.

A modern business card design is a heaven-sent for startups and small businesses as it can add value to your brand. Potential customers will tend to judge you based on your brand’s appearance, your business card included. A well-designed card will show them that you mean business and that you’re open to communication any time the customers need to.


It Creates a Good First Impression

There will be times that a person’s first impression of you will be made through your business card. When designed right, your card can make that first impression last enough for them to remember you. The next time they’ll be needing a product or service much like yours, all they have to do is pull out your card and contact you, easy-peasy.

This is the reason your business card shouldn’t be something out of a template of a built-in software of your computer. Nor should it be from a marketplace that you buy $5 logos or images from. It’s an investment you need to get from a professional design team.


Why Your Business Card Design Should Be Modern

modern calling card example

The business card is indeed an old-school marketing material, but that doesn’t mean that it has to look dated. Your card should look fresh and new, always. It has to keep up with the trends, it has to look good, after all, you expect people to keep them in their wallets, right? It has to look like something you’d want to keep and not throw away.

Gone are the days of boring business cards that come in white backgrounds and no imagination at all. This is where advanced technology comes to play. You can have a modern business card design easily and quickly, you just have to know where to go.


How Design Doctor Can Help You

As with all your marketing paraphernalia, your business card should have the same look that your website and other materials have. It has to have harmony and uniformity to make it look professional and presentable. There are tools online that you can find to help you create that look, but it’s still recommended to hire someone to do it for you.

Design Doctor has a team of professional graphic designers that are knowledgeable in designing a modern business card design. And if you think that graphic design will cost you an arm and a leg, you’re mistaken. We have made it affordable and accessible with our unlimited graphic design service.

For as little as $329 a month, you’ll have a business card design that you’ll love to give away. Not only that, you can have all the graphic designs you could ever need, all for a fixed price. No contracts, no surprises, just high-quality graphic design.

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