Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Typography Art

Words and letters are the most powerful tools in communicating your messages. Adding art in it can make it more so. People are simply drawn to it that some designers and artists have focused their careers in transforming typography into amazing works of art. Presenting information in a visually appealing format is a great way to speak to your audiences. As an entrepreneur, this is a brilliant way to convey your brand while advertising it. Here are 13 of the best examples of typography art to inspire you.


Chalk Typography

typography design example

Typically seen in cafes and boutiques, chalk lettering has invaded social media platforms and websites. Its appeal lies in its appearance of being impermanent and evanescent. It is awe-inspiring to think of the amount of work put in which the same people erase the following day to make room for new ones.

Aurelie Maron Creative Studio created this chalk typography work of Italian designer Massimo Vignelli’s famous quote about design.


3D Typography 

typography design example

Typography art such as this one created by Alexis Persani exudes splendor with its beautiful use of width, depth, and height. 3D art is made to have a form that makes it seem to jump from the page, a sort of optical illusion. Using this for your font design can catch the attention of viewers easily and make any advertising material stand out.


Hyper-Realistic Typography

typography design example

Taking inspiration from high-resolution photographs is the magic that does the work for this Sagmeister & Walsh creation. They took typeface literally by placing it on people’s faces as seen in this example. Artistic photography and expert retouching abilities were employed to create typography that looks vivid and alive. 

When designing fonts, thinking out of the box is sure to give you one-of-a-kind designs. This design perfectly shows the best in typography art as it is well-executed and carefully planned.


Typographic Portraits

typography design example

A wonderful way to use typography is to create portraits such as this one from Dylan Roscover. Apple released its “Here’s to the crazy ones” ad campaign in the 1990s with this image of Steve Jobs. The portrait used a variety of typefaces found in Apple’s products and branding. Everything in the artwork has Apple written on it which sells the brand excellently.


Graffiti Typography

typography design example

Before, society frowns upon writings on the wall. Nowadays, graffiti has evolved to become an inspiration in the world of typography art. The example below by designer Nikita Letter Maniac Raizvikh shows exactly why it is now considered a form of art.

Graffiti typically involves having a spray paint can and writing your thoughts away on public walls. Today, designers create these fonts with extensive study and experimentation. As the saying goes, “The best things in life don’t come easy, but those things are the ones worth the sacrifice.”


Experimental Typography

typography design example

Focusing on the unconventional, experimental typography that emphasizes on expressing emotions. Legibility and message conveyance follow rather than being the main players. This example from Ukrainian graphic designer mase, proves the point that this is indeed the best in typography art. 

Designing with flair, quirkiness, or vibrant colors make this font type unique and eye-catching. This style requires experimentation to get the perfect font suitable for a specific use. If you want to use this type of typography, getting the services of professional graphic designers is your best bet. 


Brush Script Typography

typography design example

For Magnum‘s NeverStopPlaying campaign, Luke Choice created the custom brush script typeface that was used. These types of fonts are great in adding that human touch to your designs. The concept makes it look hand-written using a brush and paint. They’re playful and spontaneous, suitable for ads such as this to convey youthfulness and vitality.


Wet Paint Typography

typography design example

Add a splash of wet acrylic paint to your poster or billboard with this typography art from Australian typographer Gehan Magee. The design looks super realistic, you’d have to touch it to see that it’s not real paint. It uses different colors that seem to blend with one another perfectly, creating color combinations that seem alive and sparkle.  



typography design example

If you want elegance, rhythm, harmony, and a sense of ancestry in your design, use calligraphy. It is an art form that uses beautiful letters and symbols created by the hand. This font type is not for everyone as too much use of it can ruin the whole design. You need skills to know how to use it and where.

As seen from this example from Russian calligrapher Pavel Drakunov, his alphabet composition flows smoothly in one beautiful line that oozes with cultivated beauty and classy style. Its versatility is remarkable for both modern and traditional designs.


Decorative Typography

typography design example

When the design dons traditional fonts with decorative elements as embellishments, you get this type of typography art. Christoph Ruprecht designed this typeface for the city of Nantes in France. The city crest is the inspiration behind the colors and the overall design using varying styles. 


Pop Art Typography

typography design example

An artistic movement that mainly uses bright colors and everything popular, pop art in typography bursts with life and energy. Pop art draws inspiration from commercial culture and people use it since the 1950s because of its playfulness and modernity. V. Radomskii designed this typography art for a quote from Alice in Wonderland.


Hand Lettering

typography design example

Hand lettering is an art form that creates decorative letters. In today’s technology-driven world, you may see less of this type of font. But since its beauty is timeless, it is becoming fashionable again as more and more people are learning to make this art. This artwork from Mateusz Witczak is a good example of this typography art. 


Chrome Typography

typography design example

They say that art imitates life and this chrome typography is a beautiful example of this. Creating this logo for one of his clients, Romain Billaud captivates the beauty of metal wonderfully. It shows brilliance and grandeur quite well if you’re looking for splendor and excitement in your designs.

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