Outdoor Marketing Strategies That Work in 2020

As the new year 2020 comes in, every entrepreneur should look at it as an opportunity to get a fresh start on their marketing strategies. A new beginning, a time to evaluate your strategies and update them. If you still don’t have outdoor marketing included in your strategies, the coming year is a great way to start one.

With the shift in digital advertising, it’s easy to assume that outdoor marketing is obsolete. If you’re one of those who believe in this, you have another thing coming. Outdoor marketing is alive and effective as ever. Take a look at these examples to get you inspired and create some of your own:


A Bit About Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor marketing strategies such as billboards, transit advertising, vehicle wraps, street furniture, and many others are good examples of this. When done right, as with everything in your advertising arsenal, outdoor marketing delivers. It may seem old-school but in reality, digital ads are pushing outdoor marketing to a new level of highs.

Digital advertising has become commonplace, billboards and the likes are now the new novelties. Even the tech industry, think Netflix and Google, are using them, so why not you?


Guerilla Marketing

outdoor advertising example

If you want something out of the ordinary, guerilla marketing is for you. Ideal for startups as they are cost-effective yet unconventional, you’re guaranteed to turn heads. It’s about adding shock value, after all. When you think of the word guerilla, you instantly think of ambush or warfare.

This Frontline guerrilla marketing is so clever when seen from a height, you’d think that the dog was infested with ticks when actually, they’re mall-goers. It’s absolutely attention-grabbing and will make you look longer. There isn’t any competition around so you’re on center stage, standing out and making a statement.



outdoor advertising example

Ever since digital advertising became the norm, the need for billboard use has also become more in demand. Billboards allow you to be right smack in the middle of a busy city where everyone can see you, that is if you create a design that’s out of the norm. With a little creativity, you can get heads to turn and focus on your brand more than an online ad.

This head-turner from Netflix is proof that outdoor marketing works. When tech companies turn to “outmoded” forms of advertising, you know these are marketing strategies worthy of emulation.  


Transit Advertising

outdoor advertising example

Transit advertising allows your brand to be seen daily by thousands of commuters or pedestrians. When stuck in traffic or while waiting for a bus, you’re sure to get attention when you design this type of outdoor marketing the right way. There are many ways you can do this as you’re not limited to just vehicle wraps or ads stuck on the back of a bus.

This quirky example from Weight Watchers is sure to get the attention of people who need to lose some weight. They’d be prompted to try their products when they imagine themselves sitting alone on the tilting bus. But transit advertising isn’t limited to this, you can design a whole waiting area with your brand in mind. Take a cue from this Absolut bus stop where you’ll be treated like royalty.


Point of Sale Displays

outdoor advertising example

Point of sales displays include in-store banners, life-size stands, posters, or any material placed at your point of purchase to urge you to buy more. These are strategically placed along the path of the shoppers to get them to notice the products. And one of the surest paths you’ll go by as a shopper is at the cashier.

Even if you don’t have any plans of buying them, you’ll be reminded of the products and entice you to add them to your shopping cart. They work much like a pop-up window on your online marketplace. Get inspiration from these POS displays of Fitbit and Kitkat.


Street Furniture 

outdoor advertising example

Street furniture advertising is the type of outdoor marketing that is fixed on the street in the form of furniture. Another good example from KitKat is this bench made to look like a KitKat bar. This mode of advertising works for your brand 24/7 and makes for a memorable experience for passersby.

Another good example is this skateboard ramp by Quiksilver. Skateboarders will thank you for this while building recall in the minds of viewers. Thinking out of the box is what makes these advertising venues great and note-worthy. 


Mobile Advertising 

outdoor advertising example

Simply put, mobile advertising is a billboard on wheels. It can also be found on boats and other vehicle types. You can even have them on people as walking billboards. Think of them as moving billboards that can be seen by more people rather than being stuck in one place only. 

They’re great for grabbing people’s attention on the streets especially when you use digital billboards that use LED as the backdrop. Or those human billboards that people can talk to about your products or services. These examples from T-Mobile and PromoPromo will make you think twice about outdoor marketing as something obsolete or stagnant.


How Design Doctor Can Help You

Having the best outdoor marketing strategies is more than just buying space to put your advertisements on. Whether digital or traditional advertising, it’s always about standing out from the competition. And since competition is becoming fiercer by the minute, you need to have strategies that will build brand recognition. This will lead to more sales and revenues for your business.

Design Doctor is an on-demand graphic design service that offers affordable and accessible graphic design for a flat, monthly rate. For as little as $329 a month, you can have all the outdoor marketing graphic design you can ever need. From billboards to social media graphics, we can design them for your business.

You don’t have to break the bank when thinking of creative ways to ramp up your marketing strategies. Our team of professional graphic designers can whip up all the design needs you may have. You’ll only pay the flat rate, no hidden charges, no surprises, just high-quality graphic design.

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