Why It’s Better To Hire A Logo Designer Than Designing the Logo Yourself

First let’s discuss what a logo is, and why it’s so important for your brand or business. Let’s go to the facts. For a business to develop loyalty, the first impression consumers have towards the company is extremely important. This is where logos come in. Logos can help a business or brand in their attempt to establish a lasting good impression on their target market — the reason why you need to hire a logo designer.

We need to understand that a logo is more than just a compilation of shapes and colors. It is a representation of the attributes and personality of a company. It symbolizes the ideals and vision of what a company is about or aims to do. The problem though with this is; not all logos are capable of achieving these things. 

Now, for new businesses, companies, or brands – something as important as the creation of their emblem, their mark – their logo begs the question: Do they design it themselves or do they hire a logo designer? 


The Importance of Why You Need to Hire a Logo Designer

There are many benefits in hiring a professional logo designer than just DIY-ing your logo. And there is an abundance of freelance graphic designers out there. However, if you would like a more professional and consistent medium to create your logo, you can try Design Doctor

It won’t be easy to look for the right person or company to create that special mark that will symbolize and represent your vision. But here are some benefits when you hire a logo designer:


  • Best Quality Results: A major advantage of outsourcing your logo designer is the assurance of receiving a high-quality output. You don’t have to worry about pixelated images or blurred letters that are too small to read. A professional designer will use the best practices to ensure all design output has been carefully assessed and reviewed before submission. 
  • Variety: Depending on your contract with the designer, you can request more than one design sample of your logo to choose from. Since we discussed how important your logo will be to your business, you need to make sure that the logo you will be choosing (and paying for) will be the right one you envisioned. Never settle for anything less.
  • Expertise: This may not be applicable to everyone, but usually there is a massive difference between the skill set of a professional logo designer than your average Joe. Logo designers have the experience, knowledge, and skills required to create that small piece of important identity. So unless you have all of that, maybe outsourcing a professional logo designer might be the wiser choice. 


Why DIY is a Bad Idea

artistic mixture

Still not convinced? Do you still think that it’s better to design your logo yourself? Well here’s why you shouldn’t do it:


  • Unnecessary Brainstorming: For the non-creatives out there, dropping out ideas of potential logo designs may be a toiling endeavor. Sure you may have envisioned that idea of how you want it to look and convey your branding. But that’s a very different thing as to putting it on paper. It is especially troublesome when you’re working on it alone with no one to bounce your unique ideas on.  After some time you might realize that the designs you’re creating are not so different from one another.
  • Technical Limitations: Assuming that you already have that design in your head or you have that little paper for your logo draft. But alas, how are you going to make that little sketch into a full-blown high-quality symbol of your magnum opus? After searching for some easy DIY website on logo creation, you will realize that these websites do not offer that specific shape or color you want. Or how about that unique element you had in mind that will blow every competitor in the water. True enough, you could always learn how to use Photoshop – then again, “could” is very different from “should.”
  • Logo Generator Trap: There are lots of software available online that can generate a logo for you – one might say. But do you seriously like to have your special symbol to be just cheaply generated online? 


Why Logo Generator Websites are a Bad Choice

Pride not included, here are other reasons why logo generator websites are a bad choice:


  • Unprofessional: Designs created by these logo generators lack the professional finish and may reflect badly on your target consumers. 
  • Unoriginal: You are not the only one who thought of using a logo generator software. Though they do indeed offer a lot of choices and variances, at the end of the day everything has a limit – thus the disadvantage. 
  • Possibility of being copied: As explained, you are not the only one using these types of software. There is always a chance that another person will choose that specific design you did. 
  • Copyright: Since your logo is not an original design, there is a high chance that another business will copy your logo, register it, and sue you for it. Unfair right? But possible, so why risk it? 


Why Design Doctor is the one for you

Now that we discussed both sides of the coin, we can conclude that every business or brand seeking to create a logo should hire a logo designer. Though there are multiple outsourcing options; Design Doctor can ensure high quality and consistent design output. 

For a flat monthly rate, you don’t have to worry about being overcharged. Through this flat rate, you will be able to request unlimited logo designs. So not only is Design Doctor fast and reliable, you can avail of unlimited unique, professional, and high-quality designs for your logo.

With Design Doctor, you can gain access to affordable and passionate logo designers who will be with you hand-in-hand in finding that perfect symbol to represent your magnum opus. 

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