20 Most Famous Restaurant Logos In History 

Never underestimate the power of logos. They do a marvelous job of representing the restaurant’s branding and reputation over the years. In fact, it’s the bullseye that waits for the arrow; it’s the prey that attracts the predator; or the hook that catches the fish. In short, restaurant logos are the coaxing factor that rakes in consumers. Here’s why these famous restaurant logos have been recognizable to people all these years. Aside from the food and service, the primary reason is none other than their logos! 


1. McDonald’s

restaurant logo

The two arches on the McDonald’s logo are the founders’ architectural plan on their San Bernardino branch. Now, the “arches” resemble more than half-a-century of history and fast food goodness. If you want people to recognize your logo, include historical features that make your brand shine. 


2. Subway 

famous restaurant logo

The two arrows on Subway’s logo are there for clear communication. This restaurant aims to deliver fast food without compromising its healthy components. That’s the reason why the arrows are there, coupled with the colors of nature. 


3. KFC

famous restaurant logo

These famous restaurant logos were carefully thought out, considering color psychology. That said, red is a staple for fast-food chains because it ignites enthusiasm, passion, and energy. KFC’s logo invokes excitement with a bit of history, the reason why it’s recognizable to most people. 


4. Dairy Queen

famous restaurant logo

When it comes to soft-serve ice cream, Dairy Queen is one of the top choices. Its logo, which is reminiscent of the beautiful curves of ice cream when served on cones and cups, is colorful and suitable to the brand’s products.  


5. Dunkin’ Donuts

famous restaurant logo

Dunkin’ Donuts initially served coffee and baked goods. These are the two go-to types of food that everyone craves for before starting their day. In the world of logo designs, icons, and symbols do a great deal of representing your products and services. Hence, the hot coffee cup on Dunkin Donut’s logo.


6. Starbucks

restaurant logo

Donning a unique “siren” image on its logo, Starbucks has its memorability in check. Everyone certainly recognizes that green half-woman, half-mermaid picture. 


7. Burger King 

famous restaurant logo

Burger King’s logo reminds you of their main product — burgers. The color psychology in its logos truly entices customers who are craving for fast, savory food. 


8. Wendy’s 

famous restaurant logo

This is one of the famous restaurant logos that underwent a couple of changes over the years. If you look at the logo from afar, you won’t notice the subtle changes. However, Wendy has had slight variations over the years. But no matter the difference, the girl on the logo will still be the reason why people recognize this logo more above all the others. 


9. Taco Bell

famous restaurant logo

Taco Bell went from loud to proud. Although their former logo was a bit colorful, it still resonated with the kind of restaurant they are. Their current logo is a modernized version of this California-based restaurant — donning an attractive shade of purple. 


10. Dominos

famous restaurant logo

Being the second-largest pizza chain, Dominos didn’t trail behind the other famous restaurant logos. The name and the logo itself cohesively go together. It’s the kind that sticks to people’s minds wherever they are. 


11. Papa John’s 

famous restaurant logo

Logos should have suitable typography along with colors akin to your branding. And this is what Papa John’s did with theirs. The green and yellow works like a charm. The oversized, varying typography is enough to make this a memorable icon without symbolic elements. 


12. Tim Hortons

famous restaurant logo

Though minimalistic, Tim Hortons is actually one of my favorite restaurant logos. The restaurant is a fast-food chain based in Canada. Additionally, the typography is both fun, professional, and welcoming. 


13. Popeyes

famous restaurant logo

Popeyes went from old-fashioned to fresh and modern. They underwent a total overhaul. The outcome is a beautiful logo that’s still recognizable, no matter where you put it. Goodbye to mundane reds and blues, hello to an optimistic and refreshing orange logo.


14. Pizza Hut 

famous restaurant logo

The roof on the Pizza Hut logo is a representation of the pizza chain that’s known to many. While it may look like a hat, the overall implication is that it gives you warmth and familiarity when you take a bite out of its delicious pizza variants. 


15. Chick-fil-A

famous restaurant logo

Some people can be quite skeptical about the chicken served in fast-food chains. But Chick-fil-A wanted to change all that; hence, the “A” in its logo. It meant “grade A” quality chicken all the time.


16. Eleven Madison Park 

famous restaurant logo

Donning an elegant sans serif font, the Eleven Madison Park logo emanates pure class and precision. The four types of leaves represent the maple, ginkgo, linden, and London plane — leaves you can find in Madison Square Park. 


17. Little Caesars

famous restaurant logo

Little Caesars is a pizza chain that shows warmth in its playful logo. It has a bright orange color and a figure that’s inviting. But the logo designers were smart enough to include the initials “LC” on the garment. 


18. Jollibee

famous restaurant logo

Jollibee’s founder’s story is one of the most inspiring rags-to-riches stories. Struggling to make ends meet in China, the businessman was successful in his venture in the Philippines. That said, the company name was an inspiration from “JOLLY” and “BEE.” 


19. IHOP

famous restaurant logo

The thought of going to IHOP makes you want to hop with joy, and that’s what the logo reflects. Customers, especially children, would instantly recognize that two round eyes and a smile that’s too inviting. 


20. Five Guys 

famous restaurant logo

Did you know that the FIVE GUYS logo is inspired by the hand-lettering style of an architect? It may seem simple without any graphical elements. However, the typography acts as an icon that’s even more powerful than any logo symbolism. 


How Design Doctor’s Professional Designers Can Help You

Creating a suitable logo is more than just graphic design. It has to have the primary elements needed in a logo and that’s what these famous restaurants logos have. Some of these elements are:

  • Memorability – It must have an edge so people can remember it. 
  • Versatility – It has to look good when resized on different marketing mediums.
  • Relevance – It must resonate with the restaurant’s branding and audience preferences. 
  • Clear-Cut – It must be simple enough that it doesn’t’ distract any prospect’s attention. 
  • Quality – A logo must look professional with topnotch quality.

With these logo design elements in mind, a non-professional might not hit the nail on the head when it comes to logo designing. That said, hire experts that do the research, assessment, surveys, and the likes to create a logo suitable to your restaurant. 

Design Doctor can provide graphic designers knowledgeable on the different aspects of designing a logo. With a flat monthly rate, you can get unlimited designs and revisions for all your marketing needs. 

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