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20 Ways to Use An Unlimited Graphic Design Service 

When people hear unlimited graphic design services, most of them are skeptical. The concept is so good, how can it be true? Most of us know that a logo design does not come cheap. So how can someone claim to provide unlimited services? 

Serving more than a thousand brands globally, Design Doctor can attest to our claim of unlimited graphic design service. And with our experience, here are 20 of the ways our clients use our service: 


For Businesses 

Graphic design serves many purposes to businesses, big or small. The most important of which is the communication between you and your customers. Graphic design is the key to letting everyone know about your brand. You can use it to inform consumers, build a connection with them that will eventually lead them down the sales funnel—all these and more for less. 

Businesses use unlimited graphic design services in these ways: 


1. Branding 

Brand identity is one of the essential requirements a business must have. It can’t go on and aim for success without a logo that’s effective and recognizable. An unlimited graphic design service allows you to have all your business’s brand identity assets created. 


2. Website Design 


Businesses are compelled to have a website because of the many benefits one provides. From making your presence felt to a way of selling your products, a website is no longer an option but a requirement. And good design comes hand in hand with your website, as 75% of consumers will see credibility in a well-designed website. 


3. Advertising Materials 

Facebook, Google, and many other channels to advertise your company need ads that will make you stand out. An unlimited graphic design service assures you that you can have your fill of these ads without having to shell out a considerable amount of money. You won’t have to pay per project as the service can provide you with as many ads as you need. 


4. Packaging Design 

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When your business has one or more products to offer, you’ll need a constant provider of packaging designs. This will make your brand stand out as well as create interest for your products when you regularly update your products’ looks. 


5. eBooks

There are many reasons to publish an eBook for your business. One advantage is that it can help inform your customers about your brand that will build a solid connection with them. Designing an eBook can be a complicated task, but when you have an unlimited service with unlimited revisions, you can get the design you want for less. 


For Agencies 

Design Doctor has worked with a multitude of agencies, and we know from experience that we have made their lives easier. They turn to unlimited graphic design services to help ease the workload and to have the smaller tasks taken care of. That’s how we came to be known to agencies as their assistants. 

Here are some examples of what we do for them: 


6. Photo Editing 

Unlimited graphic design service will take care of photo editing work so agencies can just place the images on their designs. This helps cut their work time by half. 


7. Banner Ads 

Landing pages, banner ads, and other similar designs can help ease an agency’s workload by delegating them to unlimited graphic design services. 


8. Illustrations 

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Illustrations can take a long time to create, and agencies use unlimited service to have them made. They can focus on their work and get the illustrations within the set time. 


9. Magazine/Newspaper Layouts 

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Agencies use unlimited graphic design to design magazine and newspaper layouts. This way, they can focus on providing more substantial content and have the service take care of composing the overall design. 


10. UX/UI 

Design agencies can work on a website and have an unlimited graphic design service to handle the UX/UI design. The unlimited feature, whether design or revision, allows them to see what works with their customers and what doesn’t. 


For Amazon Merch Sellers 

Selling on Amazon Merch requires you to have a plethora of designs so that customers have plenty to choose from. Plus, a wide array of design choices can translate to more sales. An unlimited graphic design service allows Merch sellers to have an infinite source of designs. 


11. T-Shirt 

shirt rack

One of the most popular items to sell on Amazon is the trusty t-shirt. And an unlimited graphic design service can come up with designs to suit every taste and genre.


12. Mugs and Other Merchandise 

There are many items, such as mugs, hoodies, leggings, and many others, that you can sell online. An unlimited graphic design service can produce designs for you for any platform that you wish to sell on. 


For Marketers 

Marketing wouldn’t be as impactful without graphic design. Thus, marketers need a constant supply of marketing materials. These are the most common design requests we get from marketers: 


13. Social Media Graphics 

From Instagram posts to YouTube to Twitch banner designs, we have created them for many of our marketer clients. 


14. Email Marketing 

For an email campaign to be effective, it has to be opened and read by the recipients. An unlimited graphic design service assures you that you can have any email you want without having to spend for each design. 


15. Newsletters 

Marketers always need to reach out to former customers and prospects. A newsletter is an excellent way to go about it, and for it to be noticed, it has to have a great design on it. 

16. Outdoor Advertising 

It takes careful planning to create outdoor advertising that works. We help marketers get the very best by providing them with outdoor advertising that gets noticed. 


17. Catalogs and Brochures 

To explain their services and products better, most marketers use brochures, catalogs, and many other materials. An unlimited graphic design service can help them by creating designs that capture their audience’s attention. 


Other Uses 

There are many other ways that Design Doctor’s clients use our service. Here are a few of them: 


18. Album Covers 

We have designed album covers for some of our clients. This may be a rare one, but we can assure you that there is no design request that we will turn down. Our team of graphic designers is versatile and knowledgeable in their field. 

19. Book Covers/Layouts 


For authors and writers, an unlimited graphic design service can help them get book covers and layouts—all for a flat monthly rate. 


20. Certificates/Awards 

Designing a certificate or award needs special attention for them to look professional. You wouldn’t want DIY them as it would look unconvincing. Along with other graphic designs, these are some of our clients’ requests.

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