10 Ways Graphic Design Can Boost Your Marketing

The primary goal of a marketing strategy is to increase sales. Entrepreneurs have these to consider: a-one-in-a-million chance to grab your audience’s attention and to make your brand stand out from the competition. The best and probably the easiest way to do these is to use graphic design marketing.

If you already have a marketing strategy in place, but you feel that it is lacking, read on to learn how you can boost it with graphic design marketing. If you’re new to the marketing scenery, this is a good time for you to gather information before you start with your campaigns.


A Few Statistics

FinancesOnline states that at least 60.8% of marketers believe that visual assets are indispensable factors that contribute to successful marketing. It also says that 60% of people remember information they read even after three days if the message contains visual graphics. CMO Council states that a well-communicated brand story is one that uses images, illustrations, videos, and other similar assets.

Now put them all together, and you’ll quickly understand why graphic design is imperative in your marketing strategies. In a 2016 Adobe study, it was proven that for every 2,000 business cards that were passed out, a 2.5% increase in revenues was seen. With almost 80% of digital marketers using visuals in more than 50% of their content, isn’t it high time you do so as well?


10 Ways to Boost Your Marketing with Graphic Design

Here are ten ways you can use graphic design to boost your marketing efforts:


1. Article Marketing  

Article marketing is when businesses write articles and place them in strategic websites all over the internet. These articles should be about topics that are relevant in your field of industry. You can send them to news outlets, PR firms, forums, or article submission sites.

Add visuals to the articles you write to make them more engaging. Venngage says that the use of original graphics can up the engagement level by up to 40%.


2. Catalog Marketing

IKEA advertising

A type of direct marketing to showcase the products and services of a business in a catalog. Contrary to the belief that this is an outdated strategy, catalog marketing is very much relevant today. According to Data & Marketing Association, an estimated 9.8 billion catalogs were mailed to consumers in 2016 alone.

Whether paper or digital catalogs, you will need an excellent graphic designer to create one that can lure consumers into purchasing. Get inspired by this beautiful IKEA online catalog.


3. Behavioral Marketing

An automated type of marketing that gets you insight on how consumers behave is behavioral marketing. The pattern would be:

  • Clicks on an ad
  • Views the website
  • Buys something
  • Shares on social media

When a customer finds your ads appealing, they’ll likely click on it then get redirected to your website. Your graphic design-enhanced site will encourage them to buy from you. The result is a happy customer that shares their experience on social media.


4. Diversity Marketing

dove advertising

Also known as cultural, ethnic, or multicultural marketing, this type focuses on the diversity of the target market. Customizing your campaigns can help you increase sales as consumers will feel targeted and valued. Dove capitalizes on providing good skin for all skin types and colors, thus their Real Beauty campaign.


5. Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is the type of marketing wherein you promote brand identity instead of a product or service. The rationale here is that communicating your values has more impact over your wares. It is built on the belief that this will be more encouraging to customer awareness, trust, and loyalty.

Graphic design is probably more essential in this marketing type as you are selling the brand itself. More than your products, you have to look extremely good in your marketing productions.


6. Buzz Marketing 

apple advertising

A type of marketing that involves drama, speculation, and anticipation. A great graphic designer can create ads or social media posts that can build excitement and have fans and customers holding their breaths. A good example of this is this Apple ad that is almost blank but makes you eagerly await what happens next.


7. Outdoor Marketing 

spotify advertising

Take your marketing strategies outdoor with billboards, vehicle wraps, custom stickers, street furniture, and many others. According to Forbes, out-of-home advertising is expected to grow by as much as 16% this year, proof enough that outdoor marketing works. This billboard from Spotify is an excellent example of exceptional graphic design.


8. Brick-and-Mortar Marketing

Your physical store requires marketing, as well. Dressing up your shop can mean a big difference in increasing sales. Redesign your signage, hang eye-catching posters, give out brilliant flyers, rent that billboard, or send that stunning email newsletter. 

You can also design unique point-of-sales materials to make your products stand out from the shelf. If you’re an online store, a website overhaul can make it more appealing to shoppers.


9. Mobile Marketing 

Mobile subscription has increased throughout the years to reach the 8.3 billion mark in 2019 as compared to 2018’s 7.9 billion. This is the reason many companies target their audience through this channel. Their market is on the go, furthering the need for responsive design.

With little space to work on, graphic designers must be creative enough to produce ads and marketing materials that fit a variety of devices. Your ads or website must be clear whatever size they are viewed on.


10. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

As the name suggests, this marketing type is when a happy customer shares their buying experience with friends and family. This is the best and cheapest way to promote your brand as you won’t be doing anything, just let your customers do all the work. Great products or services are sure to get customers talking, but graphic design marketing can push it even more.

When you create social media posts that your customers like, they won’t hesitate to share them. Ideally, your post should contain great visuals to boost sharing and increase engagement.


Final Thoughts

Graphic design marketing opens up a lot of opportunities to widen your reach and gain more customers. If you still aren’t using graphic design in your strategies, now’s the best time to do it. Design Doctor can help you boost your marketing with high-quality graphic design that’s affordable and accessible.

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