Here’s How the Best Graphic Designers Made It Big

Entrepreneurs who understand the power of branding and aesthetics understand that the talents of a graphic designer are essential to business. That’s the secret to having a strong marketing strategy—skillful graphic designers. This could well be the reason that the job outlook for them is growing and is projected to continue to do so in the future.

For graphic designers, learning from the successes and failures of other designers can definitely help you get a heads-up. We found five of the best graphic designers around so we can see how they made it big. We can learn from their mistakes, gain knowledge from their experiences, and take inspiration.


How Graphic Designers Succeed

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The best graphic designers aren’t those who just know how to draw or design. There’s more to it than that; it takes an in-depth understanding of the elements of design. Graphic designers must understand their clients and many other skills that some people take for granted and assume that they don’t have to learn those skills.

If you want to succeed in the design industry, here are the traits the best graphic designers have that you must acquire:


Be Inspired

As they say, the world is your oyster. It can also serve as your greatest source of inspiration. Some of the best graphic designers in the industry are those that come up with the most unique ideas there is. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be inspired.

The World Wide Web abounds with creative sources that you can get inspiration from. The most important thing is that you don’t copy them. Be uniquely you to make yourself stand out from the crowd.


Be Aware of the Latest Trends

We now live in a fast-paced world that everything, even visual content, is ever-changing. Don’t let yourself be left behind. Staying current is a wise move that you should always aspire for.

Being aware of what’s new doesn’t mean that you lose yourself while you’re at it. Always leave a trademark of your talent in all that you do. Learning to adapt the trends to your client’s needs is what will set you apart.


Get Awesome Software Skills

Knowing well the fundamentals of design is a great bedrock upon which to build your graphic design career. All the rest will follow once you master those skills. But for you to be able to use those skills, you also must know how to apply them.

Learning the latest in graphic design software can do wonders for your career. A lot of people call themselves designers just because they know how to edit photos without really having an ounce of talent. And as the saying goes, it’s not in the arrow, it’s in the archer.


Strive for Visual Harmony

The most brilliant graphic design works have one thing in common—visual harmony. An artwork that has smooth, continual flow, order, compatibility, and completeness is a visually appealing one. The best graphic designers create masterpieces that are well-designed, concise, clear, and elicit a good experience for the viewers.

A good grasp of hierarchy in content, emphasizing what matters, choosing the best colors and fonts, and many others will give you visual harmony and fluidity. A truly valuable trait to acquire.


Continuously Learn

Even if you’ve been in the business for many years already, you should always strive to gain new knowledge. The learning process should not end in college or training. Always, always learn something new. From photography to UX design, never get tired of doing some research or asking questions. To quote Michelangelo at age 87, I am still learning.


Famous Graphic Designers


Chip Kidd

jurassic park designer

Famous for his book cover designs, Chip Kidd is an American graphic designer, editor, author, lecturer, and musician. Chip’s most consistent characteristic style is that his designs don’t have that signature look. He firmly believes that the simplest and effective solutions aren’t dictated by style.


David Carson

david carson artist

David Carson is famous for his experimental use of typography and layout in his innovative magazine designs. In his capacity as the art director of the magazine, Ray Gun, he used “grunge typography” in most of the issues. His style has been defined by the dirty type and alternative photographic techniques commonly seen in his magazines.


Rob Janoff 

apple logo designer

An icon in the design industry himself, Rob Janoff is the designer of the iconic Apple logo. Rob has designed some of the most popular logos in the world earning him the title, “International Logo Designer.” From IBM, FedEx, CBS to Intel, his works span decades, industries, and nations.


Stefan Sagmeister

stefan music logo designer

An Austrian graphic designer based in New York City, Stefan Sagmeister is known for his extensive experience in designing for the music industry. He has designed album covers for musicians such as The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Pat Metheny, OK Go, David Byrne, and Jay Z. 


Carolyn Davidson

nike logo designer

Fondly called “The Mother of the Nike Swoosh,” Carolyn Davidson designed the Nike logo that is widely known the world over. Carolyn designed the logo while still studying graphic design and was paid a mere sum of $35. She has since retired from the graphic design industry in 2000.


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