10 Reasons On How A Subscription Design Service Can Help Your Business

Today, subscription design services are the new hip thing in the graphic design industry. For the longest time, businesses used to rely on the one-time payment service model. And right now businesses are realizing that there are more advantages in billing customers on a recurring basis as opposed to the “pay once, use forever” model. For starters, using a subscription model can ensure higher revenues and sustainable growth. This makes scaling your business easier and quicker. This is especially true with the graphics industry. How you ask? Well here are 10 reasons on how a subscription design service can help your business:


1. Maintaining the same graphic designer for all your customer’s projects

Clients are tired of having different graphic designers for each project. There’s a possibility the client might forget the designer’s name or website. The client may even lose the number, or worst of all — could be oblivious that both of them aren’t a good fit. 

With a subscription design service model, you can easily maintain the same graphic designer for all your client’s projects. 

Since you are now developing a long term relationship with a specific customer, another bonus factor also for your business is that your designers will already be familiar with what the client wants and needs. This maximizes efficiency and productivity by maintaining open and clear communication due to a deeper sense of understanding between one another. 

Once a good relationship develops, this, in turn, will lead to loyalty. And loyalty means customer retention – which ultimately results in increased profits. 


2. Designs will maintain consistency

Everyone knows that each artist is different in a magnitude of ways. This becomes a problem for businesses with multiple graphic designers handling multiple projects. All businesses have a primary goal of creating a specific branding and reputation. Hence, they need to maintain consistency with their advertisements, product designs, and overall output. 

In turn, that specific graphic designer will be more familiar with the elements, personalities, and faces of your brand. This makes it extremely easy for designers to construct and supply the ideal designs for the client. This does not only ensure consistency, but the quality of the final output will reach both parties’ expectations. 


3. It will attract more customers!

It is just plain simple human psychology that they prefer to purchase something bit by bit than to pay huge upfront costs. People usually try to delay paying as much as possible. The higher the price barrier, the harder it is to purchase the said product in the first place. 

With a subscription design service model, it will successfully lower the price barrier. Therefore, creating a larger potential market. Though they will pay more in the long term, in return, they can gain access to the service immediately. 


4. Easy forecast of revenues

The main difference between the pay-once model is it is more quota driven. Because of its higher price barrier, it is harder to sell – making income generation hard to forecast each month. One bad month can set the business back and make it hard to pay back the investment. While one good month can push the business forward. 

With a subscription design service model, you can easily monitor your revenues from the recurring payments every month since the amount of income is already decided upon the initial sale. 


5. Unlocking more opportunities via cross-selling

Because of the existing bond and mutual understanding between business and client, existing customers will be more susceptible to other complementary package services. Because of the existing relationship, upselling will become easier since customers are already comfortable and receptive to any additional products you can provide. 

Since clients can see their monthly expenses consistently due to the subscription system, it will be easier for them to realize any advantages from any promo packages you may provide. They can also clearly see how add-ons can make their life easier and achieve their goals more efficiently. 


6. Easier concept of understanding

Usually with pay-once models, there is a free trial. The problem is, even with a free trial, the price barrier can still be a deterrent for a successful purchase. With a subscription design service model, it is easier. This is because, in subscription models, you offer the exact same product for free for the first month. That is the main difference between the pay-once model and its counterpart. Since the pay-once model usually holds back vital parts of the product during the free trial, it’s less favorable a potential client. 


7. Engagement aspect

Since the subscription design service model has a limit, customers tend to be more engaged with the company to maximize what they are paying for. Clients using subscription models are more engaged with the business as compared to those who paid a one-time fee. That’s because they are complacent that they can go back any time they want. 


8. Control aspect

The customer will have a stronger sense of control with the services available in a subscription design service model. This allows the customer to have total control in dictating the type of experience and service he wishes to have.


9. Convenience aspect

One of the best things about the subscription service model is the ability to cancel or renew a subscription anytime. If a customer no longer needs to use a specific service as of the moment, he can cancel his subscription and re-subscribe once the need arises. As compared to paying a large lump sum fee, this method is cheaper. Also, with the additional “autopilot” renewal system, customers no longer have to manually subscribe to access any design service.


10. Minimizing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

With the pay-once model, it is easier to measure customer acquisition costs because of its set rate.  With the subscription model on the other hand, though harder – it is more fruitful. By rewriting what we currently know of employee retention, the subscription model has better flexibility in terms of creating potential life-long customers in shorter periods of time. 


Who are the ones who need to use this service?

web developers discussing

The ideal answer would be everyone! But this type of service model really caters to those who are on a tight budget. Or those really looking to cash in on their investments. As mentioned, this service model still has a few drawbacks. Ultimately though, it is still a very efficient solution to maximize the benefits of both the client and designer. 


Why should you choose Design Doctor?

It’s affordable, accessible, and passionate in its mission to make graphic design accessible. With Design Doctor, you are able to access a hands-on graphic design platform that lets you work directly with a graphic designer. 

With Design Doctor, you can submit an unlimited number of designs you want to be created and they will handle the rest. By using a monthly subscription model, you can monitor your monthly expenses on the get-go. Say goodbye to surprises, questionable invoices, and hidden fees!

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