Cute Sticker Ideas For Your Custom Laptop Case

Laptop cases are usually designed with plain colors and it doesn’t have many embellishments into it. In other words, it’s bare and is only adorned with the brand logo. For some, it’s fine but for those who are artsy and want something unique, it’s never enough. However, there are ways on how to make those laptops better looking. Check these cute sticker ideas for your custom laptop case. 


Happiest Castle on Earth (Rainbow Explosion) Laptop Skin by SandiTyche 

castle laptop sticker design

The first on this list belongs to the happiest place on Earth — Disneyland. If you look closely, the iconic castle is formed by positioning different characters from the Disney world. You can see Belle, Beast, Peter Pan, Prince Charming, Ariel, Tinker Bell, Bambi, Mike (Monsters Inc.), and more!

The characters in the design were colored in a gradient of pastel hues. You’ll love the design more as the color is popping right out of the black background.


Princess Magical Castle Orlando Laptop Skin by Tachadesigns 

castle laptop sticker design

Here’s another laptop sticker inspired by the Disney castle. The difference between this design and the Happiest Castle on Earth (Rainbow Explosion) is that this one’s using the watercolor approach. The added glitters at the back of the castle make the design similar to the iconic castle as witnessed in several motion pictures. There are a lot of splatters at the drawing but it has been evened out with more shadows and dark edges. The stars and flares visible at the illustration make the design more magical. 


Please Keep Our Sea Plastic Free – Marine Animals Laptop Skin by Bangtees

environment laptop sticker design

This sticker shows the simple use of color and doodles. Despite its simplicity, the sticker holds a very important message. The use of different font styles and sizes makes the design more playful and creative. I love how the artist was able to put up doodles on marine animals like the sea turtle, sea lion, and the fish. Drawing the bubbles and some curvy lines at the bottom makes the whole illustration more alive and closer to life at the ocean.


No Planet B Laptop Skin by Yanmos

preservation laptop sticker design

This design is another way of presenting another message with the creative use of typography. This cute laptop sticker is also using two primary colors — orange and navy green. The emphasis is given on the word “no” to make the message and design bolder. Also, the illustration of the bottle made up of little bottles is a huge reminder of the world’s battle against plastic usage. 

This sticker will make you realize to show your passion and calling to the world through your laptop. 


Hortensia Laptop Skin by Irtsya

flower laptop sticker design

Apart from using typography and text-based design, you can also play with patterns. The cute laptop sticker named Hortensia by Irtsya is a perfect example of the nature-based pattern. The use of pastel colors into the flowers and leaves amidst a light blue have given off some vintage vibe. 


Cats and Coffee Laptop Skin Designed by Lightfield

cat coffee laptop sticker design

If you love coffee and cats then this minimalist design is perfect for you. The design is super simple and this cute doodle will surely make your day. The illustration of the cat becomes more alive with the use of blue eyes and pink inner ears and nose. 

Don’t forget that your simple doodle might be one of the best cute sticker ideas you can apply to your next creative pursuit. 


Hanging Plant Laptop Stickers by Stickers4dotcom

plants laptop sticker design

Plant lovers will surely love this kind of laptop sticker. The Hanging Plant is a very creative way of showing your love for nature. The use of ropes as if the plants were hanged on the laptop is such a fun way to add more essence to your laptop. The illustration of the plants is top-notched too. 


Cat Decal by GlitterSips

cute laptop sticker design

Another way to add up more life to your mundane laptop is by putting an illustration like this. Even though the design is very simple and minimalistic, the drawing is quirky. It would have been livelier if the color is vibrant. However, this is well enough for those who are big fans of dark hues.


Dream catcher by Decal Girl  

dreamcatcher laptop sticker design

Nothing is dreamier than the use of a dream catcher to your laptop. The illustration is outstanding. The artist’s rendition of the dream catcher is quite realistic. The colors used on the drawing are perfect as well. There’s also a sense of balance on the top and bottom part of the design. Cute sticker ideas don’t really need a lot of elements on the design ⁠— think of this dream catcher for your next project.


Black Marble by Decal Girl

simple laptop sticker design

If you love abstract patterns, this black marble laptop sticker by Decal Girl is a good example. At a glance, you can see that the marble pattern looks like a spider web. The blend of black and white hues are great enough to accent that dull laptop color. 


Pineapple Farm by Decal Girl

fruity laptop sticker design

Remember the Dream Catcher sticker? This one’s pretty much the same, except that illustration of the pineapple has been repeated, making it a pattern. The inverted color image of the pineapple makes it perkier and the pastel hues at the background have added more support to it. This one’s a perfect tropical sticker. 


Paris Makes Me Happy by Decal Girl 

paris laptop sticker design

Everyone dreams about Paris, well, if not everyone, most girls are. People usually attribute Paris to vintage and classy vibe and this sticker is a good fit for that desire. The illustration is a perfect drawing and it’s like being pulled off from a book. I couldn’t agree with the text on the sticker ⁠— Paris makes me happy. Amongst all the designs listed in this article, this sticker design has probably the most elements. It is not something distracting to the eyes for it paints us what a typical Paris street looks like. In simple terms, there’s a story behind it. 


Wrap Up

These are just some cute sticker ideas for your custom laptop case. Remember, you can use draw different elements and group them together. If not, you can draw an individual element but make it pop out and more alive by using colors and textures. Also, think of using different sizes and placement for your next sticker design. If designing isn’t your forte or if you don’t have time in doing so, you can contact the graphic design experts at Design Doctor to do it professionally for you. 

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