19 Award-Winning Ecommerce Website Examples

Ecommerce is an ever-growing industry. Even the retail giants who used to offer their products offline are creating their own eCommerce websites to gain more profit. But you see, these websites are more complex than traditional ones. You have to consider a lot of things to make it effective and not to mention efficient. And if you want to know how it’s done then this post is for you. We have a list of the best eCommerce website examples below.

But before we dive into our list, we will share with you how to create award-winning websites for eCommerce. While we don’t expect you to create your own, it’s good to know what to look for an eCommerce site. That way, you can gauge if yours can survive and thrive in the competitive world of eCommerce. 


Elements in Award-Winning Websites 


Amazing Layout and Photos 

Layout plays a huge role in eCommerce sites. Try to imagine yourself in a physical retail store where the products are in total chaos. It could be hard to find what you are looking for, and you are likely to leave the store empty-handed, right? A store owner needs to organize products, place labels, and even add prices as these can greatly help in the consumer’s buying decision. 

The same principle applies to eCommerce websites. You have to think of the perfect layout that fits your products and market. It shouldn’t be just a beautiful online page to look at. For eCommerce award-winning websites, your photos must be outstanding. Apart from that, you need to arrange your products so that your customers can easily scrutinize what you are selling. Like offline stores, you need to make it clean yet creative enough to make them stay. 


Interactive and Valuable Features 

Speaking of being creative, some of the best eCommerce websites have added interactive features that make it more appealing to online consumers. For example, there are a few websites using augmented reality so you can see if a product fits your needs. Have you seen IKEA’s app where you can take an actual photo of your home while you try their furniture?  Another feature that has been quite successful is used by clothing online stores where photos of the products are in 3D. This gives you a clearer image of what your wardrobe will look like. 


Great Product Description 

Your product description must be targeted to the right audience. That is why it is essential that you know what language to use. Don’t forget to write the benefits and not just the features. Tell them what improvements they could get from your products. You can also use bullet-type product descriptions so they wouldn’t look too text-heavy. 

We encourage you to get the services of professional writers if you are not used to creating product descriptions. They are familiar with the right words and how to win your audience.     


Safe and Secure Payment Process 

And lastly, good eCommerce sites have safe and secure payment channels. This is a non-negotiable factor considering the number of cybercrimes reported every single day. Always work with experts if you plan to build your own eCommerce website. This is so they can provide you recommendations on what tools to use to strengthen your site’s security.   


Best Ecommerce Website Examples

Below are 19 of the best eCommerce sites based on different standards and criteria. You might want to get inspiration from these e-commerce examples and be profitable in the long run. 


1. Moreporks 

ecommerce site example

This eCommerce website is the epitome of ‘less is more’. It’s very organized, clean, and you can easily see the product offerings. They also added measurements feature so that their customers can avoid ordering the wrong size, which of course happens often when you buy online. If you are just starting up, then this can be your inspiration.  



ecommerce site example

One of the best eCommerce website examples is from BRAVEN. We really commend their choice of photos and words. It’s concise yet captivating enough to try out their products. You would instantly understand that their products are good for outdoor adventures. They also added videos to their eCommerce site, which makes it more engaging. If you go to their shop, it’s easy to find what you need. It’s perfectly categorized based on your gadget. 


3. Malai 

ecommerce site example

How can you say no to their ice cream with all those delicious photos on their eCommerce site? The colors are perfect and browsing through every page is quite enjoyable. The options on how you can get their products are clear as well.



ecommerce site example

What we love about HELIAS’ website is that it clearly defines what you can get from each of their essential oils. Say, for example, one product is for improving sleep, another one is to get energized. You can easily pick what you need without browsing a lot.  


5. Milk Makeup 

ecommerce site example

If you are looking for healthy cosmetic products, then you would definitely love Milk Makeup’s website. Since they take pride in using natural ingredients, they made use of photos depicting it. As for their regular visitors, a New Arrival section is also on the home page. The call-to-action button is placed strategically as well. 


6. Google Nest Wifi 

ecommerce site example

You can expect nothing less from a Google store. It takes the minimalist approach which most people are now into. You get to see how the product works and it has easy to understand language. If you want to get more customers, this is the direction you should choose. You see, at times you don’t have to be too creative. Being straightforward can actually work too. Again, this depends on your product and your market.  



ecommerce site example

One of the award-winning websites in the list is by YALA. A lot of experts would agree that this eCommerce website is truly heaven. It’s pleasant to the eyes, the typography hits the spot, and you can instantly find what you need. And to make their website more effective, they also added client testimonials.  


8. Myntra 

ecommerce site example

As of this writing, there is an upcoming sale in approximately 5 hours! And who can resist discounted items, right? Myntra is actually smart for putting a unique feature like that. They also placed all their amazing promos where people can easily see it. Let’s not forget the quality of the photos they use. They are indeed promoting a lifestyle and not just clothing.


9. New Chapter

ecommerce site example

Upon opening New Chapter’s website, you can already see the company’s Top Picks. That can already kickstart your online shopping journey. Aside from that, the use of bigger font helps customers search for what they need. The company also offers discounts if you subscribe to their newsletter. Now, that’s a great tactic to get more customers.   


10. Verge Girl 

ecommerce site example

We’ve also included Verge Girl in our list of the best eCommerce website examples for a number of reasons. Like all the eCommerce sites we listed here, Verge Girl has a great layout. It’s really what a stylish young woman would look for. They also included their social media pages so that more people can see what they are offering. 


11. Pure Cycles

ecommerce site example

If you are looking for the best bike and bike accessories, you will truly appreciate Pure Cycles. Here’s another one of the most outstanding eCommerce sites where you can get inspiration from. Under their product images, you can already see the available colors to choose from. It’s a simple yet very effective technique.   


12. WP Standard 

ecommerce site example

WP Standard has already cool products, to begin with. But of course, using good photos can always help. Their style of photography focuses on the product itself so a face behind the brand isn’t really necessary. Apparently, that’s what they also used in this eCommerce site


13. Hebe 

ecommerce site example

Hebe is one of the eCommerce sites that offer different brands. You can just imagine how hard it is to organize such a business. But Hebe did an awesome job. They have categorized their products according to use and of course, according to brands. This makes it easier for customers to search what they are looking for.  


14. Tabitha Simmons 

ecommerce site example

This is probably one of the riskiest eCommerce website examples we have in the list. The layout is pretty much artistic and that alone is already captivating. The use of strong images sends a message of how passionate the company is. 


15. Rebel 8 

ecommerce site example

When we think of the word ‘rebel’, you already have that expectation of what to see. Rebel 8 did not disappoint. But what we like about Rebel 8 is that while the images used are ‘rebellious’ by common standards, the layout itself is clean. They also created a separate size chart and it lessens the customer’s worries when buying online.  


16. Ryder 

ecommerce site example

You can never go wrong with amazing photos and Ryder has taken the same path. Their photos, in our opinion, are very realistic. It’s not too high fashion and that makes their website more relatable to a huge market. They portray a relaxed vibe which most people would generally like to achieve. The layout is clear, the speed is fast, and you can get what you need in just minutes. 


17. Esqido 

ecommerce site example

Another beautiful eCommerce website we have here is by Esqido. The customized photos are perfect for the brand and its market. Apart from that, you can actually convert the prices to your local currency. This technique is recommended if you cater to the global market.



ecommerce site example

If you want to have playful eCommerce sites, then POKETO can give you some amazing ideas. Just a warning though, you have to balance everything if this is the direction you want to take. No one wants a chaotic website.   


19. Muroexe

ecommerce site example

Remember what we said about how physical stores should arrange their products so they’re neat and organized? Muroexe has done it on their website. In addition, their choice of words in the product description are good as well. It’s perfect for those who love the basics but with quality.    



Being a part of the award-winning websites can definitely catapult your sales. Getting awards simply means your website has included all the essential elements to win the market and to rank in search engines. But you have to remember, building eCommerce sites isn’t easy. It takes a lot of understanding to create a website that is profitable. 

Our advice is that you work with professional and experienced web designers and developers. While the eCommerce website examples in this post are helpful, you might be in an industry that entails a different approach. Thus, an expert opinion is recommended. 

Speaking of designers, Design Doctor can help you. Perhaps, you can tap them and work on your website images. After all, your photos are the lifeblood of your eCommerce business.

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