Top Healthcare Design Agencies to Watch in 2020

Modern tech and the info superhighway have given consumers more control over their health. Because of this, more and more ventures are seeking the help of healthcare design firms to better reach out to their audience. In this article, we’ll discuss the value of effective ad graphic design in the healthcare trade. We’ll also take a look at the top healthcare design agencies that can help grow your client list in 2020.


Why You Need a Healthcare Branding Agency

Gone are the days when people would go to a local clinic for their health woes and concerns. Nowadays, healthcare trade has become more specific than ever before. Due to this, having the right campaign strategy is imperative to business growth.  

Often, being good at what you do isn’t enough; you also have to express it well to prospects. A medical communications agency can help you deal with publicity while you focus on the business process. Moreover, many trusted healthcare consulting firms have vast background and knowledge in what they do, putting you in good hands.

Here are some of the marketing aspects a healthcare design consultant or agency would focus on:


Brand Identity

First and probably most crucial of all, having a strong identity can help you stand out from your rivals. Basic branding materials such as custom logo design and strong healthcare ads are vital in telling prospects who you are and what you stand for.


Strategic Positioning

Aside from identity, a branding firm can help you find your positioning in the market. This process is done by analyzing your offers, vis-a-vis that of your rivals. With ample research, you can better plan your branding to appeal to your target market.


Going Digital 

Last but not least, going digital is the name of the game if you want to win big these days. Aside from online presence through a website, social media presence is also a must. To add to that, proper regard must also be given to web graphics, online reviews, and email promos.


10 Top Healthcare Design Agencies 

Here are some of the top healthcare advertising agencies that have released great campaigns in the past. 


1. Duncan Channon

healthcare graphic design

Whether you’re a new brand about to launch, or a current venture planning to relaunch, this firm promises distinct positioning. Indeed, this four-time Ad Age Small Agency of the Year offers fresh ideas and clean execution. 

One of the healthcare advertising examples from this firm is a campaign they did for Because the ads were meant to raise awareness about vape-use among the youth, the candy-colored filter ads perfectly fit. 


2. ThreeSixtyEight

healthcare graphic design

This South-based firm handled a campaign for Ochsner Health System, including its branding, UXP, and virtual and augmented reality. They created and launched an InnovationHub, which is a modern, out-of-clinic brand activation. The firm built a 3D body tech that allowed users to see through layers of skin, organs, and bones.


3. REQ

healthcare graphic design

Aside from branding, media, and PR, REQ also handles reputation control, which can be a crucial matter for many healthcare ventures. One of the healthcare campaigns they’ve done is the PhRMA Partnership for Prescription Assistance. They handled website design and development for this project, as well as mobile app design and SEO. 


4. Alaniz

healthcare graphic design

This firm, based in Novato, CA, offers services related to branding, PR, and web dev. One of the firm’s previous works as a campaign for Rainier Clinical Research Center. They developed a new website for the research center and handled its ads and online promo. The result is a clean website that steps up the brand’s image.


5. Kick

healthcare graphic design

Kick promises brand development that makes a venture stand out from the rest. Accordingly, they make it a point to put the brand heart at the forefront to guide the story, tagline, assets, and other elements. The venture has been working with Becton Dickinson for its national product launches, safety campaigns, and other marketing efforts.


6. Forge

healthcare graphic design

Forge focuses on branding, ads, and strategies custom-made for a client’s goals. One of the healthcare clients that they’ve handled is the Center for Nutrition Studies, which promotes a wholefood, plant-based lifestyle. They came up with an integrated media strategy that featured messages aiming to appeal to various audience segments.


7. Activate Health

healthcare graphic design

Activate Health, with offices in Phoenix and Nashville, prides itself as one of the country’s leading healthcare ad firms. They have worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. The firm developed a campaign to promote its new Medicare Part D product. The campaign also focused on helping clients make an informed decision when choosing a plan package.


8. Mentus

healthcare graphic design

Instead of using the term marketing or ad firm, Mentus calls itself a creative firm. They previously handled the rebranding of Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals. The rebrand focused on giving the brand a fresher image to fit its drug delivery platform and unique products.


9. Palmer

healthcare graphic design

The Palmer Ad Agency team has offices in San Francisco and Stockholm. One of the firm’s projects was the Health Plan of San Joaquin, a Medi-Cal health care org that provides health services to San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties in CA. The deliverables included billboards, eco posters, bus signage, brochures, and online and radio ads.


10. Sensis

healthcare graphic design

Sensis describes itself as a “cross-cultural marketing agency driving behavior change.” They earlier launched the City of Los Angeles Anti-Vape integrated campaign called Disobey Vape, which aims to keep teens from nicotine. Fittingly, the visuals used were educational but creative at the same time.

In addition to their general offerings, they also have a branch called Sensis Health. It centers on branding specific for healthcare firms aiming to reach diverse patients as well as their providers and caregivers. They offer services such as healthcare marketing plan, execution, and patient journey mapping. 


Graphic Services for Your Healthcare Campaigns

If you need compelling healthcare graphic design, Design Doctor can help. Offering unlimited design at a flat monthly rate, you can have all the marketing materials you need at a fixed cost. Design Doctor’s team of experts will be with you on your journey in growing your client base and improving brand recall.    

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