Guarantee A Boost Sales In With Unique Merch Ideas

Whatever business you may be in, merch is always a good way to boost sales and drive more attention to your brand. Whether you’re looking for merch ideas for bands, for artists, or service-oriented ventures, a little creativity can go a long way.  

Cool merch items have one thing in common: they combine functionality with brand identity. For example, designing merch for YouTubers would typically involve using the channel’s logo or banner design on shirts or other casual accessories. 

This article will guide you in understanding why merch is important to a business. We’ll also go over how you can maximize its use to increase publicity and fan loyalty.


Why is Merchandising Important?

Merchandising is important because it takes brand marketing a lot further. Let’s take a look at band merch shirts. These items are notorious for being popular among the music-loving niche. Band shirts usually serve as a memento of a concert or a performance. Fans hold on to it to remind them of how well they enjoyed that event. In fact, a report says music artists generate considerable income from merch, including shirts.  

Aside from keeping their fan spirit alive, it also allows wearers to become active endorsers of the band. People they interact with, or even strangers who run across them on the streets, catch a glimpse of the shirt. In a way, the shirt becomes a free marketing tool for the band. If the shirt design doesn’t spark interest among viewers, fans pay for them anyway so there’s really nothing to lose.


Why is Merch so Expensive?

Merch is so expensive because first of all, you’re not just selling a product. Instead, you’re selling an experience, an idea, or a remembrance of a moment in a buyer’s life. Secondly, some merch graphics don’t display obvious meanings and only another fan would know what it’s about. Merch items offer the feeling of being included in an exclusive club where non-fans are considered outsiders. 


7 Ways to Use Graphic Design on Merch

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Here are seven ways you can use graphic design to create unique merch your community will love.



T-shirts are one of the most common products sold online. Just check Merch by Amazon and you’ll find thousands of designs that cater to various niches and audience segments. When brainstorming with your designer, make sure that the design you choose is something your clients would want to wear. And to do this, it’s essential to go back to your audience’s demographics and psychographic profiles.

Releasing merch ideas for apparel is more than simply putting one’s logo on a plain shirt. Professional designers know how to create graphics that would look good on a shirt. They also know how to place the design correctly on the piece so that it doesn’t look awkward or off.



Caps are another popular merch items that can be easy to sell if designed and executed well. Depending on quality and specs, caps could sell higher than t-shirts. And unlike shirts, they can be worn every day. A cap’s design could range from formal and serious to fun and witty. Whatever design you choose for your merch, be sure that it would be something your audience is comfortable wearing. 



Next on our list of the best merch ideas are stickers. Be it small stationery stickers or bumper stickers and decals, stickers are a great way to drive attention to a brand. Many music artists, vloggers, and online personalities make stickers a part of their merch offerings.

Whatever sticker format you’re going for, make sure that the graphic design is appropriate for that material. For example, not all bumper sticker designs would look good as a decal. Some decal designs, on the other hand, could look cluttered if made into a stationery sticker.



Mugs are a popular choice because of its usefulness. You’ll always have room for another mug, especially if it represents a brand, personality, or event you’re fond of. Many shirt graphic designs translate easily into mug designs. However, it’s still essential to make sure that the design is placed correctly on the material.

There are also mug innovations such as temperature sensors. This material changes the design depending on the temperature of its content. This feature can create an exciting and unique product if coupled with the right graphic design.  



Stationery such as notebooks, writing implements, and other supplies are often used to market B2B services, higher education brands, and motivational speakers. In short, it works for just about any business touching on formality and productivity. Stationery is a great merch type since people are most likely to use it as they do their tasks every day. Proper use of letterheads and other design elements should be applied to create stationery merch that pushes the brand forward.


Button Pins 

Button pins can be a good merch to offer people who could use them for knapsack. Generally, it can work best for the younger audience who would have a use for them. If you’re marketing for a band, however, you might want to produce customized guitar picks for fans who also play. If your venture educates students about healthy cooking, a line of branded kitchen accessories could give your brand a boost.


Business-Specific Items

Many entrepreneurs are stuck on a simple but hard-to-answer question: what merch should I sell? First and foremost, the merch that you should sell should be directly in line with what you’re offering as a brand. What services are you providing and what items could better fit your brand into your clients’ lives? 

Secondly, what items does your audience use on a regular basis? Review your audience’s lifestyle and tailor-fit your merch to that blueprint.


How Good Graphic Design Can Improve Merch

The success of your merch can heavily depend on graphic design. Good design can bring your merch ideas to life and result in unique items your community will appreciate. If you’re looking for professional graphic design, check out Design Doctor’s services. Offering unlimited graphic design for a flat monthly rate, you can have all the materials you need without breaking a sweat.

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