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Best Free Plugins and Themes for an Ecommerce Website

If you’re new to eCommerce, you might face some budget challenges. It can break the bank since you have other expenses to worry about when it comes to your business. However, you don’t have to spend too much on your eCommerce website.

There are free resources that will ease up your expenses. Eventually, once you’ve gained traction, more revenue, and higher website traffic, you can level-up your tools.

In this article, I list down the top ten best free eCommerce website themes and five free plugins.

All themes on the list have previews on a desktop version, while some offer an optimized mobile and responsive version.




1. Brooklyn

Platform: Shopify

ecommerce website

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms. In 2019, more than 800,000 businesses used Shopify as their platform. Due to its popularity, it’s a bonus that they offer free and premium themes for their users. Unfortunately, they offer limited free themes, but they’re excellent nonetheless.

The Brooklyn theme has two preview styles. It’s perfect for either an apparel or food eCommerce website. Both themes have a clean and minimalist design. However, I give plus points for the Playful Brooklyn theme for following a zig-zag flow on their website. Plus, they’ve integrated a landing page on the design, so that you can increase conversion rates.

You’ll most likely tweak the colors, typography, and photos on the theme because the overall design is beautiful.

You can preview the theme here.


2. Minimal

Platform: Shopify

ecommerce website

Just like Brooklyn, Minimal has three different styles. Shopify developed the theme for fashion, furniture, and print merchandise (i.e., notebooks and cards) eCommerce websites.

As the name suggests, minimalism reigns in all styles. As you can see, products take center stage on the homepage. Like the Brooklyn theme, an eCommerce landing page is available. You won’t have to install an extra plugin for a newsletter sign-up since, based on the preview, they included an email newsletter form too, which could increase sales and referrals.

You can preview the Shopify website theme here.


3. Pillow Mart

Platform: WordPress

ecommerce website

If your products are related to sleep (i.e., mattresses and pillows), then the Pillow Mart theme is the best for your eCommerce website. It’s another clean design that follows a zig-zag pattern. Plus, it incorporates asymmetry since it’s one of the most popular graphic design trends in the past few years.

Plus, those who want to revisit the website and purchase more items could register and log in on the site. If you also want to boost your content marketing strategy, a blog page is available on the theme.

Check out the preview of the Pillow Mart theme.


4. Blossom Shop

Platform: WordPress

ecommerce website

The Blossom Shop theme is another clean and free eCommerce theme. It has a slider header image where you can put two hero images on the landing page. It also follows a grid system where you can feature different products on the homepage.

Unlike some of the free themes on this list, you can log in to your Instagram page and link it. This will show off your latest photos on the app. This way, your visitors can also follow you on the social media site.

See if the Blossom Shop website theme is a perfect fit for your eCommerce website here.


5. eCommerce Gem 

Platform: WordPress

ecommerce website

At first glance, the eCommerce Gem theme draws you in because of the copy you can apply to your website. Like the other eCommerce website designs on the list, the theme uses a grid structure, so it’s easy to distinguish different elements on the home page.

When you go to the product page, there’s a clickable Add to Cart button ready if your visitors want to make an immediate purchase. However, they can add it to their wish list if they’re going to come back to your site, which is an excellent way to pull them back in once they’ve considered buying a product.

Get a preview or download the theme here.


6. Custom Printing

Platform: WordPress

ecommerce website

If you’re in the Printing business, you can choose the Custom Printing theme from Website Demos. The themes created from Website Demos can be added with another website plugin on WordPress.

As for the website, you don’t have to worry about an overhaul. The theme is simple enough to add a pop of color and upload photos of your products. Visitors of this site can sign up. Plus, the checkout page is easy to navigate, and your customers won’t abandon their cart.

Here’s a preview of the Custom Printing eCommerce website theme.


7. Home Twenty

Platform: WordPress/WooCommerce

ecommerce website

The Home Twenty theme is versatile because you can use this for any product or business. It’s also another modern and clean website design that you can apply and modify anytime. As you scroll down the website, you can guarantee there won’t be any increase in bounce rates. This will allow your users to visit other pages on the site.

Preview the Home Twenty theme here.


8. Shopper

Platform: WordPress/WooCommerce

ecommerce website

If you want a no-frills and straightforward website, Shopper is the best eCommerce website theme. For one, the home page immediately showcases the website. You won’t have to make a lot of modifications on the site because your customer can quickly check out an item in just a few clicks.

Make Shopper your theme by downloading it here.


9. Boutique

Platform: WordPress/WooCommerce

ecommerce website

If you want to decrease bounce rates, Boutique could be the ideal fit for your eCommerce website. On the homepage, you won’t have to navigate too much, so visitors will have to click on the menu bar and go to the page they want and view more of your products.

Are you planning to integrate marketing strategies on your eCommerce website? A blog page and email subscription form are available so you could increase website traffic.

Take a peek on how your website could look with the Boutique theme.


10. One Product

Platform: WordPress/WooCommerce

ecommerce website

You can have a smooth and seamless experience on the Punte One Product theme on the demo page. It’s a one-page website because when you click the buttons on the menu, it will direct you to the section you clicked on.

Even if there are grids and separators, the website flows naturally.

You may have to download some plugins or include more pages for the cart and services. But still, if you want to eliminate the fuss of your visitors going to one page and another, you should choose this website.

Download the theme here.




1. WooCommerce

Platform: WordPress

Most experts would tell you that WooCommerce is the premier eCommerce plugin out there. It’s a must-have because of its eCommerce integration into WordPress. Through the WooCommerce app, you can install plugins or themes for your eCommerce website. It’s an all-around plugin that you shouldn’t forget to add because you’ll miss out on the eCommerce features that this powerful tool delivers.


  • Flexible and Secure Payment Options (e.g., Paypal, Stripe, Square)
  • Order Management
  • Marketing Integrations


2. SendinBlue

Platform: WordPress

Are you thinking about starting your email marketing campaign? You can install an email marketing software like SendinBlue on your eCommerce website. The software has a free plan if you want to try it out first. If it’s the right fit for you, you can integrate it into your website.

Even on the free plan, you can send emails to 300 contacts a day. This is already a bonus for starters, and you may also see an increase in email newsletter sign-ups once you’ve gained traction.


  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Subscribe Forms
  • Marketing Automation


3. eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress

Platform: WordPress

The eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress will help you organize your products into a catalog. This allows you to feature your products on different pages. You can customize the look of the blocks. This could even increase personalization strategies on your website and pique the interest of your customers.

This tool is excellent to use on your blog page, about us pages, or even FAQ.


  • Currency Converter
  • Listing Templates
  • Drag & Drop Functionality

You may check out their demo product page, so you could see how the blocks look on a website.


4. Free Shipping Bar

Platform: Shopify

Shopify also has plugins (apps) on their platform. Free Shipping Bar is one of the best eCommerce plugins. The plugin is a way to entice more users to purchase on the website. It’s a freemium plugin, but the free plan is already worth it because it includes the essential features that would engage users to buy your products


  • Progressive Messages
  • Targeting
  • Customizable


5. Bulk Image Edit – Image SEO

Platform: Shopify

Here’s another freemium plugin for Shopify users. The Bulk Image Edit – Image SEO will enhance SEO by including an Alt Text. Plus, the plugin can resize your images as a square to fit your theme and optimize photos from PNG to JPG.

It’ll be great to use this because 75% of customers gauge their decision based on the photos you upload.

Additional features include:

  • Revert Image Changes
  • Edit 50 Images (Free plan)
  • 30-day Backup

If you want to redesign your WordPress or Shopify theme, you can check out Design Doctor. This subscription-based design service can provide designs for your website, social media posts, email newsletters, and other marketing collateral. You could get this and more on the Professional plan for only $599/mo. Subscribe now to get professional and high-quality designs for your business.

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