What Goes into High-Converting Landing Page Design

Are you wondering why your online sales are still low considering you already have a landing page? Well, the question should be, is your landing page design effective? A lot of businesses now see the importance of landing pages. But only a few understand what works in this competitive market. 

This is where our tips will be beneficial for you. It’s probably the best time to hire a landing page designer and get high conversions from now on. Just make sure to hire reliable web or graphic designers like the ones from Design Doctor.  

Before everything else, we would like to acknowledge the statistics from TrueList. With their data, we were able to create our own list of effective landing page design elements.


How to Increase Landing Page Conversion 

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Even if you are about to work with a professional web designer, it’s still good to know what needs to be done with your landing page. That way, you can already assess if the new landing page design will work. We prepared a quick checklist for you.  


An Impressive Landing Page Design 

Did you know that your landing page only has 8 seconds to create an impression? And that is why you have to invest in a good yet focused design. 


Great Visuals 

The images you use for your landing page design is important. It needs to have the right quality and can influence your visitor’s decision. While most companies would use stock photos, we discourage that you do the same. If possible, have your own set of photos that can be used on your website. But make sure that these are professionally-made. 


Cohesive Elements 

Remember, you have to be careful when adding different images or elements on your landing page. It has to be focused on one marketing campaign. Promoting a lot of things on a landing page can be confusing to the visitor. Make sure that all your visuals and texts are cohesive and will persuade your potential customer in just one direction. 


Remove Navigation Bars 

Are you using navigation bars on your landing page? If yes, it’s time to remove it. Again, we want your visitors to focus on what you are offering. You want them to click that button and do the next step. Having navigation bars means you’ve probably added non-essential visuals and texts on your page. These are just distractions. 


Mobile Responsiveness 

Speaking of design, don’t forget the mobile responsiveness. To date, only 50% of the landing pages are optimized for mobile devices. This means that your landing page should look perfect in different gadgets, most especially on smartphones. As we all know, people are glued to their portable gadgets and if your landing page design doesn’t look good on smaller screens, expect to lose business. 


Be a Solution Finder 

And how can you be a solution finder? The answer is simple. You must identify what the problem is. 

Now, when you are working with your web designer, you also have to run through the core of your business with him or her. Tell them the following: 

  • What your business is all about 
  • What problems you are solving 
  • The benefits that customers get from your products and services

These things are all essential because that can be your basis for your headline or even your call to action. Here are some good examples of landing page headlines:

  • Your landing page is not giving you sales. We know what’s wrong and we’ll fix it!   
  • Improve your client retention by 35% with our customer service solutions. 
  • Do you want to make your business global? Our leads generation solutions have helped thousands of small businesses. 

Let’s move on to call-to-action or CTA. When you are writing your CTA, longer texts are now more advisable instead of using cookie-cutter versions. Based on studies, longer CTAs are proven to be more effective compared to ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Get This’. It gives the impression that your services or products have higher quality.  


Offer Valuable Freebies 

Who doesn’t want free stuff? This is the reason why business owners are offering freebies on their landing page. Most of them provide free e-books or consultation. These things are what you call lead magnets.

But you have to make sure that your freebies are with great value. Say, for example, you want to create an e-book. You don’t just write content that people can easily found online. You need to spend time doing research and perfecting every single detail about your free e-book. Do you know why? It’s because that can represent your brand. A lousy one creates the impression that your business is not keen on details. A meticulously written e-book, including your personal insights about the industry, tells about your knowledge and quality of work.

For those who offer services, we’ve seen other professionals providing 45 minutes of free consultation online. That’s more than enough to build rapport and to establish good relationships with potential customers.  


Include Client Testimonials 

Another effective technique that you can use for your landing page design is to add client testimonials. It works like word of mouth and more people will be interested to use your products or services. 


Base Your Landing Page Design on Market Research 

You need to make sure that your landing page design is based on actual studies and research. A good web designer will not work on a pure gut feel. They will understand the concepts and the market before creating a landing page design perfect for your business. You can help them conceptualize by providing facts from your market research. These data and numbers can give them the best ideas for your web design. 


Don’t Forget the Speed 

The speed of your landing page is also crucial. Every second counts! The slower the website, the lower your conversion rate will be. This is not just because visitors are impatient. But a slow landing page has been associated with mediocre services or fake websites. 



A well-thought-out web design can change the game for your business. With just simple tweaks you can turn your landing page into a money-making machine. If you are not an expert with landing page designs, then hiring a professional is certainly an investment. The competition in your business will get tougher, and your landing page can make you the industry-leader when done correctly. 

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