Social Media Graphics that Guarantee Engagement in 2020

Do you know how to create effective social media graphics? How can you improve your social media post? Are you encouraging engagement with your current social media content? 

Written words are definitely powerful. Such is also true in social media posts. But text alone is unlikely to be effective given the millions of posts every single day. If you want to make an impact and to foster engagement, it’s time to get visual. 


Tips for Engaging Social Media Graphics in 2020  

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Speaking of visuals, what are the best social media tricks to use this 2020? We have found the most effective techniques and as always, we want to share these with you. 


Identify Your Purpose 

Creating social media graphics is not just about thinking what will look beautiful on your feed. Most, if not everything, must be related to your brand. Now, we are not saying that you have to flood your feed with obvious brand promotions. But you need to understand your business down to its core. 

Say, for example, you are selling a lipstick. What else can you show apart from the product itself? Perhaps, have a series of social media graphics about strong women. Encourage the ladies out there to be bold – like the shade of your lipstick. Or how about an image depicting confidence? 

Think about how you want your audience to feel and use that when creating your visuals. 


Choose the Right Colors 

You also need to pick the right colors. You already know by now how colors can affect your behavior. It can instantly change a person’s perception or feelings. According to Medium, you can use yellow or red if you want to ignite energy. On the other hand, the color blue is helpful if you want to get more trust and show calmness. Purple is ideal if you want to highlight creativity. 

Let’s not forget about contrast which is also important in creating visuals for social media. This is so you can clearly see texts and images. 

Just a quick note. Reliable graphic designers are familiar with color psychology. They don’t just randomly choose colors. Instead, they carefully pick the right elements so they could send the right message to your audience. 


Original Images 

Stock images have made our lives easier. But we don’t recommend it if you want to generate engagement from your social media post. Since stock images have been used by thousands of people and were seen by millions, it would be harder for your visuals to stand out using these. What we suggest is to use your own high-quality photos for your social media graphics. 


Fonts Must Be Readable  

We understand that it can be sometimes tempting to use interesting and unique typefaces or fonts for social media graphics. However, if you want it to be effective, better to keep it simple. Your visitors must be able to read your headline or title in one glance. Otherwise, they will just keep on scrolling. 

And apart from a legibly written headline, the style of the text plays a huge role as well. The right one can trigger the correct emotions. You wouldn’t choose a font normally used for Halloween on a Holiday greeting card, would you? 


Use Visual Hierarchy 

One must also take into consideration the visual hierarchy. Since your graphic designer might use multiple elements in your social media post, he or she must know the message you want to highlight. That’s how he or she can position the images and different texts in one cohesive social media graphic. 


Size of Your Social Media Graphics  

The size of your visuals is also crucial. If you must know, each social media platform has different suggested image sizes. Here’s a quick guide to help you. 

  • Facebook Shared Images: 1,200 x 630 pixels 
  • Image Tweets: 600 x 335 pixels 
  • Instagram Images: 1080 x 1080 pixels 
  • Instagram Stories: 1080 x 1920 pixels 

If you are going to work on your own visual, make sure that you are aware of this. Otherwise, your images might not look as expected when you upload it. If you are still new to these concepts, working with experts is more ideal. Graphic designers from Design Doctor are always updated on the recommended image size for different social media platforms.  


Use the Right Tools  

Just in case you need to work on your own social media graphics, there are different tools that you can use to improve your images. There are various kinds of free software with templates online. Now the danger here is that other people are using these free templates as well. If you want your social media graphics to stand out, it must be original and unique. 


Be Consistent 

Since you will be handling different social media accounts, you need to be consistent with your branding. Placing your logo on your social media graphics is one way to do it. But remember not to overdo it. 


Who’s Using Social Media?

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Do you have an idea about the percentage of social media users per generation? According to Oberlo, these are 90.4% for Millennials, 77.5% for Gen X, and  48.2% for Baby Boomers. With this data, you can already identify the best content that can tap the largest market. 


Work with a Social Media Manager 

Some people are repurposing their social media graphics from one platform to another. But that’s not the best approach if you want to create authentic engagement. You need to know what the social media platform is for and the market that it serves. 

For example, LinkedIn targets professionals or the ‘workforce’. That means you must create social media graphics that are more work-related. You can give out tips to be productive or how to power dress, or even how to ace an interview

Another thing to remember is the perfect timing for your social media post. Since we are dealing with different markets, a particular group usually has common online behaviors. This is where social media managers can help you. They use analytics to identify the best time to post your images. This means your graphics will reach the right audience at the right time.



Make sure that your social media post is effective by using the tips above. Creating a good graphic design for social media can take time, but the engagement is far better than a mediocre one. 

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