The Most Memorable Logo Designs of All Time

Logos are a visual representation of one’s brand, and if designed well, can help with retention. Whenever I remember some big brands, the first thing I think of is their logo design. That’s why companies need to invest in a good logo. Customers will not only think of your brand as professional, but your customers will associate your brand with a feeling or service you sell.

In this article, I list down 20 memorable logos and their impact on customers when buying their products.


1. Apple

logo design example

We’re all familiar with the Apple logo. It’s just an apple with a bite. Yet, what significance does the bite play?

Rob Janoff, the original Apple logo designer, provided insight into the design of the logo. In an interview in Logo Design Love, he shares that the bite was meant to give the silhouette of an Apple or else it might look like a cherry. There have been theories about it being a tribute to Alan Turing. But it was debunked.

Jean-Louis Gassée, former Apple executive, explained that Apple is the symbol of lust and knowledge. In terms of its products, Apple seems to market its products as a premium. As for the Gassée explanation, it means people are “taking a bite” on a premium brand and would have them obtain more knowledge.


2. Google

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This list won’t be complete with one of the widely recognized logo designs of all time, the Google logo. We open our browsers and make a Google search about anything. According to Internet Live Stats, we make over 3.5 billion searches a day.

Google has transformed over the years, yet it keeps its signature brand color in the logo. Their latest logo design shows their fun and dynamic nature, and that applies when anyone uses their products. Since there’s a shift to the younger demographic, it’s only apt for Google to modify its logo for the new age. That way, more people could use Google as their source for browser, emails, and cloud storage.


3. Coca-Cola

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The story of the Coca-Cola logo was simple. One, for the script, it was all Frank Robinson’s idea. He was the bookkeeper for the one who perfected the Coca-Cola formula, Dr. John Pemberton. Robinson said that having two C’s in the name would be suitable for advertising. So he came up with both the name and the script.

As for the color, Reader’s Digest found that Coca-Cola was stored in red barrels before. That way, Coca-Cola stood out from alcohol barrels at the time. Thus, they kept red in their logo.

In terms of it relating to the product, red in color theory can help stimulate the appetite. Plus, it also gives off energy and excitement. In that way, anyone drinking the soda can feel happy afterward. Plus, if they’re thirsty and see Coca-Cola somewhere, that might be the first drink they got from the refrigerator to quench their thirst.

Also, Business Insider explains that even if the Coca-Cola logo has transcended time, it still provides relevance. In that sense, any person of any generation can still enjoy a can of cola.


4. Pepsi

logo design example

The Coca-Cola rival, Pepsi, received backlash for its logo redesign back in 2009. This didn’t faze the soda giant, and its logo remains one of the most memorable designs because it keeps the branding colors intact. 

According to Design Your Way, the Pepsi Globe logo, the Pepsi rebrand was detailed thanks to the Arnell Group. The Arnell Group drew inspiration from different rounded figures in art and modeled those to make Pepsi stand out from its competitors. As such, the essential element in the Pepsi Globe rebrand was innovation.

As for a customer connecting with the brand, the Arnell Group highlighted that logo seemed to show off emotions. In that sense, Pepsi customers will enjoy the drink (depending on the angle of the logo). That way, anytime anyone drinks Pepsi, they can smile afterward.


5. McDonald’s

logo design example

You can see the McDonald’s golden arches greeting you anywhere and inviting you to eat its signature burgers and fries. The fast-food chain’s golden arches take inspiration from its architecture. Reader’s Digest suggests that the bright colors can stimulate one’s appetite for its distinct colors, red and yellow. Also, since it’s yellow, you can notice it in daylight or nighttime.

As for their products, it can fill stomachs when craving for their burgers or fries. One can then remember the taste, see the logo once more, and get energized to eat their products once more.


6. Domino’s

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Ever notice the three dots on the Domino’s logo? The three dots symbolize the first three branches of the Domino’s chain opened. They wanted to add more dots as they opened branches, but they stuck to three instead. 

As for the logo and its integration with their products, Domino’s says that they want to present themselves as a leading pizza restaurant. Through that, they bake pizzas by using high-quality products. So, anytime one craves for pizza, they can remember the quality of the pizza that Domino’s creates for its customers.


7. Starbucks

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The Starbucks siren has been a constant in the Starbucks logo design. She represents the cafe’s beginnings in Seattle. Besides, since she’s an underwater figure, their coffee can travel anywhere, and anyone can enjoy their drinks. Apart from that, their logo is green. It’s implied that having green in the logo means that Starbucks can serve fresh drinks. Plus, they can grow and prosper. 

As one drinks one of their signature drinks, they can taste the coffee’s freshness, since they also make it in front of you. Also, you can find their coffee almost anywhere. That’s how their logo is integrated with the experience of drinking their coffees or teas.


8. LG

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If you look closely, LG’s logo design looks like a face. It’s intentional because, despite manufacturing and selling technology, they want to establish a human connection with customers. Plus, they aim to forge a long-term relationship with their customers through their products.

In that sense, whenever a customer uses their products, they know that LG put their customer’s satisfaction first. Plus, they can trust LG for bringing humanity through their futuristic branding.


9. IBM

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The IBM logo, like the Coca-Cola one, has stood the test of time. Paul Rand was the designer of the 8-bar IBM logo you still see today. He designed the logo in 1972, and IBM still identifies with the branding because it’s unique to their brand. The logo is different from other brands from the tech sector because the illustration plays with your eyes.

IBM explained that the lines signify speed and dynamism. It means that anyone using their products may expect a faster computer system, and that’s new and innovative.


10. Nike

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Even if Nike’s famous for saying, “Just Do It,” the primary identifier of the Nike brand is the Nike Swoosh (no, it’s not a checkmark).

According to Creative Market, Carolyn Davidson created the logo design of the famous swoosh for Nike. As for the meaning of the logo, the swoosh may represent speed and movement. Since Nike sells footwear and other athletic items, it makes sense that the swoosh is its mark. This shows that anyone wearing their shoes will move swiftly to victory or their destination.


11. Adidas

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Adidas has two distinct logo designs for their brand. One is for their sports brand, and another is the Originals. The trefoil logo is for its Original brand. According to Adidas, the trefoil logo represents performance. The mountain logo came soon after, demonstrating that athletes have to conquer a mountain (meaning, their goals).

As for their products, they show that anyone wearing the brand can reach their goals and perform better regardless if it’s athletic or not.


12. Unilever

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What I love about Unilever’s logo is how the intricacy represents more than one meaning. There are 25 icons that play a role in Unilever’s branding, all of which are Unilever’s values.

All of the icons in their logo represent all of their products. For example, “hair” is part of their logo. According to them, hair means beauty and feeling confident. Dove is under its product line. Plus, based on their marketing strategies for the shampoo brand, they want to feel like the customer is beautiful and confident.


13. Nestlé

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Nestlé products make you feel a sense of home. 

As explained on their website, Nestlé wanted to establish a connection between the creator, Henri Nestlé, and his customers. So, they came up with a logo that signified the bond of a mother and children, since they sold products for infants before it expanded to other product lines. In this sense, the Nestlé logo represents that it’s made to produce and provide items that will remind someone of home or make them feel at home.


14. Mastercard

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Mastercard has undergone different logo redesigns over the years. The finance company even received backlash for a brief time due to a failed rebrand. However, Mastercard reverted to its old design. Eventually, they redesigned their logo to keep up with modern times. However, they continue to use a red and yellow interlocked design that signifies connectivity and seamlessness.

In terms of people using their products, Mastercard uses the words: superior, recognition, and preference. Anyone using their card will immediately have access to any product at any time. Plus, through their card, they aim to simplify paying and encourage forward-thinking as well.


15. Microsoft

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As reported by The Verge in 2012, Microsoft changed its logo for the first time in 25 years. Before it didn’t include the four-colored window symbol, they only used a wordmark. But in the 2012 iteration, they added the “Windows” logotype. It shows that Microsoft has different products such as the Windows OS, Xbox, and Office.

Microsoft says the window symbol signifies motion. It can represent that anyone can use Microsoft anywhere that they want to demonstrate its seamlessness too. Since Microsoft is no longer limited to the computer, Microsoft wants to establish itself as a leader in technology.


16. Toyota

logo design example

Toyota says that its logo wants to portray durability, reliability, quality, and unity. The ellipses represent the hearts of its customers and the brand. Plus, they want people to drive to places where they’ve never been. That’s why they want to lead the automotive industry by providing opportunities to customers.

Anyone driving their cars may feel that they won’t be limited to the road. This is further enhanced by their tagline, “Let’s Go Places.” This will give people a sense of adventure and endurance.


17. Subway

logo design example

Turner Duckworth provided Subway a refreshed logo design. They did keep its old iteration but made it flat and dynamic. That way, Subway can cater to the younger generation, but bring in its loyal customers. On the video reel, Turner Duckworth explained that arrows on the Subway logo mean looking back and moving forward, hot and cold, this way and that way, and so on.

This shows that anyone eating Subway can have a sub or footlong on-the-go. Plus, they can also get a variety of other food products from any store.


18. Uniqlo

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For anyone to understand the Uniqlo logo, one must look to its past. Before Uniqlo became the big brand they were, they were called Men’s Shop OS. So it means they catered only to the men. However, they had to rebrand because they needed to attract women to the store. So, they decided to rename their store into “Unique Clothing Warehouse.” But, there was a mishap in the registration of the name, making history as Uniqlo. 

Kashiwa Soto designed the logo for the Japanese-owned fashion brand. According to Toni Marino, the logo looks like a Japanese seal, establishing that it’s a Japanese brand through and through. 

Integrating that with wearing the product, Toni Marino points out that the red in color theory signifies power or passion. It means that anyone can feel powerful through Uniqlo’s clothes. Plus, since the Japanese are known for their quality, it shows that the wearer knows the value of going for high-quality at a reasonable price.


19. Baskin Robbins

logo design example

The Baskin Robbins logo is distinct from other ice cream brands because of the 31 in its logo. It represents an ice cream flavor for each day in a month. Carol Austin, VP of Marketing for Baskin Robbins, revealed to CNBC that their logo signifies fun and energy.

Part of their branding is to have their customers try any flavor until they find the one they like using their pink spoon. So, Baskin Robbins wants to establish itself as a company that will provide joy through one scoop.


20. National Geographic

logo design example

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv (CGH) handled National Geographic’s brand identity and strategy. The magazine wanted to make their branding consistent in merchandise and other platforms. In doing so, CGH strengthened its identity by establishing the correct size for the rectangle. 

The logo relating to people using or accessing their products implies that the yellow rectangle can shine a light on the environment and other subject matters about the world. Since those have been the topics they’ve tackled in the past. Plus, they’ve established themselves as a credible source for culture, history, environment, and other subjects. That means people could trust them and their work.


Final Thoughts

As seen from the twenty examples above, a logo can spark different feelings or emotions to the customer or user. This will help them associate a brand with a certain feeling. In that sense, they can purchase more products from the company and spark their feelings with the brand.

That’s why your business should have a well-designed logo, so they remember you and associate you with what they want. Design Doctor can do that for you. It’s easy to get a logo from our subscription design service. All you have to do is sign up and pick a subscription. Then, you can request any graphic design visual you need. Once done, you can download the design, and you’ll have the rights to all the assets you requested.

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