8 Marketing Problems (And How Designers Solve Them!)

Marketing is important for business. We already know this but it seems that not everyone is taking it seriously. As we always say, it isn’t enough that you have the best products or services. If you lack visibility, and if you are not able to sustain the interest of the market, your business will eventually die. We hope that this reason is enough for you to sit down with your team and create the best marketing plan. And while we want you to work on your marketing plans the soonest, we also want you to be thoroughly prepared. You have to be realistic as marketing itself is never an easy feat. The conceptualization and even the graphic designs needed can be time-consuming. Truth be told, you will face a lot of marketing and graphic design problems. But as always, there will be a corresponding solution to each problem. And that is why we are here to help you. We have a list of common marketing problems and possible solutions to guide your team.


Common Marketing Problems 

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What are the usual marketing challenges faced by companies? 


Not Knowing Your Market  

The biggest marketing problem one might have is not knowing your market. You will have no focus and that will result in a disorganized plan. When you run a business, you can’t simply say that your market is the entire globe’s population. It’s nearly impossible to position a product or service catering to different sectors.

So, the first thing you need to do is to identify your target market. From there, you can study and research about their behavior, purchasing power, and how you can win them using the right marketing and graphic designs. 


Attracting the Wrong Market 

Ask your team, are you attracting the right market?  

Say for example you were able to create a viral video on Facebook. Thousands of people liked and shared it. But is that enough? Can you already conclude that your marketing plan worked? 

We hate to tell you this but it doesn’t mean anything if your company can’t get any profit from it. This marketing problem is way too common and can be addressed by the right materials. That is why we suggest that you work with a great team including a professional graphic designer. Humans are generally visual creatures. Thus, your images should be on point.


Undefined Brand Image

Having an undefined brand image makes it challenging to create marketing materials. Chances are, you will deliver different messages to your audience. This can be a problem for graphic designers too. They will not be able to come up with consistent designs that can support your message.  

As always, think of your brand image. What do you want the market to think about your company? How are you going to send the same message using different marketing channels? What color scheme would represent your advocacy? 

If you have design problems, you can always work with professional graphic designers. More often than not, they are already exposed to different industries and they can help you brainstorm.  


Market Satisfaction 

Perhaps, you were already able to capture your market using different tools. But the question is, were you able to hold them long enough to turn them into loyal clients? 

As marketers, your aim is to create a pool of consistent buyers and not just one-time customers. This is the only way you can regularize your company’s profit. Otherwise, it would be hard to gauge your company’s growth. 

To address this marketing problem, you need to conduct regular marketing efforts targeted at the right audience. That is why you need to have a team that can monitor trends and market behavior. By getting facts, your creative team or graphic designers can translate these data into visual aids. If done correctly, your market will never get tired of your services knowing that you have something new to offer. 


Low Rank in Search Engines

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Online marketing is apparently a big thing and must be taken seriously. However, traditional business owners still believe that this will do little to nothing for business growth. But imagine if you are not visible online. People will even think that you don’t exist. And that’s a big win for your competitors.  

We already know how content can help. As always, content is king.  But did you know that images can also improve your search engine rank? Image optimization is the next big thing in online marketing. So instead of using stock photos for your marketing collaterals, you might want to create your own quality images for SEO purposes. A good graphic designer knows how to do these images effectively. Your design problems will be dealt with in the best way possible. 


Blending In and Not Standing Out

Maybe your team has already finished creating these beautiful marketing materials. And perhaps, you believe it clearly captured your message. Do you think you’re all set for the competition? Think again. 

With all the major players in your industry, you always have to step up. You need your marketing collaterals to stand out. It needs to have that striking impact to be effective. And that’s where you can get help from graphic designers. With them, you can tick off one crucial marketing problem – blending in.   


Low Conversion Rate

Many companies spend months to complete their marketing campaign. But imagine all the time, money, and effort wasted if you have a low conversion rate. For those who are not aware, the conversion rate means online visitors who turned to actual paying customers. Since business is a numbers game, profit is a gauge for success. If you don’t see an increase, then your marketing efforts are considered futile. 

Designers can solve this problem by auditing your website. They will check if the call-to-action buttons are placed properly, and they will figure out if the entire website makes sense. Otherwise, they could recommend suggestions for improvement. 


Marketing Efforts Are Not Measured

Lastly, one of the marketing problems that is overlooked is measurement. You see, a lot of companies that fail to measure their marketing efforts. They do not have an idea if it is effective or not. Having said that, how can you make improvements if you don’t even know which one works? 



Marketing is a broad topic that your business must understand. It can definitely help your company sustain its operations or grow in the long run. But you must take time and use a logical approach when creating your marketing plan. Plus, your team needs a creative support system with a reliable graphic designer that can translate your messages to visuals. 

For startup and small companies, hiring a dedicated or in-house graphic designer might not be the best option. Aside from dealing with in-house designer problems, it can eat up a lot from your cash flow. What we suggest is to use on-demand graphic design services. Design Doctor, for example, has a team of experts that can address all your design needs and problems. This option is cost-efficient as you only have to pay one flat monthly rate. Just send all your design needs for your marketing and Design Doctor will do the rest. 

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