Check Out These Beautiful Minimalist Business Cards

Ever wonder why business cards are still in use despite the advanced technology we enjoy today? It’s because they’re still as effective as ever. Sure there are digital cards, but the ever-handy business card still matters today. And to make your brand stand out, minimalist business cards are the key. As the saying goes, less is more. In this case, the simpler the design, the better for your brand to grab attention. Here are ten of the most beautiful business cards with minimalism as their design inspiration.


Why Design Simple Business Cards

Business cards need to make an impact the moment you hand them out to prospects or business partners. Its limited space means you have to make the most of it by having a minimalistic take on the design. Your card shouldn’t have too many illustrations, images, or text to avoid looking cluttered.

Furthermore, a minimalist design signifies happiness. It believes in the philosophy of being fulfilled and happy, even with less material things in our lives. Not only is minimalism beautiful, but it also speaks of an attitude that’s positive and full of wisdom.


10 Examples of Minimalist Business Cards


Embossed Business Cards

minimalist calling card design

Using only the paper’s color, these business cards have that clean and refreshing look. No ink was used; the content is embossed, which adds character and elegance to the business card. It has nothing to distract the eye but has all the information needed for it to be effective. The texture also brings value and a high level of charm and sophistication.


Modern Minimalist Business Cards

minimalist calling card design

Hair color expert Josh Woods uses a modern minimalist design for his business cards. With only a few dots of pink color on a white textured paper, the business card looks stylish and professional. They are perfectly matching the image that the company projects. Even though color is their business, the minimalistic approach to the card conveys a trendy and upbeat persona.


All Black Business Cards

minimalist calling card design

Want to go for that mysterious look? Go black in your minimalist business cards. Nothing looks more elegant and classy than a business card in all black. With a touch of silver for the text, these cards exude class and splendor with a bit of grandeur. The layout is top-notch with space all around that emphasizes the company name and details.


Bohemian Business Cards

minimalist calling card design

Think out of the box, and you’ll get this brilliant yet minimalist business card design. It uses very minimal colors and an unconventional shape. It is slightly elongated that adds elegance and uniqueness to the design. You may think that the thickness is for durability, but that only adds to its beauty and distinctiveness. Also, the font choice suits the design impeccably.


Monochromatic Business Cards

minimalist calling card design

Minimalistic design isn’t limited to black or white only. If you love color, you can use them primarily if a particular color reflects your brand. In this example, splashes of color are used but only in a monochromatic style. This is ideal for businesses that use only a single color for their branding, but it is not a rule that you should strictly follow. You can use colors the way you want to. If you’re unsure of how to go about it, it’s best to ask assistance from a professional graphic design team.


Simplistic Business Cards

minimalist calling card design

Jucy Lu is a health food shop that specializes in cold-pressed juices and other foodstuffs that uses organic ingredients. Its core philosophy is centered on the hand-made process involved in its production. Thus, a minimalist business card design that suits the brand to a tee. Their hand-scribbled logo captures their personality so well that it makes the business card look brilliant. It has illustrations of fruits that indicate the nature of the business altogether.


Jazzy Business Cards

minimalist calling card design

If you want to add some glitz and glamour to your business card, go for this jazzy look. It has a hint of swagger but with an overall minimalistic design. It doesn’t have intense colors and gaudy images or illustrations to keep everything chic and classy. The silver letters add a bit of flamboyance but not loud enough to still be sophisticated and presentable.


Classical Business Cards

minimalist calling card design

You can still go for that classic look with minimalism in mind. Take this example from the business card designed for the Certosa di San Martino that houses the National Museum of San Martino in Italy. The design is a beautiful combination of classic lines with a color that’s very vibrant and modern. The layout is very straightforward, with ample spaces around the text that makes it readable and easy on the eyes.


Colorful Business Cards

minimalist calling card design

Minimalist business cards need not lack color to look beautiful. Get inspiration from this card from Mikron, a leader in the semiconductor industry in Russia. One side has a multitude of colors that resemble the prism of colors created by semiconductor silicon wafers that they manufacture. This feature is eye-catching and striking that makes the card memorable and worth keeping.


Seed Business Cards

minimalist calling card design

If you want your business cards to do more than give out your contact information, here’s an idea for you. The seed business card has actual seeds in it that your recipients can plant. The design is still very minimal, with only a few illustrations to show how to plant the card. It uses a single color, which makes the design appealing.


Minimalist Business Cards by Design Doctor

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