This Is Why Graphic Design Stickers Became So Popular

Most people think of stickers as something kids love to play with. But did you know that stickers are considered one of the most effective forms of advertising? It’s a surefire way to generate brand awareness as well as ROI for your business, among many other benefits.

Graphic design stickers can surely do more than help your brand stand out. It has helped build businesses, increase exposure; it has even helped lots of politicians get elected. If it’s not in your marketing strategy yet, this is the time to do so.


The Reason for the Popularity

The sticker has a long and colorful history, believed to have been first used by the Egyptians. But its popularity has never ceased since then. From postage stamps to stickers used by preschool teachers to show excellent student performance, stickers are everywhere.

Graphic design stickers leave a lot of room for creativity, humor, playfulness, and bursts of energy. Look around you, and you’ll see them on bumpers, laptops, even on bathroom walls. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs that people would stick them where they could be easily seen. The bottom line is, people love them that the urban landscape wouldn’t be complete without sticker art.


Why You Should Use Graphic Design Stickers

Graphic design stickers are a marketing dark horse that has been deemed obscure by the more aggressive forms of advertising. However, its history is proof enough that stickers are effective. Here are more reasons to convince you to include them in your marketing strategies:


It’s Cost-Effective

posts in the street

A fancy term for cheap, an entrepreneur’s dream marketing ploy! Your brand will go places when you put them on stickers. You don’t have to shell out huge amounts of money; you only need creativity for people to take you along with them. To make it more affordable, an unlimited graphic design service can create beautiful stickers that are worthy of sticking on people’s windshields or laptops.


Get Physical

stickers on wall

Take social media to a physical level, and you’ll get graphic design stickers. Long before we started posting, tagging, or pinning on Facebook or Instagram, we were already sticking them. These are sure conversation starters, especially when designed to attract your audience’s attention.


Everybody Loves Freebies

man wearing helmet

A graphic design sticker will seem more like a gift rather than a form of advertising. People love getting free stuff, and when you hand them out a sticker or two, they’re sure to be stuck someplace noteworthy. A guitar, a bike, or a mobile phone, it’s advertising working for you 24/7 in a very inexpensive way.


Personal Endorsements

yellow sticker

One of the best things about stickers is that they’re not seen as advertisements but personal endorsements. When you see someone with an “I Love Spam” sticker at the back of their truck, you’re seeing someone who can vouch for the goodness of the product.


The Power of Word of Mouth

sitcker on car window

One of the most credible forms of advertising is through word of mouth. Seeing your sticker on someone can be very persuasive, especially if that someone is famous or well-known in your industry. For many, the power of word of mouth happens on social media, but going offline also has tremendous influencing skills as well. Everyone is indeed on Instagram, but not everyone is online all the time. Graphic design stickers will get to your audience even when they’re outside or off their smartphones.


How to Use Graphic Design Stickers as Marketing Tools

The potential for reaching out to more people comes easy with graphic design stickers. There are countless ways you can use this powerful marketing tool. Here are some of the best:


Give Them Out at Events

Organize or attend an event, trade show, or conference and give out your stickers to customers and business owners alike. Whether promoting your business or introducing a new product, you’re getting people to talk about you and create recall in their minds about your brand. For startups, this is an inexpensive way to let them know about your company.


Hand Them on Sales

When someone buys something from your store, hand them a sticker as a thank you gift. They’ll appreciate the gesture and add value to their purchase. For online stores, you can send them through mail or include it in the package you’ll be sending them.

You can also have a sale, and instead of giving discounts on certain items, add a sticker along with the purchase. This gives your customers a sense of getting a freebie when buying items that aren’t included in the sale.


Send Them Through the Mail

Use them as an incentive to get your customers to give out their contact information to you. This is a good way to build your email database by asking them for their contact details in exchange for a graphic design sticker. If they give out their mailing addresses, send them the stickers and let them know how much you value them as customers. Not only will you gain their trust, but you’ll also earn their respect and loyalty as well.


How Design Doctor Can Help You

Stickers are a great way to market your brand, but sadly, it can only go so far when you use mediocre graphic design. There’s always the possibility of handing out your stickers, only to be thrown in the trash bin. When you use killer graphic design, you’ll never have a hard time deserving to be stuck on someone’s car or laptop. Your design will do the work for you.

Design Doctor has a team of professional graphic designers that can help you get the stickers your brand deserves. As mentioned above, this marketing strategy is affordable when you use unlimited graphic design services. You can get all the sticker designs you need for as little as $329 per month.

You can have graphic design at your fingertips at a flat monthly rate. Not per project or per hour rate, but unlimited graphic design with unlimited revisions until you get the design you will love. No surprises there, just good graphic design that’s affordable and accessible.

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