Small Business Graphic Designs Locals Love

Compared to visuals for big companies, creating small business graphic designs can pose a unique challenge. For one, instead of generally appealing to a broad audience, the graphics should touch the hearts of locals. The brand should know the issues that matter to its market and how they could package their products for optimum results.

If you’re still learning the ropes of small business marketing for beginners, you’ve stumbled across a great resource. In this article, we’ll discuss how to advertise a small business best to build an intimate relationship with its local market. We’ll also look at the best examples of small business marketing graphics that tell the brand’s story and allows it to foster a community of supporters.


Graphic Design for Small Business Owners

Graphic design services entail more than merely putting texts and images together in a graphic to inform prospects about your latest promos. On the contrary, a lot of planning, brainstorming, and analysis goes into it.


Small Business Marketing Plan

If you’re wondering how to promote your business in the community, it all starts with a marketing plan. This step may sound like something only big companies need, but it also applies to smaller ventures. In fact, there are many ways to create a marketing plan with a limited budget.

By having a marketing plan in place, you get a bigger picture of what you want to achieve through your marketing efforts. Likewise, you become better guided about the tactics you need to do to get there. 


Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work

Knowing how to advertise a business locally can be a hit or miss at first. During the initial phase, you’ll have to have at least a working knowledge of what makes your audience tick. What regular problems do they need a product to solve? How can you catch their attention and sustain their interest? 

These are some of the basics you need to know to get the ball rolling. Upon running your campaign, analyze what works and what doesn’t. Doing so equips you with the data you need to adjust the campaign as needed.


Creative Ways to Market Your Business

Once you have a grasp about which small business marketing ideas work, you’ll have a better gauge about visuals that would work. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your graphics and push the envelope once in a while.


10 Small Business Graphic Designs People Love

Here are some examples of marketing graphics that work for small businesses across the states.



graphic design advertising example

Glamsquad is a beauty and makeup brand that offers products as well as hair, makeup, and nail care services. Clients book via an app and their services are available in six regions, including New York City and Los Angeles. Their graphic look is laid back but chic, much like their target audience.


Black Seed Bagels

graphic design advertising example

An artisanal bagel shop in New York City, Black Seed Bagels’ visual branding is industrial minimalist. The simple aesthetic encourages customers to focus on the business’ sumptuous offerings, rather than be distracted by too much fluff.


Big aLICe Brewing

graphic design advertising example

This NYC-based farm brewery is dedicated to creating innovative, locally-sourced craft beer. Their sense of identity can be instantly seen through the design of their product packaging. The labels are just as spontaneous as their beer varieties, including “Date Night, Bro?” and “Brunch Crusher.”


Great Lakes Brewing Company

Nestled in Cleveland, Ohio, Great Lakes Brewing Company commits itself to provide fresh, flavorful, great-quality beer and food while being socially conscious and respectful to the environment. Their product packaging offers a refreshing visual, with pops of color that brighten up the amber beer bottle. The colorful labels go well with the simple and plain monochrome logo.  


Advoco Inc

graphic design advertising example

Based in Berkeley, California, Advoco is a business solution service provider that promises an improved application of IT. The brand’s color identity, tangerine, is well-used not just in its logo but also in its social media posts. This promo graphic, for example, features a palette of tangerine, a contrasting dark blue, and some gray hues. The simple sans serif font looks well when used along with the wordmark logo.


Fourth Street LB

graphic design advertising example

Fourth Street Long Beach prides itself as a community that “brings business, residents, and visitors together in celebration of independence + diversity.” With 100 independently-owned and operated stores, Fourth Fridays posters aptly paint a picture of what visitors will experience on-site.


Stone Candle Bar

graphic design advertising example

Stone Candle Bar is a candle shop in Santa Monica, CA, that also offers candle-making workshops. The organic experience of making your own candles, or simply enjoying the scent of one, aptly shows in its simple look. The candle labels look like generic white stickers with type-written details. The design makes the product look natural and homemade.


General Store

graphic design advertising example

General Store is a shop that features products from craftsmen and focuses on items with thoughtful and functional designs. With locations in San Francisco and Venice, CA, they offer home goods, apparel, and jewelry, among others. The design of their “General Store dollars,” which work like a gift card, aptly reflects its laidback brand.



graphic design advertising example

LDLA is a swimwear brand banking on body positive design details, numberless sizing, and eco-friendly fabric. Their pieces come with a small but elegant print, “wonderfully made.” The typeface looks chic and feminine. This detail adds an extra layer of satisfaction to the experience of wearing the pieces.


Urban Grape

graphic design advertising example

This wine, spirits, and craft beer store in Boston’s South End area offers “progressive drinking.” This term pertains to their unique way of organizing wine by its body. The logo of the brand is modern and clever, with the letter “U” used as a wine bottle. Their social media graphics are just as sleek and modern as their logo.  

Without a doubt, graphic design is one of the cheap ways to promote your business. So go out there; talk to your market and get to know them better. Hopefully, knowing how they think will give you the right insight to brainstorm for small business graphic designs that will encourage them to support your brand.

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