Top 12 Places to Find a Web Designer Online

As more entrepreneurs and companies realize the value of having a website, it’s crucial to find a web designer that will help them set up their new website. Sure, if you have some knowledge over website design, by all means, go ahead. However, having a website designer can help beautify your website and attract more customers.

Luckily, it’s not that challenging anymore to find an employee or a talent over the internet. It can be tedious, though, to screen and process a candidate that will help realize the company or entrepreneur’s vision.

Most companies rely on freelance directories or job search sites to find their next creative talent. According to Due, big brands may use freelancers because it reduces cost long-term. That’s why you should consider doing it too.

In this article, we list down the top 12 sites where you can find a web designer. You will also get an idea of how you can hire or contact a freelancer on the website you’ll choose to find the designer.

If you’re still iffy over freelance job search websites, don’t worry, all of them in the list are legitimate and reputable sources. They ensure they have both client and freelancer protection measures in place.

So, let’s get to it!


1. Upwork

web designer search site example

When it comes to finding freelancers, Upwork is the first choice of many companies or entrepreneurs. There, you can find talents with experience in web design. 

In Upwork, you can see a web designer’s portfolio upfront. Plus, you can see their % job success rate as well. So, you can discern then by how experienced and professional that freelancer is.

You can view the list of candidates and their profile and history without an account but you’ll need an account to make an offer and eventually hire the right candidate for the position.

Companies like Microsoft and Airbnb have used Upwork to get their talents.


2. Fiverr

web designer search site example

Fiverr is another place you can check out freelancers with experience in website design. Like Upwork, the website also lists freelancers from around the world. Unlike Upwork, Freelancers are like sellers on the site, so Fiverr posts their listings as ads. To know if they’re good at designing, you can see their ratings. 

Fiverr also has a “Fiverr Pro” subscription plan, wherein you can see the top talents on the site. If you hire one of them, you can be assured of the quality of work and service they can provide.


3. PeoplePerHour

web designer search site example

The directory concept of PeoplePerHour is similar to Fiverr. You will immediately see their work. If you’re satisfied with the work they displayed on the ad, you can click on View and get an overview of their skills and other services. However, you may contact the web designer if you have more inquiries about the services they offer. 

When you hover on the ad, you can see a designer rating and how many projects they’ve sold to companies or entrepreneurs.

If you’re thinking about bookmarking a specific offer, you can click on the heart and add to your favorite offers.


4. Workana

web designer search site example

You won’t run out of freelancer sites to find a web designer. Workana is one of them. On Workana, when you search for a web designer, you can see the designer’s profile. On top of that, you’ll see their pitch, completed projects, and hours rendered. In some cases, you will also find a rate. The site will also alert you if a designer has committed a violation as well.

One of its features is to see when the website designer registered and last logged in. It helps especially when you want someone active on the site and know how long they’ve been there and their running success rates too.


5. Freelancer

web designer search site example

As the name suggests, you’ll see a ton of freelancers on the site. On this site, you’ll need to post a project before viewing a list of creatives. From there, you can find the list of freelancers that you believe can match your needs. You might even receive bids from freelancers the soonest you can post your project.

Freelancer is one of the most popular freelance job search websites. Known brands like Intel, PWC, and GE have used Freelancer to find freelancers or employees.


6. The Creative Group

web designer search site example

Robert Half’s The Creative Group specializes in helping companies in finding a creative. Just key in your search on The Creative Group, then you can find a web designer from your location.

At first glance, you can view their skills and experience. Its key difference from Fiverr and Upwork is you’ll need an account to access the candidate’s profile. But since The Creative Group specializes in creatives, you’ll most likely find the best web designers in the US.


7. Working Not Working

web designer search site example

Just like The Creative Group, Working Not Working focuses mostly on creatives. The website style is similar to Fiverr. However, you’ll need to click on each creative if you want to see more of their work, experiences, and rates. At least, though, you can see their work from the get-go and determine if they’re the right fit to design your website.

Like with all of the directories and job search sites on this list, you’ll need to create an account to talk to a web designer. From there, you can finally screen and find a web designer that will suit your project needs.


8. Krop

web designer search site example

Here’s another website where you can hire someone with web design expertise. Why? It’s also another creatives-focused job search website. On their “Search Creatives” page, it doesn’t give you an option to find a web designer at the start. You can preview the freelancer’s work initially, but you can learn more when you sign up on the website.

Nike, Tesla, Netflix, and other big brands used Krop for their design needs. On Krop, you can either hire a talent full-time or on a freelance basis.


9. Creative Lady Directory

web designer search site example

The Creative Lady Directory is one of the most unique job search directories in this list. 

Their focus is on women. For companies or entrepreneurs looking to work with experienced and talented creative women, their directory does just that. You don’t have to search further because they have a category for web design to click on with a touch of a button.

For this directory, you wouldn’t need to create an account. You can directly contact the creative through their website or social media account provided on their listing. It saves you time from creating the account, but if you want to learn more about the creative, you might need to scout on your own by contacting someone.


10. LinkedIn Profinder

web designer search site example

LinkedIn Profinder is LinkedIn’s freelance directory. One of its main differences in many of these directories or job search sites is you’ll need a LinkedIn account. From there, you can find a web designer.

However, to make everything personalized for your needs, you’ll need to answer a series of questions. It can be off-putting especially if you’re looking for a web designer ASAP. But it saves you the time to screen your applicants. According to LinkedIn, once you’re done with answering information on your web design preferences, you can check out offers from web designers on LinkedIn.


11. Toptal

web designer search site example

Like Fiverr and Upwork, Toptal lists freelancers. But there’s a catch!

Toptal is exclusive for top talents in their respective fields. For you to know how Toptal screens talent on their site, here’s their step-by-step selection criteria:

  1. Language and Personality
  2. Comprehensive Skill Review
  3. Live Screening
  4. Testing
  5. Continued Excellence

The talents in this website have delivered their best work to the biggest companies. Toptal ensures that they’ll pick the right candidate for your project based on your needs.

Brands like Motorola and Hewlett Packard found talents from Toptal.


12. Design Doctor

web designer search site example

Unlike many of this list, Design Doctor saves you time in finding a web designer online. With Design Doctor, you can subscribe on a monthly basis. By subscribing to Design Doctor, you probably won’t need to find a web designer for every design project you need. Design Doctor can provide you other visual assets like logos, business cards, and flyers.

For $329, you can ask for all the unlimited graphic design assets you need in just one platform. You wouldn’t have to pay a per-project basis. With just one payment per month, you’ll have all the graphic designs you need.

Through unlimited graphic design, you can get all the graphics you need for your website design. You won’t have to worry about finding icons or illustrations. A team of graphic designers will ensure everything is of top quality before it goes live. Through Design Doctor, your website is in good hands.

Honorable Mentions:

If perhaps you need to check out more web designers for your website, you can take a look at other directories: 

  • (You need an account to view freelancers on their site)
  • Flexjobs (You also need an account for this website to view freelancers)
  • Guru


Final Thoughts

You have different options for finding website designers over the internet. Sometimes, all you need is an email address to get you started in finding your web designer. It’s good to have these options as well because you’ll never know where else you can find your next talent. 

If you’re still unsure of using freelancer job search sites, there’s always Design Doctor to help you out with all your graphic and website design needs.

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