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20 Fresh Advertising Designs That Will Inspire Your Next Project

Creative blocks are real, and it’s not just in your imagination. It happens to everyone, and there are ways to work around it. But real or not, business owners don’t have the luxury of letting their guards down. Competition is stiff, and you still need to develop advertising designs to get ahead in the game. Here are 20 fresh advertising design ideas to get your creative juices flowing again. Let them inspire you to keep making ads that turn heads. Enjoy!


1. Heinz

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This advertising design from Heinz is one of a series of videos that show their beautifully designed packaging. Its depth and eye-catching colors work together to form a visually appealing ad. It combines realism with textured 3D graphics to make it look young and modern.


2. Autonomy

advertising design example

Using 3D in graphic design has reached its peak in 2019 and is projected to remain so in the coming years. Fintech company Autonomy uses 3D in their website design that can inspire your next advertising design project. It is interactive, which adds fun to the design as well as the proper use of colors that are opposite of what we usually see in fintech companies.


3. Casper

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Any advertising design would look good when you add custom illustrations to it. In the case of Casper, it combines humor, a human touch, and overall quirkiness in their ads.


4. Nike

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Social consciousness is no longer an option for businesses, it’s now the norm. Nike has made a stand in this ad that addresses racism in America today. Not only does social consciousness make employees happy, but they also attract the attention of investors.


5. FedEx

advertising design example 

Creating unique ads means thinking out of the box. FedEx used asymmetry in this advertising design they released. This ad looks very simple yet loaded with meaning. It needs no complicated texts or images to grab attention.


6. Adidas


This advertising design from Adidas‘ Forever Sport campaign uses double-page spreads in magazines. It uses the folds as part of the design with the models doing ab crunches, stretches, and weightlifting. This is a perfect example of an ad that engages the viewers.


7. Sharpie

advertising design example

Advertising designs don’t need to be severe and stiff to catch attention. This Sharpie ad pokes fun at how the Rolling Stones logo may have come about. It is playful, lighthearted, and witty.


8. Faber-Castell

advertising design example

Be inspired by this ad from Faber-Castell, depicting the moment of inspiration. The series of ads is stirring that in this age of advanced technology, pencils still hold a special place in our hearts. It gets their message across, which is the relevance of a traditional tool for the birth of something big.


9. Nivea

advertising design example 

Overthinking your advertising design can sometimes result in a cluttered or unorganized work. Simplicity is still an excellent way to get people to notice you. This is precisely what Nivea did in this ad. It’s simple but says a lot.


10. Honda

advertising design example

An outdoor advertising design for Honda, this ad piques the interest of its viewers. The company makes them look twice, which adds to its effectiveness in grabbing our attention.


11. Intermarché

advertising design example 

A French supermarket chain, Intermarché uses a monochromatic approach to this series of ads. It highlights the imperfections of some vegetables to show that looks do not matter. It also works well to show their advocacy of reducing food waste.


12. Coca-Cola 

advertising design example

When it comes to fresh advertising design ideas, Coca-Cola has it pat-down. Many of their ads feature innovative and unique ideas that make people stop, look, and listen. They are known to go against the grain in what’s trending in the business but still produce topnotch ads. This is one such example.


13. McDonald’s

advertising design example

Another company that’s known for its fresh and extremely creative advertising designs is McDonald’s. From billboards to posters to print ads, they always get everyone’s attention—quickly and effortlessly. It has become a tradition of sorts with them to put out advertisements that are witty and stunning. Here is a good example.


14. Crusoe

advertising design example 

A mixture of photography and illustration, this advertising design from Crusoe Men’s Innerwear is striking and imaginative. It lures your eyes into looking around and immersing yourself into what the model is experiencing. It has adventurous and fun vibes in it, which is precisely what the brand wants to relay to their audience.


15. IKEA

advertising design example

Creating an advertising design that shows you why you need their product, IKEA has done a great job in this one. It explains cutely and simply how you can have more space other than stacking your shoes together. The image and colors are bright, which gives an air of cleanliness and inventiveness.


16. Volkswagen

advertising design example 

Who doesn’t like animals? Do as Volkswagen did and add some cutie patooties in your advertising design and see how you get some love along your way.


17. Play-Doh

advertising design example

An advertising design that encourages its audience to be imaginative in their playtimes, Play-Doh has done an excellent job in this one. It’s amazingly beautiful, knowing that this isn’t done digitally but designed by hands. It sends out an inspiring message that when you look at this years or so from now, you’d still get the same feeling of awe.


18. Xiaomi

advertising design example 

With an air of mystery, this advertising design from Xiaomi exudes elegance and sophistication. The company is known for offering high technology, which they have clearly shown in this ad. The image is crisp and clear, and the text is good in building excitement.


19. L’Oréal

advertising design example 

This cosmetics brand has been around for some time now but is still making waves with their advertising designs. In this one, L’Oréal appeals to men, but when you look at the finer print, it’s all about women empowerment.


20. Oatly

advertising design example

A cereal company based in Sweden, Oatly released a series of self-aware, out-of-home ads full of wit and humor. They used a simple font type appropriate for the messages. You can also use fonts to capture your audience’s attention. In Oatly’s case, it was done in bold, black letters with words that are funny but useful.

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