How the Experts Use Graphic Design in Marketing

Graphic design is more complicated than you think. It isn’t just about colors, shapes, or drawings. It’s actually one of the strongest and most effective ways to send a message. It’s a form of communication. And for this, companies and agencies are using graphic design marketing to win their audience. 

If you are a budding business owner, you might want to include graphic design and marketing in the early phase of your business plan. Trust us, it can greatly affect your organization. The experts in the marketing field can attest to this. 


Types of Graphic Design Marketing

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Would you like to know how experts in agencies use graphic design for marketing tactics? We have a few tips for you. We recommend that you work with a professional should you want to use graphic design for your business. Only people with ample experience and expertise can guide you on the right elements to use for your material.   



Yes, logos are actually part of graphic design marketing. But we all know that this is not an easy task. Logos might look plain but the work behind it can take days, even months or years. Truth be told, a lot of companies spend a fortune just to perfect their logos. It’s a craft only professionals of high caliber can work on. Marketing agencies usually have a graphic designer that specializes in logo designs.  



Infographics are an effective means to communicate with your market. It’s naturally enticing provided that you use the right balance of images and text. 

Let’s just say you want to introduce a process. Instead of usual bullet-type texts, infographics might do the job better. 

Remember, good infographic tells a story. You need to ensure that everything is placed logically and accordingly. You would want your readers to naturally wander their eyes on your visual material. 


Blog Images 

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Using the right blog images can be one of your online marketing tactics. This is important because most people use stock images. Now, we understand that there are a lot of amazing stock images to choose from. After all, talented photographers took it. However, you also need to think about the number of companies that will use the same stock images. With the emergence of image search, using unique photos can definitely help your company stand out from the online competition. If you are to work with a marketing agency, it would be good if you provide them with your own company photos.  



Did you know that typography plays a huge role in your graphic design marketing? It influences your market and strengthens your brand message. At times, it can create drama and personality. 

Just try to imagine a poster for a horror movie. Would it appeal to you if the designer uses a candy font? Obviously, it’s not going to work.   

Here’s a little tip too. Graphic designers are fond of using Century and Times New Roman for the body or content. For headlines though, Arial, Verdana, and Helvetica are the common ones. 


Call To Action

We all know that the right action words can pull off a good call to action. But a great graphic design can actually help in directing your online visitors to the next step. For graphic design marketing purposes, you need to use proper call-to-action buttons. 

Experts believe that green and orange buttons are the most effective ones. But of course, this is still dependent on your overall website design. Just make sure that your call-to-action button pops up from other design elements. 


Posters and Flyers

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Graphic design and marketing can also be used in company posters and flyers. Yet again, you might need an expert to help you with this. 

How about working with the Design Doctor team? This company is highly recommended not just for the quality of their work, but also for their affordable packages. They can give your graphic design marketing needs the fastest time possible. This allows you to run your campaigns efficiently.  



One of the most effective marketing tactics is sending newsletters. Some of you might disagree but online marketing experts believe that sending emails is still a good way to gain customer loyalty and traction. 

However, the real challenge is making your newsletter interesting. Quite frankly, most of these company newsletters end up in the trash or left unread. Don’t waste your effort and hire a professional to do this for you. Remember, it takes time to create a convincing content and an effective layout. 



And lastly, graphic design marketing should be evident on your company website. Every little detail must be taken into consideration. Think about the color scheme, all the images, the texts, and everything in between. Nothing should be left out as you would want a cohesive website graphic design. 


Marketing Agency vs Corporate Marketing Department

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Some companies would rather have an in-house corporate marketing team instead of working with a marketing agency. We all have our reasons. They think it’s more economical, or that it’s easier to communicate if you have your own marketing department. Or maybe you have confidential information that you don’t want to leak. However, based on our experience, it is still suggested that you work with a marketing agency. If you are not convinced, here are some of our reasons.  



First of all, marketing agencies generally have more exposure than an in-house team. Since the main focus of their business is marketing, they do it practically every day of their lives  As for your corporate marketing department, they are very industry-focused and they only work when there is a strong need for marketing. Thus, it limits their knowledge about the best and latest practices. 



Another reason why we highly recommend working with an agency is that they are trained to work in various industries. This gives them a different and fresh perspective on things. This can actually help your business in becoming a game-changer. If you want to stand out from the competition, using a different approach can certainly work. 

Marketing agencies are also capable of using different techniques. Thanks to their wide exposure and experience. Again, they can integrate these methods into your own marketing strategy and that can possibly interest your market. 

If you already have your own team, why don’t you let them work with a marketing agency too? That way, they can collaborate and provide insightful ideas for your next graphic design marketing plan.  

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