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Uncovering the Brand Strategy of the Biggest Companies 

A prevalent assumption among startups and small businesses is that branding has no significant relevance. They believe that a good brand is a result of endless finances, a stroke of genius, or only pure luck. It could be that they lack these three supposed qualities of a good brand strategy that they dismiss the idea altogether. 

However, research shows us otherwise. A study conducted by Circe Research reports that almost 80% of B2B marketers believe that branding is crucial for growth. That’s more than enough reason to take your branding strategies to heart and focus on making it better. 

Here are 5 of the most popular brands and what their branding strategies look like. Be inspired and get some tips along the way. 



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With 94% of the world population recognizing the Coca-Cola logo, we can conclude that they have one of the best branding strategies of all. Their vision statement, Happiness and Sharing, has been with them since the beginning. Much like almost all of their branding assets, it has withstood the test of time. 

One of the key branding strategies that they follow is their focus on the individual and not the organization. Notice that in every communication channel they use—from TV commercials to packaging design—they make stories about its consumers rather than the company itself. Along with their colors, fonts, and other identifying marks, the secret to their success is their consistency. 

Their philosophy of sharing happiness also moves them to create ads that emphasize their customers’ uniqueness. Most of their campaigns have revolved around in experiences and the stories behind them. They use great content and the right form of visuals, which has built for them an excellent connection with their audience at their level. 



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This consumer electronics giant uses emotions as the main focus of their brand strategy. Apple wants its customers to feel that their products bring imagination, innovation, and passion to their lives. It is successful in branding their company as a visionary that makes life-changing differences. 

One thing worth noting about Apple’s brand strategy is its ability to create a movement. This is how they acquired an almost cult-like following. People from all walks of life are excited about the release of their products, something that tech nerds and the average Joes agree on. 

Their product design has primarily centered on being people-driven as well as their marketing efforts. Just like Coke, we can see minimal differences in their brand strategy throughout time. Their logo has become one of the most iconic in the world and helped gain the brand’s superb market positioning. 



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Ask any designer, and they will tell you that the Google logo is one of the most unappealing. But this didn’t urge the tech powerhouse to make changes in it. There may have been a few tweaks, but it still looks the same. This only shows that an effective brand strategy is way beyond the fonts and colors, it is definitely more than that. 

With Google, it is more about market positioning, leverage of their unique selling proposition, and continuous adjustments on brand strategy. Their very first mission statement, Don’t Be Evil is as simple as their logo. But it is powerfully combined with their mandate of organizing the world’s information, that is, to give non-corporate solutions to everyone. This gives out a message of humanizing a world that’s ensconced in high technology. 



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Storytelling is a crucial ingredient in any Nike campaign. You can see it clearly in their videos, website, and social media ads. In its brand strategy, they built an image of itself as a powerful brand that inspires customer loyalty. 

Just like in the world of sports, they depicted themselves as the hero. Their strategy revolves around their emotional branding technique wherein some struggles and hardships eventually lead to winning and success. 

The Just Do It slogan is literally known everywhere in the world because people can resonate well with it. It is perfect for building a strong connection with its consumers as they can come up with their own interpretations. They aren’t just selling sportswear, they’re advocating a lifestyle which their fans gladly have taken all in. 



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No burger chain has come close to the success that McDonald’s is now enjoying. It’s because while some burger chains are busy selling their burgers, McDonald’s is selling experiences. They primarily focus on selling to children because they know how to create experiences for them, thus the Happy Meals. They understand that these memories will forge a bond that the child will keep until adulthood. 

Although most of us may have moved on from eating fast food, McDonald’s brand strategy is working well for them. They also capitalize on their brand strategy on having uniformity. The McDonald’s in the US will give its customers the same atmosphere as when you’re in one of its branches in Asia. 

Being on the list of the world’s most valuable brands worldwide, McDonald’s is a model when it comes to consistent brand and marketing strategies. They have made it globally to offer items that are unique to the country they’re in. This is innovation and collaboration, all rolled up in one. 


Final Thoughts 

These world-renowned businesses all have one thing in common in their brand strategies. They all believe in consistency as well as playing to their customers’ emotions. This might as well be these companies’ secret sauce. An Oberlo study shows that 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. 

You can be sure that these brands always develop and improve their products. But it is also clear to us that they never take brand strategy lightly. They all exert efforts to understand their audience and create branding strategies accordingly. So if you think creating that logo or revising that package design is of least importance, think again. The biggest companies invest in brand strategy, so you should, too.

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