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Are Billboard Ads Still an Effective Form of Marketing?

Right off the bat, the answer is YES! Billboard ads are still effective even with digital marketing dominance, which can be primarily seen on our own personal gadgets. For those who do not believe that it still has the power, this article for you. 

We will share the reasons why billboard ads work. At the same time, provide the best billboard examples which you can use as inspiration. 


High Traffic  

Whether we like it or not, most people still go out, (except now – at the time of this writing, people stay at home due to COVID-19). But on a typical day, we need to drive to the office, children have to go to school, and we have to do errands. According to a study, an average American spends around 101 minutes per day driving. Imagine the lost opportunity if you do not use the time to introduce and expose your brand. 

And so, it is always ideal that you use billboard ads most especially if you are a start-up company. 


We Can’t Ignore It

Another beauty of using billboards is that your market or audience does not have the ability to ‘ignore’ your ads. They will see your advertisement whenever they are driving, or on a bus ride, or just walking on the side streets. 

The case is different for online advertisements where individual users can customize what they see on their mobile devices. They can even turn off notifications for whatever reason they have. And you, as an advertiser, will have a hard time re-introducing your brand.  

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Speaking of a billboard that you can’t ignore, here’s a clever idea from Chipotle. It’s breaking the norm and yet highly intriguing. Whether you read the entire statement or not, you still get the idea. 

Sometimes, it’s not just about the images or icons, but the texts that you use. But be careful though. Your billboard ideas might not work well with social media platforms. And so you have to identify where to use each design. 


Billboard Ads Go Digital 

If you think that billboard ads do not evolve – think again! While there are still a lot of traditional billboards, we begin to see the advent of digital ones. And this is good news for marketers wanting to try out outdoor advertising.

Why, you may ask?  

With digital billboard ads, you can schedule the time when your advertisement will flash. This involves market research because you have to understand the time that your target market is usually outside. 

One more thing, with digital billboard ads, you can put up short video clips, and it is deemed to be more effective. As visual creatures, we always gravitate towards things that move. And so when your advertisement is animated, people will be more interested in watching it. This is more ideal if there is heavy traffic in the area and cars naturally slow down. It’s infotainment on its own.  

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Here’s one that can be found in Harmon Corner in Las Vegas. The location is perfect if you want millions of people to see your brand. It’s situated near hotels and other establishments. On average, there are around 24 million cars that pass by the digital billboard every year. Even on a daily scale, the number of potential audiences is still overwhelming. Imagine how much exposure a brand gets from it.


Leaves a Powerful Impact

Billboards are generally larger than life. It screams.  It overwhelms. And by the size alone, you can establish that your brand is huge. 

Remember when most aspiring models would dream of having their own billboard? You see, when your face is on a billboard, that’s instant fame. The same goes for your brand if you use the medium for advertising. 

It’s one of the ways to establish authority in the industry. As they always say, Go Big or Go Home! Below are some of the coolest ideas that might inspire you. 


Berger Natural Finish Colours 

billboard ad

If you do not want a digital billboard, that’s fine. But make sure that you give your design a unique flavor to stand out. Take a look at what Berger Natural Finish Colours did. Obviously, the layout is plain, but the concept is genius. Stretch your imagination and look for ways to shock people – of course, without using profanity or scandalous images. 


Coca – Cola 

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Billboards are not just a way to introduce and promote products but also serve a bigger purpose. Coca-Cola has used the platform to remind people to practice social distancing during the pandemic. It is always lovely to position your brand with genuine care. And so, if you plan to create your billboard, you can integrate your values and culture. That way, more people will appreciate your products and services. 


Works With Other Marketing Tools  

We are not saying to ditch other channels for marketing such as radio, tv, or through social media. These are all effective in their own manner. However, if you know which channels could work together, it can create great results for your brand. In fact, billboards or out-of-home advertisements can increase your product’s online search by 40 percent. So if you are also working on your digital marketing, having a billboard could be a great supplement.   

You must remember that a person will likely purchase a product or services after being exposed to the brand seven times. In that case, use different mediums for marketing. Consistency and variety play a huge role. Sooner or later, you would see people getting more interested in your brand. 


Return of Investment 

At the end of the day, we advertise so we can earn in the future. So if you are asking if billboards can provide a good return of investment – again, the answer is yes. If you must know, It has a more significant ROI compared to TV and print. 

Maximize your marketing budget by strategically designing your billboard. Look for the best location and gain better exposure. 


Final Thoughts 

Should you use billboard ads? If your budget permits, then there’s no reason not to. It’s an investment and could also help if you want to improve your digital searches. But you have to be careful when creating and executing this plan. As billboards naturally create impact, designing a mediocre one can leave the impression that you have a terrible brand. It’s better if you work with professionals such as the Design Doctor team where you can get quality and effective billboard ads ideas. 

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