Why A Custom Sticker Design Will Improve Your Reach

Do you know that the hottest marketing trend in 2018 is billboard advertising? While a lot of businesses make sure to invest in billboards, startups might deviate from this route due to budget limitations. But since outdoor advertising increases customer interaction than any other marketing medium, startups also want in on the fun. That said, most startups and small businesses turn to a custom sticker design instead.

Bridging the gap between your venture and target market, sticker marketing is a type of guerilla marketing that’s effective if appropriately strategized. And that’s the reason why custom sticker designs are quite popular right now. Not only do small businesses include sticker marketing in their strategies, but also the big guns in any industry. 

Here’s why custom sticker designs are a foolproof way of gaining marketing mileage for your small-, medium-, or large-sized business. 


5 Benefits of a Custom Sticker Design



There’s no denying how easy it is to create a custom sticker design for your business. With the technological advancements today, there is no shortage of online tools for customized sticker designs. That said, stickers are one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies out there. In fact, in case you don’t have the skills to make an appealing design, hiring professional graphic designers also won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 


Effective Marketing Campaigns

A custom sticker design is an effective way to carry your business logo, email, contact number, or website URL. In fact, stickers are a cool way to represent your brand. Die-cut stickers are all the rage now because of its unique, customized shape. However, its counterpart, kiss-cut stickers are also just as effective. 


Extensive Reach

Since you can place your stickers anywhere you wish, businesses shouldn’t ignore sticker marketing. If you target high foot traffic areas, your target market will undeniably notice your business logo. However, the design has to be eye-catching to make them take a glimpse. Additionally, it has to be unique and not overly promotional.



Because custom sticker designs can have varying shapes and sizes, you get carte blanche on where to stick them. For instance, if you’re giving out customized sticker designs, your audiences can stick them to laptops, water bottles, and whatnot. And since you can play around with shapes and sizes, you’ll be surprised at the many possibilities it can do for your brand.


Lifetime Marketing 

Stickers can communicate your branding and message with your audience no matter where you put them. And as long as they’re there, sticker marketing can advertise your brand for a lifetime. That said, ensure that they’re of high-quality with striking graphics.


How to Promote Your Business Through Sticker Marketing

The upper hand you get from sticker marketing is the wide range of areas and surfaces you can pick. This is why businesses with a limited budget mostly use guerilla marketing. Since guerilla marketing involves affordable and unconventional advertising ways, the most peculiar objects could be the ones raking in the sales.

Here are ways to promote your business using custom sticker designs:



sticker on vehicle

The best thing about using vehicles for sticker marketing is that it reaches your audiences all day, every day. 

This is a custom sticker design on a private vehicle. It has all the necessary information a customer needs whenever they want tech services. 

duracell sticker marketing

If you want to add a bit of fun into your sticker marketing, follow Duracell’s footsteps. This image is an effective way of showing how durable and reliable their batteries are. 



sticker marketing on window

Another area that you can leverage to make the most out of your sticker marketing approach is windows. Whether it’s your establishment’s window or another’s, customized stickers on windows are head-turners.

If you’re promoting a special sale or launching a new product, make the colors vibrant to attract any passerby’s attention. These simple and colorful stickers with minimal text are enough to capture anyone who treads through. 


Lamp Posts

lamp sticker marketing

Street lamp posts are also another go-to object for sticker marketing due to their location. Lamp posts are situated in conspicuous areas and, therefore, entice any willing prospect. 

Since you get a limited space with lamp posts, opting for a bigger sticker with fewer elements is suitable. Take this skateboard store’s customized sticker design, for example. 



sticker marketing on packaging

What better way to promote your business via stickers than on your product packaging itself? Aside from the logos on your packaging, stickers are also an excellent way to showcase additional information about your brand. 

Here’s an example of a coffee shop with a plain paper bag packaging. It can be easy for customers to remember the brand because the sticker pops out against the mundane material. 


Exit Signs

axe sticker marketing

Exit signs like tunnel or station exits are high foot traffic areas and should never be ignored in sticker advertising. 

If a huge company like Axe is leveraging customized sticker designs for marketing, then you should too. Plus, they’ve brilliantly incorporated storytelling in simple images. 

Their sticker shows a man being chased by a couple of women. This goes to show how their products can make men smell good that women go crazy over them.



sticker marketing mr clean

This might not be the most common area for guerilla marketing, but pedestrians are perfect marketing mediums. 

Mr. Clean pulled off this tactic by repainting one line with a fresh coat and placing the mascot on one side. This gives the distinction that Mr. Clean really does make your clothes whiter and cleaner. 



sticker marketing on laptop

If you’ve already dominated all public areas and objects, take advantage of events by giving out custom-made stickers. Make sure it’s an event that’s somehow within your niche, so you get quality prospects. Those who patronize your services will proudly affix your stickers on their personal things like laptops or tablets for brand loyalty. 


Wrap Up

There are still so many ways you can promote your business through sticker advertising. Benches, signboards, highway shields, publics walls — the possibilities are endless. As early as now, thinking of ways to capture your target market through custom-made sticker designs is a surefire way to gather leads and, eventually, increase sales. 

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