The Most Inspirational Effects On Photoshop

Photoshop is a computer software developed in 1987 by the brothers Thomas and John Knoll who later sold the rights to Adobe in 1988. It is an amazing photo manipulating and editing tool that has become an integral part of many industries. Publishing, web design, advertising, architecture, and even the medical field hasn’t been the same since the application’s inception. Through the years, Photoshop has become an indispensable tool in the advertising and marketing fields. Many ads, posters, flyers, websites, and others have been created with this tool that seems short of being magical. Here are the top effects that you can get Photoshop inspiration from, so you too, can use them.


Photo Enhancing Effects

bmw design

Anyone can alter the looks of their photographs with any software available. But for professionals, Photoshop is the weapon of choice. Bland or blurry photos instantly become stunning with a little manipulation with this software. This is an advertiser’s dream come true as the photos they use for their ads, websites, or social media can have a more dramatic look. This BMW image by Michael Chang wouldn’t be as breathtaking and awe-inspiring without the use of Photoshop.


Color, Gradient, and Layering Effects

nike graphics

You can replace the colors of an image easily with Photoshop. This effect allows you to see different versions of your images to find out which one is the most suitable. In this example from Rus Khasanov, Nike‘s logo has been edited to be as colorful as it can get with a lot of splashes all around it. It adds movement beautifully and made the logo look more dynamic and trendy.


Metallic Effects

mtv graphics

Metal is such a hard material to work with, but with Photoshop, it’s a breeze. You don’t have to be a blacksmith. With a little practice and a ton of talent, the process can be simple and easy. This image for the MTV 2017 Video Music Awards by Carlo Sa is brilliant with its metallic effects. The look is hyper-realistic, you can almost feel the coldness of the metal. You’re only limited by your imagination as anything can be done with the software.


Realistic Painting Effects

painting effect graphics

Oil painting has taken on a new level with Photoshop. You no longer have to bring out the paint, turpentine, and the brushes. Just the software will do. But the beauty of oil painting isn’t lost in the process. It looks just as if you painted on a fresh blank canvas. Slava Shults painted the cover and illustrations of the 2018 version of Robinson Crusoe using Photoshop. This effect lets you create masterpieces and place them on magazines, eBooks, websites and other photoshop inspiration ideas.


Image Combination Effects

coke graphics

You can combine two or more images to create a wonderful picture for your ads, websites, and other marketing materials. In this example from Latina Studio for Coca-Cola, the image of a woman was taken without any ornaments. The images of the accessories were then added to the original photo to create something festive and carnivalesque. Even the face painting is an add-on which is flawless, the additions are barely noticeable. You wouldn’t believe that the original image was so plain and boring.


Text and Image Layer Effects

kfc graphics

You can create eye-catching texts and images that have both depth and dimension. Your graphics will have texture and movement instead of just being flat and lifeless. This KFC Colonel Sanders travel postcard by Alan Berry Rhys has colors, illustrations, and texts that stand out, thanks to Photoshop. It is a mishmash of different design techniques to create a harmonious advertisement that’s pleasing to the eyes.



uber graphics

To create one-of-a-kind illustrations, Adobe Illustrator is the tool to use. However, Photoshop also gives you the freedom to create illustrations that are attention-grabbers. Check this mural illustration by Karol Banach for Uber. Photoshop was once a subset for Illustrator. But now, it can stand out on its own. The possibilities are endless when you have this for your photoshop inspiration.


Smoke Effects

smoke graphics

Create an enigmatic aura around your product with this beautiful smoke effect. This mock-up design of a perfume brand by Fernando Arrais oozes with mystery, elegance, and sophistication. The addition of the smoke makes it more mystifying but somehow gives you a hint that this scent can excite anyone. The monochromatic effect emphasizes the brand name making it jump out of the page for easy recognition.


Glass Effects

dior graphics

Glass adds elegance to any product and with this effect using photoshop, your ads will look timeless. Take a cue from this Dior watch ad by GBRS Global that uses glass, crystal, marble, and stones as props. The spread is stylish and trendy but exudes a classic look that’s synonymous with high-end watches and other jewelry. Sure, they can use real glass. But Photoshop’s enhancing capabilities allow you to make ads that use materials that look close to the real thing.


Blend Mode Effects

guess graphics

The secret to amazing images on your ads or websites is clarity. Photographs that are crisp and clear making for a more compelling ad, social media post, or landing page. With Photoshop, you can edit your images to give them life and brightness with little effort. The Screen Blend mode can help you achieve vibrant images that will provide contrast and energy to your ads. This image designed by Estudio Cielo for Guess shows movement and energy. It’s in sync with the brand that targets the young and spirited.


Why Photoshop is an Effective Tool for Graphic Design

It used to be that creating artworks involved paints and brushes. With the advancement in technology, we do almost everything digitally. Even painting and illustrating. Tools such as Photoshop have become valuable and indispensable in almost every industry.

The reason is that every business needs advertising and marketing to gain more customers and increase revenues. Graphic design is a major component of every marketing strategy. To create logos, banners, and other similar design needs, using pen and paper may seem backward and obsolete. Photoshop inspiration comes from the many uses the software can give your graphic design needs. 


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