The Top Graphic Designers of 2020

Whatever trade you’re in, graphic design is and will always be a crucial part of internal and external communication tactics. Graphic design can be applied to basic branding projects such as logo design and web design. It’s also a necessary element for field-specific essentials like school branding or influencer YouTube banner design. It’s therefore not surprising to see everyone looking up to top graphic designers who are pushing the envelope forward. After all, having well-designed visuals is crucial for firms of any type and size, in today’s digital age. 

Statistics tell us that nine out of ten Internet users would leave a site when they see poor graphic design. So just imagine how much revenue an online venture could lose just because of a poorly composed website!

Luckily, services like Design Doctor allows for customized and high-quality graphics without having to cost an arm and a leg. That is to say,  having access to unlimited graphic design at a flat monthly rate would make you feel like you are your own graphic designer.

And speaking of, here’s a list of the top names in the graphic design industry. Review each artist’s style to spark inspiration for your next project.


1. Gabby Lord

Gabby Lord is an Australian designer and art director currently based in New York City. Her work has earned her several awards from the Design Institute of Australia, AgIdeas, and the International Society of Typographic Designers.

G-Lord’s designs have clean geometric shapes and crisp colors. Moreover, the exciting elements in her works of art don’t confuse, allowing the viewer to focus on the material’s message. 

Her style has led her to work with big brands such as Qantas, Jetstar, The Australian Chamber Orchestra, Macquarie Bank, Red Bull Music Academy, and Ableton.


2. Alex Trochut

This Spanish artist first made waves with his design studio in Barcelona before moving to the Big Apple. Trochut believes that aside from being a material for reading, typography creates an image and conveys meaning to the viewer. Thus, reading and seeing become the same when appreciating typographic designs.

His striking visual style could be seen in his design and typographic projects. As a result, he has a list of awards under the belt. These include awards from Cannes Lions, D&AD Professional Awards, and ADC Awards.


3. Marta Veludo

The Amsterdam-based artist designs projects for both commercial and cultural fields. Her studio creates unique materials that take inspiration from folk art and pop culture. Veludo tries to combine elements from various mediums and areas to come up with projects that engage.

Her list of past clients includes Google, Adidas, Reebok, Lego, Rituals, VPRO, Vice, Restored. She has also worked with The Bookstore Foundation and Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival.


4. Kati Forner

Kati Forner is a designer based in Los Angeles. She is the person behind Kati Forner Design, which is a full-service creative studio in LA. The studio offers branding services, including naming, and positioning. They also assist brands in the identity system, brand guidelines, and art direction.

Forner’s work features soft and delicate colors, crisp shapes, and notable shadows. Some of KFD’s designs have been featured on Vogue, Refinery 29, Anthropologie, and many other media.


5. Gianluca Alla

Gianluca Alla is the artist behind the graphic design service, Ag. Based in London, Alla’s venture has worked with big clients in the international arena. These companies include Rolling Stone Magazine, UCB Benetton, Apple/Platoon, and Neubad. They’ve also worked with Pinterest and Wired.

Ag is the company behind Letterzip, which is described as “a family of short animated answers” used through mobile. These GIFs feature an analog look, similar to graphics seen during the early phase of computer usage.


6. Leta Sobierajski

This New York City-based designer and art director is known for her quirky style. She fuses graphic design elements with art, photos, and styling to create unique projects that are never boring. As a result, she has been given various recognition, including Art Directors Club Young Guns 15.

She has earlier worked with Adobe, Google, IBM, The New York Times, and Refinery 29. Leta has also worked with apparel giants like Gucci, UNIQLO, and Target.

Sobierajski and her husband, Wade Jeffree, launched a design studio a few years ago. The studio focuses on branding. They also offer art direction and video design services.


7. Hashmukh Kerai 

Kerai is a London-based freelance motion graphic designer. With a background in film, he has a passion for creating moving images that can be hard to capture on camera. 

His showreel displays a wide range of effects that show exciting movements and modern illustrations. He also offers guidance on building a career as a freelance artist. He provides a free ebook about the subject on his website.


8. Kate Moross

Kate Moross is a London-based art director and graphic designer. She founded Studio Moross in 2012, which is a versatile design company. The designs created by the studio are fun, youthful, and fresh. The visuals seen on their website are reminiscent of well-designed graffiti.

Kate has been awarded multiple awards, including the UKMVA Award-Winning Director 2014 Music Ad Catagory.


9. Ryan Bosse

This San-Francisco-based graphic designer mostly accepts projects through Dribbble. Dribbble is an online platform for digital designers, such as those in graphic design, illustration, web design, and UX/UI.

Ryan’s portfolio features a diverse mix of styles. His designs range from classic with a color twist to quirky illustrations perfect for infographics.


10. Erik Marinovich

Erik Marinovich is one of the top graphic designers who know how to create letter styles that add an extra layer to the message. The San Francisco-based creative is an expert in lettering design. He is also a co-founder of a type and lettering sketch blog called Friends of Type. 

Marinovich’s works show attention to detail and notable artistry. As a result, he has earned awards including the Comm Arts Typography Annual. He also has a Type Directors Club Annual and a Letter Cult Person of the Year under his belt. 

Marinovich has created logos, letters, and type for brands like Google, Facebook, Nike, and Target. He has also worked with Hilton, Sharpie, Air Canada, Gap, and Ford Motor Company. 

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