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Wow Customers with Beautiful Ecommerce Packaging

Your product packaging is part of the buying experience. From the way your customers receive your products to how they unbox and scrutinize the packaging, every detail matters. And for online businesses, the eCommerce packaging adds up to the overall purchase value

Read on to know why eCommerce product packaging is crucial for your business. Plus, we’ll show you eight of the most beautiful eCommerce packaging designs that ever appeared online. 


5 Benefits of Ecommerce Packaging

As eCommerce entrepreneurs, you must include a functional and beautiful packaging to impact the purchasers’ decision. According to INC, 52 percent of buyers worldwide base their purchasing decision on product packaging. 

Not only is the eCommerce packaging essential for aesthetics, but it also brings a myriad of benefits for your business. Here are five that should persuade you to go the extra mile when it comes to your product packaging. 

  • Tangibility is one thing eCommerce sellers can’t offer. That said, make sure that you give your customers a good first impression upon order arrival. Make sure you wow them the moment they set their eyes on the product packaging. This way, you’re building the excitement for the final revelation.
  • Beautiful eCommerce packaging conveys your branding. Your product packaging is part of your brand identity. To communicate the right brand message, tone, and personality, integrate your brand colors, font, and language on the packaging. Aligning your packaging with your branding is one way to instill brand recognition. 
  • Online product packaging adds up to overall purchase value. Luxury packaging isn’t necessary to add up to the entire product value. However, merely giving your customers a unique unboxing experience is something worth paying for. Unboxing videos are gaining YouTube traction because they’re fun and genuine.
  • Unique and customized eCommerce packaging is shared more often than mundane packaging. Social media users share cute and nice things online. And your product packaging could make the rounds online — if they’re share-worthy. 
  • An excellent way to say thank you. The packaging can act as a powerful tool to show your appreciation for your customers. Throw in some packaging inserts like stickers or a thank-you card, and your customers will feel more valued. Overall, it’s a perfect way to foster customer relationships.


8 Beautiful Ecommerce Packaging Examples 

Here are 10 of the best eCommerce packaging designs that should inspire you.


1. Two Prophets

ecommerce packaging design

Any dipsomaniac would spend a bit more time in the liquor aisle. With so many liquor brands in the market enclosed in stellar bottle packaging, how do you stand out? This Mexican brand for a tequila bottle Two Prophets has fun written all over it. It’s in a cool black color, and it comes with shot glasses. Plus, the vibrant yellow and pink is a perfect contrast to the all-black packaging. 


2. Clean the Ocean

ecommerce packaging design

Sustainability has now become a necessity for brands to beat the competition. If you’re neck and neck with your competition, get ahead of the game with packaging that speaks your message. Clean the Ocean is a biodegradable household cleaner. The beautiful pastel colors aren’t only apt for an environment-friendly brand. But the way customers can use the bottles after is a plus — they can turn it into a flower vase!


3. Amazon 

ecommerce packaging design

The unboxing experience should be part of the buying process. And Amazon has always maintained a minimalist but functional approach when it comes to their eCommerce packaging. This particular example is for a shaver that is very snug. The various parts are comfortably and safely protected. 


4. Seed Phytonutrients

ecommerce packaging design

A paper bottle packaging? Sounds crazy, but it’s doable, and L’Oreal-owned brand Seed Phytonutrients was one of the first companies who did it. The paper bottle is made of recycled materials like newspaper and cardboard. Although there is a thin layer of plastic lining inside, every order is one less plastic bottle in the ocean. 


5. Missguided

ecommerce packaging design

Missguided is a forward-thinking apparel company that aims to empower women all over the globe. Their brave and bold branding emanates in their eCommerce packaging. The brand banks on making a statement in the fashion industry, and so does their brand image. This particular plastic packaging is simple yet screams “girl power” from the oversized lips and vibrant rouge. 


6. Munch’n Raspberries

ecommerce packaging design

When thinking of how you can create a positive buying experience, don’t be afraid to explore minimalism in packaging designs. You can poke a bit of fun on any packaging design, as long as it’s akin to your branding. For this example, Munch’n Raspberries stuck with the traditional plastic packaging. The transparent packaging allows them to showcase their yummy raspberries to make consumers salivate. Plus, they make sure to incorporate their logo, colors, and typography to focus on brand awareness and recall. 


7. All Saints

ecommerce packaging design

When it comes to eCommerce packaging, think outside the box — literally and figuratively. Instead of wrapping the products in a plain, brown box that you open from the top, try to break the mold and create it differently, like what All Saints did. They are an apparel company that caters to both men and women. Moreover, their packaging is unique as it opens differently from the side instead of the typical box opening. 


8. Bee Bright

ecommerce packaging design

An effective eCommerce packaging should be a combination of aesthetics, innovation, and functionality. And Bee Bright is a perfect example of this. The company sells honey, but when you look at their packaging at first glance, you’d never guess there’s honey inside. The packaging is made of beeswax. Plus, when you finish the honey, you can turn it upside down, and it doubles as a candle. This is packaging innovation at its finest!


Wrap Up


Ecommerce is a booming industry if you know the way to your audience’s hearts. Aside from exceptional products, your product packaging is one way to gain repeat customers. Give them an unforgettable buying experience, and quickly gain affinity from your new and existing customers. 

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