Effective Landing Pages for Each Industry

While conventional marketing involves flyers to market directly to consumers, digital marketing also banks on landing pages to target leads. Sure, a company website can do a bang-up job of inciting awareness, augmenting your email list, and increasing conversions. However, effective landing pages have one primary goal, and that’s to convert prospects to paying customers. 

Companies that invest in 30 or more landing pages garner more leads than those that create less than that. With more landing pages and testing, marketers get a good grasp of how their audience engages with ads. This allows them to craft landing pages that rake in sales.

Moreover, marketers know how to capture leads by creating convertible landing pages. Hero images, compelling copy, and CTA are a few of the elements of an effective landing page. However, different industries would require various landing page elements to speak to their audiences. 

There is no cookie-cutter method in landing pages for various industries. And lucky for you, we’ve compiled the elements you need to include on landing pages for these five industries: Healthcare, food, business services, retail, and education. 



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When it comes to healthcare, marketers need to be careful about how they communicate with their audience. For instance, not a lot of their audience understand medical jargon. So the first rule of healthcare landing pages is to avoid big words. 

You have to ensure that your landing pages are laser-sharp in attracting more leads. Try to focus the details and images on the patient instead of your healthcare business. It’s important to note that in healthcare, your primary concern should be your patients. And that’s why you must make your landing page all about them. 

While graphics-centric landing pages are more effective, healthcare landing pages should balance images and copy. This is because healthcare leads want to find out more about the healthcare business. And effective landing pages can do just that. 

Make sure, however, that you don’t overwhelm your audience with blocks of text. Keep it easily digestible. You may include a short FAQ section that your audience can quickly navigate to. Overall, effective landing pages for healthcare should be concise and patient-oriented. 



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Another fundamental technical element of landing pages is mobile responsiveness. Since 60 percent of internet traffic is via mobile phones, this is a vital requirement for landing pages. And when you’re creating landing pages for the food industry, mobile responsiveness is of utmost importance. This is because consumers could be searching for places to eat when they’re out and about. 

This also leads us to the next element of a food business’ landing page — Google Maps. When leveraging geo-targeting, your restaurant’s location and map are helpful to lead consumers to your establishment. 

Another vital element you must include in your restaurant landing page is images of your food. Unlike the healthcare industry, which banks on texts, the food industry relies on images to lure consumers. Include photos of your best-selling dishes or specials. Take note, though, that using low-quality photos won’t convert. Ensure that you hire professional graphic designers or photographers to make for effective landing pages. 


Business Services

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Brand trust is crucial, no matter what industry you’re in. In fact, 33 percent of Americans claim that they base their choices on brand trust because they can’t afford wasting money on subpar products and services. 

And for companies offering business services, trust is also a crucial factor. To make your landing pages convert, it helps if you include social proof such as testimonials from CEOs or employees. You may also showcase your company awards or certifications to impress your prospects. Anything that can show how you’ve helped businesses over the years can be a gauge for your leads. 

As for copywriting, it can be challenging to compile everything in a few web pages. That said, make sure your sales pitch is concise and compelling. Unbounce experts state that effective landing pages have fewer than 100 words. These landing pages convert 50 percent better than those with longer copy. 



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Retail businesses cater to end-users. Some examples would be apparel companies, gadget stores, or eCommerce stores. For this type of business, putting your products front and center is one way to lead prospects down the sales funnel.

Follow in the footsteps of Apple. This sophisticated brand displays its best-selling products on their website and landing pages. They bank on hero images, with various angles of their devices. Moreover, Apple believes that images are more than enough to entice their customers. They dwell on a minimal copy, writing only the features and benefits of their product in a punchy tone. 

Creating effective landing pages for any retail business would have to rely on the basics plus high-quality images. It also helps if you include a short clip to showcase your customers wearing or using your products. 

Furthermore, discounts and freebies are also an excellent hook to make prospects act. Try to include a sense of urgency or include limited-edition offers. Remember to consider retail audiences’ pain points and offer great sales pitch. Instead of relying on your product’s or service’s features, showcase the benefits to provide a remedy for their pain points. 



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Explaining an education business concept can be challenging, especially if you’re running a higher education university. To garner more enrollment in the next school year, there are a couple of components you can show. 

Audiences in the education industry are looking for professionalism and excellence. Of course, if they should choose a school, it must be an institution with a proven track record over the years. 

Video marketing is an excellent way to explain your complex education system or structure. Did you know that 51 percent of marketing professionals consider videos as one of the most effective digital marketing tactics? Sharing your success stories through videos is a high selling point.

Virtual tours could be another way to showcase your beautiful campus. Better yet, interviews with successful graduates are also best-suited for higher education universities. Showcasing your certificates and awards over the years is also another effective landing page tactic. 

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