Graphic Design Tactics for the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry may be one of the most glamorous fields out there. But beyond the plush fabrics, trendy cuts, sleek shoes, and camera flashes is cut-throat competition. Staying in business requires not only perseverance and hard work but also a thick skin. Often, producing stunning creations isn’t all there is to it. In fact, communicating brand identity through fashion graphic design can be just as essential.

In this article, we’ll discuss the vast significance of graphic design ideas for fashion brand, including fashion advertising. We’ll also look at fashion industry design tactics that will help you beat the pants off your rivals and spike up your sales at the drop of a hat.  


How Does Graphic Design Influence the Fashion Industry?

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According to fashion industry statistics, the global apparel market expects to grow to 1.5 trillion dollars in value in 2020. This number proves how fruitful and promising the industry is, not just for old brands but also for newbies.

If you’re familiar with the fashion industry business, you probably know that there are several fashion graphic design courses out there. How do these two visual arts converge? Here are some of the ways graphic design basics apply to fashion:


Fashion Illustrations

Though some designers still draw their fashion sketches using the old way, digital solutions can offer a lot of options. For example, it’s easy to undo mistakes or change the colors of a study with just a few clicks. 


Fashion Catalogs or Lookbooks

Fashion brands usually launch catalogs or lookbooks to highlight their products and suggest styling options. Graphic design is vital in creating these materials. From layout and color to typography options, good graphic design can make all the difference in showing products to clients.


Advertising Graphic Design 

The role of fashion advertising in the industry is vast. For one, many people rely on ads to keep up with ever-changing fashion trends. Thus, putting a focus on fashion ad design can help a brand foster an active community of clients and prospects. 


Apparel Graphic Design

Just browse for shirts on online fashion shops, and you’ll see why graphic design is vital for apparel. Aside from shirts, graphic design also applies to fabric, sportswear, shoes, and other types of clothing. Jewelry brands also use graphics to create their unique designs.


7 Fashion Graphic Design Tactics


Here are graphic design strategies to consider for a strong fashion brand.


1. Aim for Iconic

In fashion, many people think that keeping up with the trend is the name of the game. However, it would help if you were not contented with merely keeping up. In fact, you should aim to set the trend. Instead of doing what other brands are doing, be unique, and aim to be iconic. 

Let’s take Coco Chanel, for example. If we review fashion industry history, she made waves for launching casual ensembles at a time of the corseted silhouettes. Clearly, her courage to go against the tide paid off. Today, Chanel’s custom logo design is still a symbol of classy style.


2. Attention to Detail

Time for a quick fashion industry analysis quiz: what makes a knock-off bag so distinct from its original version? The answer is simple – the details. Both bags may look alike from afar. After all, one was patterned after the other. However, if you look at them closely side-by-side, you’d probably see that the stitches are different. Designer bags are handmade, with details carefully executed down to the smallest stitch. Knock-offs, on the other hand, are produced through cheap labor, so the details aren’t done right.

In the same vein, be detail-oriented when it comes to graphic design for fashion. The result should look finished, polished, and, most of all, original. 


3. Tell a Story

The business of fashion isn’t all about aiming for a single purchase. In fact, brands work hard to build a brand that clients would want to be part of continuously. So, it’s essential to tell a story not just through the lines you launch, but also through your other assets such as web graphics, ads, and even down to your social media posts. Take your clients on your journey as a brand.


4. Go Minimalist

Just as black and white business cards are becoming trendier these days, going minimalist can work if it goes well with your brand identity. For one, a plain design can put the limelight on your pieces without causing distraction. Use this tactic if your fashion brand offers products that are basic, simple, and classic.


5. Or Go Over-the-Top

On the contrary, if your brand is known for being anything but dull, go for maximalist graphic design. If you look at fashion industry articles from late 2019, many columnists have commented on how maximalism is on the rise. If your brand banks more on technicolor, print-on-print style rather than monochrome essentials, consider using over-the-top graphics.  


6. From Catwalk to Poster

So you created the most stunning collection, and you’re sure your target market will like it too. However, one critical element needs to be done correctly – translating the ideas to fashion advertising and promotion materials. Your graphics should reflect the design of your fashion line and must never oppose your identity. 


7. Experiment

Your old graphic design style may feel as comfortable as an old shoe. However, fashion isn’t really synonymous to comfort; haven’t you seen the fierce heels on those Manolo Blahniks? In short, you need to take risks to get ahead of the fashion curve. Similarly, be open to experimenting with graphics and fashion advertising techniques to get step up your game.


Other Options If You Can’t Afford a Fashion Advertising Agency

If you’re a fashion startup, hiring a full-time graphic designer can burn a hole in your pocket. Luckily, there are various options if you can’t afford to hire a designer or an ad agency. If you need professional designs at a reasonable price, schedule a consultation with Design Doctor. Offering unlimited graphic design at a flat monthly rate, your brand can stay in style sans the hefty price tag.  

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