Read These Tips Before Hiring a Logo Graphic Designer

Established business owners understand the importance of a great logo. For startups, this can come as a baffling challenge, especially when your budget is on the limited side. It’s understandable to cut corners, but your logo shouldn’t be one of them. Your logo has the ability to set the stage for how consumers will perceive your brand. Don’t pass on this crucial task to just anyone, hire a professional who understands graphic design and marketing. But before hiring a graphic designer to create your logo, here are some tips to help you make sure that you’re getting only the best. 


Why Startups Need Good Graphic Design 

As they say in the business world, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” As a startup, you’re essentially an unknown. To make a good impression, you need to bring out the big guns so that consumers will see you as someone who means business. 

And what better way to do this than by hiring a professional graphic designer to create your logo, website, and other startup marketing requirements. Your brochure, flyers, banners, and other advertising paraphernalia will create a significant impact for your brand when they’re done by someone who knows how. 


How Startups Use Graphic Design and Marketing 

Startup graphic design is a necessity, not an option. Trust is a trait all businesses should aspire to have, more so if you’re just starting. When people trust you, it’s highly likely that they’ll buy from you

Studies show that there is a substantial correlation between trust and good design. To project an image of trustworthiness and make a lasting impression, here are some startups that used graphic design in their marketing strategies: 



airbnb company

A marketplace for travel accommodations, Airbnb has a logo that’s eye-catching and unique. It is shaped like the letter A and a basic house that is perfectly apt for the brand. 



social media site logo

Another startup with a beautiful logo, Pinterest is a social media bookmarking website. Its logo is a mix of the letter P and a pushpin on a red background. It ties well with the site’s core, that is, to “Pin It.” 



messaging app logo

Slack, a corporate messaging website, has one of the most colorful logos you’ll see from a startup. They started out using a hashtag logo then updated to what it is today. The reason for the change was that the first one wasn’t cohesive enough. This is proof that logos can evolve, but getting it right the first time is always preferable. 


Tips Before Hiring A Logo Designer 

graphic designer and client

A great logo can only come from a great graphic designer. Much like a cheap logo will look just like that—cheap. To get the best designer for the job, here are some tips to help you find the one: 


Check Out Their Portfolio

The best way to find out the skills of a graphic designer is through their portfolio. Any logo designer worth their salt should have one. This is where you’ll see their previous works and if their style matches what you have in mind for your brand. 


Ask Them Questions 

Portfolios can be a useful reference for a graphic designer’s work, but not their attitude. Schedule a short chat with your prospect so you can get to know the levels of their listening and communicating skills. This is where you’ll see if they can follow your instructions, work within the set timeline, or how they handle the challenges. 

Most designers use inspirations for their designs. Ask them to describe their style and where they get their inspirations from. This can show you their sense of style and if it would fit with what you have in mind. 


Talk to Their Previous Clients  

If you can, ask them for any references that you can speak with. These would be their previous employers or former clients. Ask them for any review or feedback that could help you to get to know your potential designer more. It would be best if you can get them to talk about the designer’s time management skills, professional behavior, and interpersonal skills. 


Check Their Creativity Levels 

There are many things you can learn from viewing a graphic designer’s portfolio, but sometimes, it isn’t enough. Ask them about a design they made and what steps they took to come up with that design. You can also show them examples of logos that you find appealing and ask them what they could have done differently. With this, you’ll get a feel for how they work and how creative they are in terms of tackling a given task. 


Introduce Your Brand 

An experienced graphic designer will have picked up a lot of startup marketing skills along the way. As graphic design and marketing go hand in hand, a great designer will be knowledgeable in both. Explain to your prospect what your brand is all about to give them an idea of what they’ll be designing for. 

Let them know who your target audience is, what colors you prefer, what style you want to achieve, and many others. Experienced graphic designers will understand what design elements to use depending on your buyer persona. 


Consider a Test Project 

Before hiring a graphic designer, you might want to consider a trial project to test their skills. It doesn’t have to be something complicated, redesigning an existing logo or proposing a new color scheme for a famous brand will be enough. You’ll have the chance to work with them and how they follow your instructions. 


How Unlimited Graphic Design Works 

Design Doctor is an unlimited graphic design service that can help you get the best logo for your brand at a very affordable price. If you’re a startup looking to hire a graphic designer, this is the one for you. You can submit as many design requests as you want for a fixed monthly rate of as low as $329. Our service comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, making it ideal for startups on a budget.

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