Why Graphic Design and Marketing are Important for Start-Ups 

Graphic design is all about communicating your ideas to your target audience. And when it comes to marketing a brand, good design should be an integral part of your strategies. So, it comes as no surprise that graphic design and marketing go hand in hand. 

Read on to learn about the vital connection between these two. For startups, you’ll also see how to use graphic design in marketing to help grow your brand. Understand how these can help you improve sales with a few examples. 


Why Graphic Design and Marketing Go Together 

Your marketing strategies wouldn’t be as persuasive without the use of creative elements. Humans are visual beings, and advertisements wouldn’t have as much impact if you do not add images on them. From the get-go, graphic design plays a crucial part in your branding. Well-designed logos and websites can significantly help in making prospects feel a connection with your brand. 

But the power of excellent graphic design doesn’t stop after you’re done with branding. Graphic design can help you throughout your marketing process. Marketing your brand is a constant challenge of speaking to your customers and prospects. And to effectively get your message across, great design is what you need. 


How to Use Graphic Design in Marketing 

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Strategic content, combined with compelling graphic design, can convert prospects into customers. Here are the hows and whys if you’re still unsure why graphic design matters in marketing: 


Leave a Good Impression 

As a startup, you’ll need all the help you can get in making an impression that will get you customers. Your branding should be able to grab their attention and have them remember you. A good graphic designer can help you create a logo or website that will leave a good lasting impression. 


Boost Website Traffic 

A fantastic color scheme, right font choice, high-quality images, and eye-catching graphics can bring in traffic to your website. Great graphic design in your marketing efforts will result in more ad clicks, more social media shares, and higher engagement for your startup. Aside from the best SEO practices, high-quality images, graphics, and other content can help boost visitor views and make them stay longer. 


Build Brand Identity 

Startups need to build their brand identity, and a professional graphic designer can help you do this. Your brand identity is the building block of your business. This is what your customers will recognize you with, so it’s essential to get it right the first time. Your logo is your face while your website is your store, customer service, and many more. Use great graphic design to have everything work well for your brand. 


Make Your Online Presence Felt 

Digital marketing is something any business can’t do without. To make an impactful presence online, you need to have graphic design that builds awareness for your brand. Use excellent graphics to boost engagement on social media and get people to talk about you. With the way consumers use technology today, graphic design can help you spread your message like wildfire. 


Get Your Message Across 

Your startup should have a great introduction to the world of commerce. Otherwise, you’ll probably get lost in a sea of fierce competition. Not only will you get the attention of your target market, but great graphic design can also help project an image of trustworthiness. Build awareness by using the services of a professional graphic designer in your ads, brochures, flyers, billboards, and other marketing collaterals. 


Build Authority 

How can you get people to patronize a startup? By developing trust and building authority. Getting consumers to become familiar with your brand can help you do this. With well-thought-out designs, prospects will feel a connection with your brand. Being consistent with your graphic design can instill a feeling of trust and authority, which can boost sales and revenues. 


Become an Influencer  

Almost all social media platforms are based highly on visuals. To influence people on these channels, you need graphic design that’s worth sharing. Well-designed images and illustrations increase the chances of your followers sharing your posts. This is a good way to generate interest that can lead to more people buying your products. 


Why You Need Good Design to Market your Brand 

Graphic design and marketing go together. However, it isn’t as simple as adding an image to your website. There is a vast difference between good and bad design. The contrast is real that even if you use a large amount of graphic design on your marketing plans, it won’t do any good if it’s poorly made. 

Some startups have a limited budget that it’s understandable why they choose to cut corners. But doing so, it will only be more costly when your generic logo or template website loses its relevance. You have to start over with new designs which could cost you more. 

To give you a better understanding of why good graphic design matters in your marketing strategies, here are some examples of good and bad designs: 


Bad Newsletter: 

email design

This example inundates the readers with blocks upon blocks of text. There is an attempt at including graphic design, but still, it fails to be interesting.

Good Newsletter: 

trello ad design

This newsletter from Trello has a superb layout, great color combinations, good fonts, and well-written content. 


Bad Brochure Design: 

ad design

Someone must have designed this brochure, and it’s definitely not a professional. The elements of the brochure were haphazardly laid out, with no consideration in having a visual hierarchy. This makes the design look cluttered and hard to read. 

Good Brochure Design: 

avon ad design

Avon is an excellent example of a company that knows how to use graphic design in their marketing strategies. Take a look at these samples from their brochures that are nothing short of magical. 


Final Thoughts 

Every startup strives for recognition and growth while being able to provide their customers with the best buyer experience. Graphic design is not a one-time thing that you get at the start of your operations. You need to learn the basics of how to use graphic design in marketing. It’s a continuous process because marketing without it won’t reap you good results.

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