10 Food and Beverage Advertising Agencies with Delicious Campaigns

The restaurant industry’s estimated revenue in 2019 was close to nine billion dollars. That goes to show how the food and beverage sector is and will always be a ruthless field. This is the reason why companies hire the best food and beverage advertising agencies to create the most impactful marketing campaigns. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled 10 of the most successful food industry marketing campaigns. Learn how these companies moved mountains with their influential marketing drives.


1. Asda’s “Don’t Compromise” (Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO)

This commercial from Asda has well-played storytelling. It features a couple with varying preferences for their vacation. While the woman wants an adventure, the man wants to spend his vacation in a relaxing spa. In the end, the couple compromised, which didn’t work out. 

The message here is simple yet straightforward. Asda wants to tell consumers they never have to compromise settling for less when purchasing from them.


2. Domino’s “Pizza DVD” (Artplan)

Pizza and movies go together like bacon and eggs. And what Domino’s did was remind consumers that a movie will always be better with a delicious and hot Domino’s pizza. The pizza chain partnered with 10 video rental stores in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. 

They then distributed DVDs with a thermal ink that emits the smell of pizza when heated. So when movie watchers finish and pop the disc player open, the disc then resembles a freshly made pizza. This campaign is effective because it ignites two essential senses: visual and olfactory.


3. KFC’s “Colonel Santa” (Circus Grey)

chicken bucket

What better way to spend the holidays than to share a crunchy and flavorful KFC chicken bucket? KFC’s holiday-themed buckets aren’t new to consumers. The fast-food chain has been customizing their chicken buckets to keep up with the times. And for their 2019 holiday campaign, they’ve splashed their bucket with red and green holiday colors for Christmas. Drawn by author and illustrator Nicholas John Frith, this campaign is successful because it keeps up with tradition.


4. Budweiser’s 911 Tribute “Respect” (Hill, Holiday)

Clydesdale horses have been at the forefront of Budweiser advertisements. This short commercial, which they aired during the Super Bowl in 2002, caught the hearts of many. It was a video of the Clydesdale horses trudging along the Statue of Liberty. Once they were in front of it, they bent their knees and lowered their heads as a sign of respect.

Marketing in the food industry entails emotional advertising, and this campaign is successful because they did just that. 


5. Subway’s “Taste Test Balls Up” (Above & Beyond

Subway’s “Taste Test Balls Up” is for their vegan Meatball Marinara alternative. They organized a taste test for their new meat-free meatballs by inviting vegan and vegetarian patrons. In the middle of the tasting, the host exclaims that they’ve accidentally given the classic meat version. Gasps and appalled looks can be seen in the video. 

However, another woman saves the day by explaining that it is indeed the meat-free version; it just tastes equally delicious. Food and beverage advertising agencies that think of punchy storylines such as this deserve a pat on the back.


6. RXBAR’s “No B.S.” (Wieden+Kennedy

rxbar billboard

Promoting a food business entails exhibiting all the positive aspects of the product. However, RXBAR wanted a different take on pretentious commercials. They went for a more honest and straightforward approach to food industry marketing. In their clips, rapper Ice-T shows a no-fluff advertisement by saying, “Buy a Chocolate Sea Salt RX bar or not, whatever, I’m just saying some words in a commercial.” 

This marketing strategy was strewn across all RXBAR’s marketing channels, including outdoor advertising, as shown on this billboard.


7. Whole Foods’ “Whatever Makes You Whole” (MullenLowe)

Whole Foods took this advertisement on a more personal level. They released short 15-minute clips of the reality when shopping at Whole Foods. Overall, the campaign was fun and relatable, which moved the brand forward. 


8. Heineken’s “Walk-In Fridge” (TBWA\Neboko)

TBWA\Neboko is one of the largest food and beverage advertising agencies to date. And this Heineken commercial emanates the company’s expertise by clearly showing who the brand’s target market is. It shows two scenarios where women were ecstatic to see a walk-in closet. It then shows a counteractive scene where men also screamed with happiness upon seeing a walk-in fridge full of Heineken.


9. McDonald’s’ “The Last Straw” (LLYC

Sustainability is also a primary angle when promoting a food business. In light of sustainability plans in 2020, McDonald’s eliminates plastic straws across all its branches in Spain. As a memorable gesture symbolizing their commitment, they auctioned a framed plastic straw as shown in this commercial and promised to donate proceeds to the Ronald McDonald Foundation. 

Being a sustainable food and beverage company appeals to some consumers. And finding that connection with your audience can garner brand affinity and loyalty.


10. Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” (Ogilvy)

coke campaign

This Coca-Cola campaign still emerges as one of the best ads today. Not only does Coca-Cola add a personal touch to the campaign, but they also regularly update it. Now, consumers can find over 1,000 names on the bottles as opposed to the 250 names they started with. Plus, consumers can also integrate the names in a short jingle and even order online for a customized bottle. 

Overall, the core of this advertising tactic is to engage consumers in gifting their loved ones a customized bottle and uploading it on social media using the hashtag #ShareaCoke.


How Graphic Design Can Make or Break a Campaign

delicious breakfast

As you can see from these commercials, print, or outdoor ads, various levels of creativity are poured into these advertisements. And not surprisingly, the food industry has been wowing consumers with ingenious and over-the-top ads over the years. This is because the food industry doesn’t have its back against the wall. Marketers always have a lot of room to play when it comes to food and beverage advertising because of demand. 

Of course, the adeptness of food and beverage advertising agencies plays a considerable role in these ads. And the main sauce? Graphic design

Graphic design is the most notable bait that lures consumers. When coupled with a strong message, visuals on static and moving ads will push boundaries in the food industry. That’s why this is the most crucial element when creating advertising campaigns. Last but not least, hiring professionals increases brand value and enhances brand reputation. 

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