Ecommerce Advertising That Works Online and Offline

Ecommerce is getting bigger by the minute. More people would rather shop online than go out of their houses to purchase even the most trivial items. The demand is strong and more companies join the trend. While eCommerce is one of the ways to build your brand and gain profit, there’s so much competition. You can’t just build an eCommerce website and expect people to instantly see it. It takes time and hard work to gain online traction. You must know the right eCommerce advertising strategies in order to win your market. And this is what this post is all about. We would like to share with you the best tips in making online or offline eCommerce ads.  


Promoting Ecommerce Business Online  

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Let’s begin with the eCommerce marketing tips you can do online. We suggest working on these first because your online visibility is essential for your business growth. 


Search Engine Optimization

Are you familiar with the term ‘SEO’? This stands for Search Engine Optimization where SEO experts use a variety of techniques to rank your eCommerce website in search engines. They generally think about the right keywords that your market will likely type. And they use it throughout your website or blogs and that can improve your website’s organic search results.  


Content Marketing 

You have probably seen this from different articles but content is indeed the king! To effectively advertise your eCommerce business, you must create quality content. This is the reason why companies are putting up their own blog pages. It allows them to provide valuable information that most people would click and read. 

But don’t forget that content includes images and videos as well. In fact, images play a huge role in SEO – all thanks to image search. That means, you also need to think about the photos to use on your website or blog pages. 

Others would heavily use stock images to fill their website. But have you ever considered how many people used that same image? It would be so much better if you have your own photos and images when doing your eCommerce advertisements. It makes you stand out, plus it gives people the notion that you have better resources than your competitors.  


Paid Ecommerce Advertising 

We’ve mentioned content marketing and how experts use keywords to get traffic. And because of this, some people think you don’t have to pay for eCommerce ads. They believe that it’s all about going organic. 

But that’s actually a misconception. If you want to win your competition, you must be willing to invest as well. What we mean by invest is that you should also use paid eCommerce advertisements. This can reap faster results because your brand will be seen right away. However, you must hire an expert so you will know exactly where to place your advertisements. 


Influencer Marketing 

You can also work with influencers as they are evidently big on social media. The good news is, you don’t have to hire celebrities and shell out a lot of money. Micro-influencers are said to be more effective because people can easily relate to them. 


Email Marketing 

You can also advertise your eCommerce website using email marketing. This is effective most especially if you have a good number of loyal readers or subscribers. Just make sure that your newsletters or email messages have the right content and are captivating enough. Otherwise, it will go directly to the trash. 


Online Discounts or Vouchers 

To make your eCommerce advertisement even more appealing, why don’t you offer online discounts? Create impressive voucher designs and see profit in no time. 


Best Ecommerce Advertising Examples

Look at the examples below. These companies have effectively advertised their eCommerce businesses. And perhaps, you can use their strategies as a guide. 



ecommerce campaign example

Videos are also encouraged for eCommerce advertisements. Shopify used this trend to their advantage. And instead of creating videos that highly promote their services, they used a story-telling approach featuring real people on Shopify. It makes it more personal and apparently, the market loves it. 


Nasty Gal

ecommerce campaign example

Nasty Gal is known to offer amazing and unique clothing for women. But of course, we all know that they are not the only ones in the market that do the same. In order to stand out, they perfected images and photos that can highlight their brand image.  



ecommerce campaign example

As for ASOS, they used memes to promote their eCommerce business. This idea is actually good and very simple to do. If your business is still starting, then this approach is recommended. Have a good photo, witty texts, and you are all set. Just make sure that the eCommerce advertisement is directed to the right audience. 


Things to Avoid When Promoting an Ecommerce Business

Before you jump into creating your eCommerce advertisement, please take the following into consideration.  


Slow Website

Your eCommerce ads will be useless if your landing page is too slow. Chances are, your online visitors will be turned off. If that happens, it would be harder for you to win them again even if you create more eCommerce ads in the future.   


Using the Same Ecommerce Advertisements

It’s ideal that your eCommerce business has something new to offer all the time. This applies even to your marketing campaign or advertisements. You can’t use the same material for months. Otherwise, people will get tired of it and not visit your website knowing that they have seen it before.  


Not Doing Offline Ecommerce Ads

This might sound ironic for an online business but yes, you need to work on your offline eCommerce ads. When done correctly, you can turn these offline shoppers to online ones. 


Offline Ecommerce Advertising Tips  

online shopping

But what are these offline advertising techniques for your eCommerce business? We have a few that you can use. 


Brochures, Flyers, Direct Mail 

These traditional materials are still effective. But you have to create a good design. Don’t make your brochures and flyers look cluttered. If you do that, people will get confused and they will not know exactly what to do. 

What we suggest is that you work with a great design team like the Design Doctor. They know exactly what to put in your eCommerce advertising materials. 


Setting Up Pop-Up Shops 

Pop-Up shops are also effective to raise brand awareness. Maybe you can set up a booth where people can make online accounts. By doing so, it will be easier for them to use your website or app. 


Promotional Materials 

And lastly, you can create promotional items or merchandise bearing your logo or company information including the website. And again, make sure that you have a good design so people will actually use it. 



Your eCommerce business will grow if you use both offline and online advertising. But as always, a great design is crucial for a brand’s success. And that is why you have to work with experts or excellent graphic designers. Speaking of graphic designers, Design Doctor has a pool of professionals that can help you design the best materials for your eCommerce ads. 

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