These Are The Best Travel Agency Websites Of 2020

The world keeps getting smaller by the day. Advancements in technology have made it so that traveling is just one click away. Cyberspace abounds with wonderful websites that make jumping from one journey destination to another, simple as pie. We scoured the web and found the best travel agency websites for the coming year 2020. Take inspiration from these and give your customers the power to book at the touch of a finger. Design Doctor can help you create the best travel agency website such as all of your graphic design needs.



travelocity homepage

It wouldn’t come as a surprise that Travelocity is the first on this list. Its wide selection of travel services such as booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and many other vacation activities landed it this top spot. The website provides guaranteed 24/7 customer service, big discounts, and the tools you need to book a vacation with the best rates possible.



expedia homepage

If you’re looking for the best value for your travels, this is the best travel agency website for you. It offers a rewards program like no other. The website allows to earn points for every dollar spent when you book hotels, flights, cars and other things related to making the most of your trip. 



skyscanner homepage

Want to get some inspiration for your next trip? Skyscanner does this best. Browse through their travel categories depending on your preferences—kids-free vacay, solo travels, day trips, or quick getaways. It has an app that lets you get the best deals for the month and many other helpful recommendations. The Best Deals by Month feature is superb as it shows you the best destinations at any time of the year.



orbitz homepage

The best feature of this website is its flight booking capabilities. Only a few sites will show you the costs and fees upfront and Orbitz has done a great job of surpassing them all. Another wonderful feature is its Flexible Date search. It lets you grab the best deals around your scheduled trip as long as it has some margin of adjustability.


Airfare Watch Dog

airfarewatchdog homepage

Dealing with computer-generated intelligence has become the norm nowadays. But Airfare Watch Dog has chosen to keep the human touch alive. It has a team of support staff that browses through the World Wide Web. They get the best deals and handpick them for their customers. The deals may not be as numerous as with those that use AI, this site offers the best ones.



kayak homepage

Getting the best deals means saving you money which in turn, allows you to travel to more exciting destinations. If this is you, Kayak should be on top of your list. It is one of the most flexible travel search engines out there. Think of it as your directory to the most affordable deals wherein you’ll be redirected to the hotel or airline website that offers the deal most suitable for you. 



momondo homepage

Enjoying its status as an impartial, cheap flight finder, according to trusted sources, it deserves its spot on this list for a variety of reasons. It is an aggregator website that finds the cheapest airfare almost 90% of the time. It includes lesser-known names in travel in its search to assure you of getting the least expensive deals around. Information that other websites may ignore.



cheapoair homepage

One of the easiest websites to use for getting the best travel deals, Cheapoair has tools to make searching quick and simple. Its search will provide you the most basic finds. But allows you to narrow down your choices to the fastest or cheapest bookings available. It also allows you to track destinations on your bucket list easily.


TripAdvisor Flights

tripadvisor homepage

Famous for its hotel reviews, TripAdvisor Flights gives you the peace of mind that you’re not going to be booked on a low-rated airline without knowing it. It lets you see the review-based FlyScores of airlines as well as the airfares. Another bonus is that it allows you to compare the search results from other travel websites. This is to help you choose the best deals.


Google Flights

google_flights homepage

Google is a household name and you’d be living under a rock if you’re unfamiliar with it. It has invaded all aspects of our daily lives, including how we travel. Google Flights offers basic but functional search services such as airlines, airports, seat type, travel time and more. There are no third parties involved which mean faster transactions.


Tips on Making the Best Travel Agency Website

Designing a travel agency website involves considering a copious amount of factors. It’s very tempting to create the website yourself when you find a ton of software available to you. Here are some tips you can use when making the best travel agency website:


Prioritize Ease of Use

Unlike consumers who go to retail stores, most people on a travel website don’t have the luxury of time. They know what they want and they want to get the information ASAP. Making your website easy to use makes the difference in getting their business and gaining their trust. Make sure that the pages load fast and that people will instantly know what to do next.


Place Hierarchy

Display information in blocks following the order of hierarchy. It’s easy for viewers to see what the next step is, don’t let them look for the next sets of instruction. Place the most important content where they’ll be clearly visible and follow up the details as the eyes go down. Add call-to-action buttons strategically so your customers won’t miss a thing.


Design to Stand Out

Not only does your website need to work perfectly, but it also has to look good. Grabbing the attention of prospects is a must if you want to see more traffic come your way and increase your revenues as well. A professional graphic design service can do this for you.


Final Thoughts

The best travel agency website can only come from a graphic design team that understands the value of a good website. Design Doctor can help you get the design you want and more. Our unlimited graphic design service is guaranteed affordable and worth every penny you pay for.

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