15 Problems Your Graphic Designer Has (And How They Fix All Of Them) 

Contrary to what most entrepreneurs think, graphic design is more than just making everything look good. Communicating your brand to your market is indeed better with the services of a professional graphic designer. Visual aesthetics do more for your business than you can ever imagine. However, designers often deal with graphic design problems most of us aren’t aware of. Little do we know that they do more for your business than put on a pretty face. To understand their value better, here are 15 problems in graphic design that your designer constantly contends with: 


1. Creating Your Brand 

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Every entrepreneur should understand the importance of branding. It’s relatively easy to fall into the misconception of hiring just anyone to design your logo and other branding requirements. Designing a logo entails more than having a face for your brand; there is a rationality behind it. Professional graphic designers know that research is essential in the design process, something that a five-dollar logo designer won’t be able to do. 


2. Communicating Visually 

The primary purpose of designing graphics for your brand is facilitating communication between you and your target market. Experienced graphic designers understand that to create the right materials for their clients, they need to know how the client works. Knowing who they’re designing for can result in graphic design that effectively communicates to your audience. 


3. Providing a Pleasant User Experience 

Using design thinking, graphic designers can create art that speaks to your audience. An easy to navigate website translates into a pleasant experience for the viewer. Likewise, a brochure that has a layout that’s enjoyable to browse through can turn prospects into clients. 


4. Simplifying Ideas 

Complex thoughts and ideas can be hard to put into a design that is quickly understood. Getting young adults to appreciate your fintech company can be a challenge. Graphic design problems such as this are not a concern when you hire a designer that has the expertise and experience. 


5. Content Isn’t Enough 

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They say content is king, but when paired with compelling graphic design, you’ll get effective visual communication for your brand. A good example is a falling rock road sign. Compare the two signs to see that the one with the image can easily convey the message than the text, even from afar. 


6. Making a Good First Impression 

Stunning graphics can catch the eyes of prospects and leave a lasting impression. When done right, your graphic design can do more than grab attention, but also pique your prospect’s interest. A first good impression can make an impact on your marketing. And when you have something good, they’re likely to stay and remain loyal to your brand. 


7. Becoming Memorable 

Each of us has seen a logo that we recognize, even without the name of the brand on it. This is what all business owners aspire to have. One of the most common graphic design problems is having recall in your target market. Thoughtfully created graphic design can instill recall that helps consumers remember you and stick to your brand. 


8. Longer Website Engagement 

Graphics that are designed to be engaging can help boost website visits. An attractive website is one that gives its viewers more reasons to stay longer. When people stay longer, the chances are high that they get to see your products or services better. They’ll learn how your company will fit into their needs and why they should do business with you. 


9. Lead Generation 

From websites to catalogs, great graphic design can generate leads that increase sales and revenues. A professional graphic designer will use design elements that the target audience can relate to. Identifying and understanding the company’s buyer persona can help them create designs that will get their attention.   


10. Conversions 

Getting people to notice your brand is no small undertaking, but getting them to buy is an even bigger challenge. A template brochure may have gotten your customers’ attention, but it’s unlikely that it can make them purchase. Compelling graphics is the difference between prospects and customers. A knowledgeable graphic designer can create art that leads potential customers down the sales funnel. 


11. Social Media Engagement  

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Successful entrepreneurs know the power of social media. This is the reason they spend a sizeable amount of their budget to create graphics specifically for these channels. Good graphic design can boost engagement on social media to help build awareness for your brand. 


12. Effective Marketing Strategies 

Your marketing efforts will have more influence when you do them with a good dose of exceptional graphic design. Humans are visual beings, and we respond more if there are images and illustrations in what we’re seeing. Effective marketing strategies won’t be complete without excellent graphic design. 


13. Storytelling 

Building awareness can do wonders for your brand. Whether you’re telling your story through your blogs or Instagram, great graphic design can make it more impactful. Experienced graphic designers can also help you build trust and position yourself as an authority in your field.


14. Stand Out from Your Competition 

In today’s massive sea of products and services, how will you stay afloat? One of the most perplexing problems in graphic design is how to make your brand stand out. Competition is fierce and graphic designers can help your business cut through all the noise. A template or generic logo won’t do the job of making you distinguishable from the rest. 


15. Save Time and Money 

Entrepreneurs have a lot in their hands and minds. A graphic designer can help grow your brand and keep you working on what’s essential on the business side of things. This means saving time as well as money. A good graphic designer knows what they need to do and how to do it right. You’ll never need an overhaul once your branding gets old and irrelevant. 


How Design Doctor Can Help You Solve Graphic Design Problems

Design Doctor understands that graphic design is a crucial factor in any business’s growth. We’ll help you create graphic design that communicates effectively with your target audience. By letting us take the burden off your shoulders, you’ll have more time to focus on your business. We have a team of graphic design professionals that can help you create art for use in all aspects of your business.

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